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855 Individuals with the NAY Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
NAY, Laura Idona
NAY, Laura Matilda27 JUN 18928 JAN 1958
NAY, Lawrence Calvin24 DEC 190517 AUG 1977
NAY, Lawrence Edwin28 DEC 190423 JAN 1970
NAY, Lawry Edwin
NAY, Le Earl
NAY, Leander John
NAY, Leila Angeline17 JUN 191012 JAN 1986
NAY, Lela
NAY, Leland Roy
NAY, Leon Elbert
NAY, Leon Shedd7 NOV 189919 JUN 1900
NAY, Lesa Jean
NAY, Liler JABT 186627 Jul 1879
NAY, Linda
NAY, Linda Fern
NAY, Lindsay Jane
NAY, Linford Lardner14 DEC 18486 MAY 1878
NAY, Lisa Suzanne
NAY, Lola Nancy24 MAY 1903
NAY, Lora Lynn
NAY, Lorena18 JUN 188811 JUL 1915
NAY, Louisa
NAY, Louisa Ellen11 JUN 18902 DEC 1934
NAY, Louise12 MAY 190410 OCT 1930
NAY, Lucile
NAY, Lucille S.
NAY, Lucinda
NAY, Lucinda Marie
NAY, Lucy Bessie18 FEB 196418 FEB 1964
NAY, Lucy Betsey5 NOV 188510 SEP 1965
NAY, Lucy Betsey5 NOV 188510 SEP 1965
NAY, Ludell R.
NAY, Lurana Elanor9 MAY 188712 APR 1969
NAY, Lydia15 JUL 17911856
NAY, Lyle Marion
NAY, Lynnette
NAY, Mabel22 JUN 1864
NAY, Madge Marie20 NOV 19135 APR 1992
NAY, Mandy
NAY, Marc Boyd
NAY, Marcia20 DEC 19004 AUG 1974
NAY, Margaret190622 MAR 1987
NAY, Margaret Ann
NAY, Margaret Diane
NAY, Maria
NAY, Maria H.19 MAR 1833
NAY, Mariah
NAY, Mariam Cornelia
NAY, Marie11 JUL 195517 AUG 1983
NAY, Marissa Mae
NAY, Mark Allan21 MAY 195820 JUL 2001
NAY, Marlene
NAY, Marsha
NAY, Marshall4 FEB 18233 NOV 1891
NAY, Marta Gay
NAY, MarthaABT. 1867
NAY, Martha AAug 1863
NAY, Martha Elaine30 APR 192030 AUG 1980
NAY, Mary27 Mar 174322 Apr 1758
NAY, Mary7 OCT 1820
NAY, Mary13 DEC 179430 AUG 1878
NAY, Mary A.ABT 18042 SEP 1809
NAY, Mary Alice27 MAY 190320 FEB 1924
NAY, Mary Alice27 MAY 190320 FEB 1924
NAY, Mary Alice
NAY, Mary Alice
NAY, Mary Ann26 APR 1949APR 1951
NAY, Mary Beth
NAY, Mary Christine
NAY, Mary Delena
NAY, Mary Elizabeth26 FEB 1835JAN 1871
NAY, Mary Elizabeth5 JAN 187624 NOV 1903
NAY, Mary Elizabeth
NAY, Mary Ellen3 NOV 191213 NOV 1912
NAY, Mary Lawreatha
NAY, Mary Lillian21 AUG 18785 DEC 1953
NAY, Mary Lucille
NAY, Mary Lucy22 DEC 188230 AUG 1942
NAY, Mary Matilda20 APR 186917 SEP 1926
NAY, Mary Matilda20 APR 186917 SEP 1926
NAY, Mateland "D"
NAY, Mathilda Ellen5 JAN 18412 DEC 1905
NAY, Matilda
NAY, Matilda12 MAY 180622 MAR 1832
NAY, Matilda13 APR 1832
NAY, Matilda Angeline31 JAN 187123 MAR 1908
NAY, Matthew I
NAY, Maurice20 JUL 19242000
NAY, Maurice A.ABT 1861
NAY, Maurice Allen
NAY, Maxine
NAY, Melinda
NAY, Melissa Marian
NAY, Melora Eudora17 FEB 18355 AUG 1869
NAY, Merissa
NAY, Merrilyn E.
NAY, MeryleABT 96/97
NAY, Micah Elliot
NAY, Michael Duane
NAY, Michael Edward
NAY, Michael Kory
NAY, Michael Richard
NAY, Michael W.
NAY, Miki Jo
NAY, Mildred Lenora
NAY, Miles Rhodes18 MAY 192231 DEC 1990
NAY, Millicent
NAY, Milo Allen22 JAN 19029 JAN 1970
NAY, Milo Leon8 AUG 19261 OCT 1993
NAY, Milton
NAY, Misty
NAY, Misty Dawn
NAY, Monica
NAY, Morris7 MAY 186421 MAR 1920
NAY, Morris
NAY, Morris Alonzo4 JUL 18661 MAY 1906
NAY, Morris Alonzo4 JUL 18661 JUL 1906
NAY, Morton A25 DEC 189630 DEC 1896
NAY, Myrna
NAY, Myron Ludell10 OCT 192223 MAY 1929
NAY, Myron Winslow22 AUG 186030 JUL 1943
NAY, Nancy Angeline10 APR 186915 DEC 1965
NAY, Nancy Angeline10 APR 186915 DEC 1965
NAY, Nancy Eliza2 SEP 189317 NOV 1975
NAY, Natalie
NAY, Natalie Anne
NAY, Natasha
NAY, Natasha Isabeau
NAY, Nedra
NAY, Nellie Bell19 SEP 188825 OCT 1979
NAY, Nellie Darlene
NAY, Nelson
NAY, Nelson Kyle
NAY, Nelson Munsell22 JUL 181911 FEB 1899
NAY, Oberta Clark
NAY, Olephia Esther
NAY, Oliver Hale4 APR 18748 AUG 1874
NAY, Ora
NAY, Ora Bertrand17 AUG 189726 OCT 1955
NAY, Orla or Arla
NAY, Ormun Putmon25 APR 185025 MAY 1850
NAY, Ormun Reid
NAY, Ormun Russell23 MAR 1864/656 MAR 1935
NAY, Ormus
NAY, Ormus Bates25 APR 185031 MAY 1931
NAY, Ormus Calvin7 JUN 187212 AUG 1920
NAY, Ormus Franklin18 NOV 1869NOV 1878
NAY, Ormus Junior
NAY, Ormus Morley10 SEP 187313 FEB 1937
NAY, Ormus Morley18 SEP 187211 JAN 1937
NAY, Ormus Peter25 MAR 1893JAN 1965
NAY, Orrin Terryl
NAY, Orve or Arve or Arvel6 OCT 190015 JUL 1962
NAY, Parker
NAY, Patience
NAY, Patricia
NAY, Patricia Annette
NAY, Patricia Ruth
NAY, Patrick Lee15 APR 194624 MAY 1994
NAY, Paul Daniel
NAY, Paul Eric
NAY, Paula
NAY, Paula Denise
NAY, Pearl8 MAR 190426 FEB 1916
NAY, Peggy
NAY, Peggy Anne
NAY, Peggy Jean
NAY, Perley Charles3 SEP 19094 FEB 1975
NAY, Phoebe Elynore21 AUG 19107 FEB 1989
NAY, Pitman19 FEB 1798
NAY, Polly
NAY, Porter James
NAY, Preston
NAY, Pricilla
NAY, Rachael1805
NAY, Rachel
NAY, Rachel
NAY, Ralph Edwin29 DEC 191112 JUN 1968
NAY, Ralph Howard14 JAN 19012 APR 1942
NAY, Ralph Howden
NAY, Randall Scott
NAY, Randy Marie
NAY, Rex E.
NAY, Richard Arden
NAY, Richard Bill
NAY, Richard Eugene
NAY, Richard Fletcher22 FEB 19053 DEC 1910
NAY, Richard J.
NAY, Richard Lee
NAY, Richard Phil
NAY, Richard Shirley5 JUL 188629 JUL 1959
NAY, Riley Craig
NAY, Robert
NAY, Robert1793/944 JAN 1795
NAY, Robert1815AFT 1850
NAY, Robert
NAY, Robert Allen19028 OCT 1990
NAY, Robert Barry
NAY, Robert Earl21 OCT 195020 SEP 1986
NAY, Robert Elmer9 AUG 193020 JAN 2001
NAY, Robert Lee
NAY, Robert Leroy
NAY, Robert Neal
NAY, Robert Seth
NAY, Robert Shawn25 JUL 19609 JUL 1989
NAY, Robin Gertrude7 NOV 195310 NOV 1953
NAY, Robyn Lyric
NAY, Rodney Eugene
NAY, Ronald Elonzo
NAY, Ronald Lee
NAY, Rosanna Hale26 SEP 18832 FEB 1890
NAY, Rosanna Hale26 SEP 18832 FEB 1890
NAY, Ross Alan
NAY, Rowena7 JUN 188326 MAY 1963
NAY, Roxie Susanna16 MAY 191020 NOV 1978
NAY, Russell17 FEB 1793BET 1794 AND 1883
NAY, Russell
NAY, Russell
NAY, RussellABT 1916
NAY, Russell Craig
NAY, RuthABT 190618 FEB 1997
NAY, Ruth Ann18861887
NAY, Ruth Annette
NAY, Rylie Nichole
NAY, Salina
NAY, Sally21 OCT 178713 AUG 1857
NAY, Samual C.ABT. 1831
NAY, Samuel17391 Oct 1817
NAY, Samuel1801
NAY, Samuel22 FEB 179425 APR 1880
NAY, Samuel19 MAY 181814 SEP 1900
NAY, SamuelABT 18691869
NAY, Samuel Charles7 APR 191312 MAY 1973
NAY, Samuel Charles7 APR 191330 SEP 1985
NAY, Samuel David
NAY, Samuel R22 NOV 191026 JUN 1969
NAY, Samuel V.4 JUN 186620 AUG 1872
NAY, Sandra Inez
NAY, Sarah16 Feb 173511 May 1820
NAY, Sarah
NAY, Sarah20 JUN 182725 OCT 1875
NAY, Sarah Dale
NAY, Sarah F.9 FEB 1842
NAY, Sarah Potter or Sarah Permillia4 MAR 187217 JUL 1876
NAY, Scott
NAY, Scott
NAY, Scott Sterling
NAY, Sharissa Joy
NAY, Sharlene

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