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51 Individuals with the NAUL Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
NAUL, Albert
NAUL, Belle4 Jul 1889
NAUL, C. I.MAR 1879
NAUL, CandanceABT 1835
NAUL, Carrie BellMAY 1877
NAUL, Caswell J.1827
NAUL, David Martin1834
NAUL, Dorothy Dean2 Jul 1912
NAUL, Eliza Jane1831
NAUL, Elizabeth
NAUL, Franklin MarionABT 1832
NAUL, Ida Augusta24 Sep 1875
NAUL, James
NAUL, James F.1845
NAUL, James Leonard15 Apr 191125 May 1969
NAUL, James P.1804
NAUL, James P.1951
NAUL, Jane Smith27 Jun 180816 Jun 1886
NAUL, Jesse Washington20 Jul 1879
NAUL, Jesse Washington2 Jun 183325 Dec 1909
NAUL, John
NAUL, John
NAUL, John Henry10 MAY 18814 JUL 1903
NAUL, John W.
NAUL, John Wren22 Apr 1819
NAUL, Julius Alford , Jr.30 May 19021974
NAUL, Julius Alford , Sr.27 Oct 18711 Feb 1931
NAUL, Lee Gill16 Dec 1886
NAUL, Lee Guild , Jr.
NAUL, Lucy J.16 May 181020 Dec 1886
NAUL, Margaret Dulaney1835
NAUL, Margaret Emma17 APR 187316 OCT 1941
NAUL, Martin Jackson5 Oct 1819
NAUL, Mary (Polly)1820
NAUL, Mary Elizabeth15 Dec 1876
NAUL, Mary Lea31 Dec 1900
NAUL, Matilda Ann4 May 1867
NAUL, N. P.1875
NAUL, Nancy17 Feb 18067 Oct 1869
NAUL, Nicholas Jefferson1829
NAUL, Nicholas Jefferson18 Jun 1869
NAUL, Nicholas WrenBEF 1800ABT 4 Oct 1836
NAUL, Ophelia1848
NAUL, Robert E.18701922
NAUL, Simeon Mercer
NAUL, William Martin26 Jun 1884
NAUL, William R.ABT 1797BEF 23 Apr 1836
NAUL, WinnieABT 1815

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