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855 Individuals with the NAY Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
NAY, Sharon
NAY, Sheila
NAY, Shellie
NAY, Sheri
NAY, Sherman Levi
NAY, Sherry
NAY, Sherry Ann
NAY, Shirlene
NAY, Shirley192211 MAR 1925
NAY, Shirley Ann
NAY, Shirley Bernice
NAY, Shirley Evelyn28 FEB 19329 JAN 1972
NAY, Silvia
NAY, Sonya
NAY, Starley Ann
NAY, Stephanie
NAY, Stephanie
NAY, Stephanie Lee
NAY, Stephen Carlos
NAY, Steven
NAY, Steven Douglas18 NOV 196118 NOV 1961
NAY, Stuart Dean
NAY, Suzanne
NAY, Sydney Nicole
NAY, Sylvester Bates7 MAY 188223 JUN 1947
NAY, Sylvester Lloyd
NAY, Sylvia1797
NAY, Sylvia Joy19 APR 1933ABT JUN 2005
NAY, Syrena Jane5 APR 183810 JUL 1840
NAY, Tamara
NAY, Tamie Lynn
NAY, Tammy Jean
NAY, Tanner
NAY, Terrance Alvin Delos
NAY, Terry Leonard
NAY, Theresa Laurel
NAY, Theressa Marie
NAY, Theron
NAY, Theron "H"
NAY, Theron D.
NAY, Thirza Emiline1 MAR 18625 FEB 1932
NAY, Thomas
NAY, Thomas Jesse
NAY, Thomas Kenneth
NAY, Thurza Angelina11 JUL 188120 FEB 1957
NAY, Thurza Marinda25 FEB 186928 JUL 1889
NAY, Timothy
NAY, Tina Louise
NAY, Tiyera Audrey
NAY, Travis Ryan
NAY, Trevor Sherman
NAY, Tyler David
NAY, Una
NAY, Una Melissa
NAY, Venna Dawn
NAY, Venna Revoe
NAY, Vera Dorothy
NAY, Vera Ellen5 FEB 190020 DEC 1990
NAY, Vernal Carr21 FEB 189922 MAY 1962
NAY, Vesta
NAY, Vickie Lynn
NAY, Viona Regena
NAY, Virgil Dean
NAY, Virginia30 MAY 1918/196 AUG 1991
NAY, Virginia Jane
NAY, Virginia Lee
NAY, Walter James27 JAN 18923 FEB 1893
NAY, Wanda
NAY, Wanda Jean
NAY, Wayne Elonzo12 OCT 192520 SEP 1986
NAY, Wilbur Agustus17 APR 191023 MAY 1977
NAY, William28 DEC 180727 APR 1852
NAY, William
NAY, William (IV)14 OCT 1787
NAY, William Allen7 DEC 1838
NAY, William Alonzo8 JUL 186713 NOV 1867
NAY, William Carl10 OCT 19076 JUL 1956
NAY, William Dion
NAY, William Dolphin7 MAR 187024 FEB 1946
NAY, William Dolphin7 MAR 187024 FEB 1946
NAY, William Doyle3 APR 19077 APR 1932
NAY, William Edwin31 AUG 183825 JAN 1895
NAY, William Edwin18 MAY 1928
NAY, William Edwin31 AUG 183825 JAN 1895
NAY, William Edwin29 Feb 186218 MAY 1928
NAY, William Edwin
NAY, William Franklin15 NOV 186411 MAR 1936
NAY, William H.1841
NAY, William JDec 18271 Aug 1900
NAY, William James2 JAN 18886 APR 1946
NAY, William Levi10 AUG 19009 MAY 1953
NAY, William Levi10 AUG 19009 MAY 1953
NAY, William Manley
NAY, William MORRIS Billy1 JUN 1985
NAY, William S.21 MAY 1876MAY 1876
NAY, William Steven
NAY, Winfield Scott12 DEC 1850JAN 1949
NAY, Winnalee P.
NAY, Winnie
NAY, Winthrop S.1892MAR 1965
NAY, Winthrop S.24 AUG 191113 FEB 1996
NAY, Young Godfrey6 OCT 18542 FEB 1945
NAY, Zelma2 FEB 192016 MAR 1980

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