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855 Individuals with the NAY Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
NAY, Ellen Amanda20 JUL 187119 JUN 1955
NAY, Ellen Amanda20 JUL 187119 JUN 1955
NAY, Ellis Leon
NAY, Elma Leonora18 AUG 191429 DEC 1966
NAY, Elmer Carr9 JUN 18679 OCT 1921
NAY, Elmer Foster20 JAN 189519 APR 1915
NAY, Elmer Franklin1 NOV 191127 MAY 1964
NAY, Elonzo6 JAN 19005 APR 1977
NAY, Elson O.26 DEC 1855
NAY, Elvira Leona10 FEB 189828 MAY 1972
NAY, Elvira Leona10 FEB 189828 MAY 1972
NAY, Emeline
NAY, Emery7 JUN 19203 JAN 1979
NAY, Emily
NAY, Emma Isobelle16 MAR 189318 MAR 1893
NAY, Emma Louise
NAY, Emma M.186310 OCT 1878
NAY, Emma Nevada4 DEC 19006 AUG 1957
NAY, Eric Bill
NAY, Eric Isaiah
NAY, Ernest
NAY, Esther4 FEB 1798BET 1824 AND 1892
NAY, Esther M.27 NOV 18358 FEB 1846
NAY, Ethel Crosby28 MAR 187830 MAR 1885
NAY, Ethel Dawn
NAY, Ethel I.21 NOV 18951918
NAY, Eugene Rollo
NAY, Eva
NAY, Eva
NAY, Eva7 DEC 18988 DEC 1898
NAY, Eva Viola25 JUN 191527 NOV 1991
NAY, Evelyn
NAY, Everett
NAY, Everett Lovell
NAY, Fairis Kathleen
NAY, Fanny28 JAN 1786
NAY, Farrell Keith
NAY, Fay Dermont14 APR 190210 MAR 1959
NAY, Fidelia30 SEP 183330 SEP 1834
NAY, Fidelia E.12 SEP 18408 OCT 1872
NAY, Fletcher Warren9 MAR 18951 APR 1895
NAY, FloraABT. 1880
NAY, Flora
NAY, Florian Ceril8 NOV 191211 DEC 1983
NAY, Frank27 JUL 18955 MAR 1952
NAY, Frank A.ABT 1863
NAY, Frank Nelson30 APR 18669 MAR 1942
NAY, Fred
NAY, Fred L.9 MAY 1848
NAY, Frederick
NAY, Frederick Dolphin2 JAN 19232 SEP 1996
NAY, Fredrick
NAY, Fredrick Terrance Henry
NAY, Gabriella Rose
NAY, Gardello C.
NAY, Gardner9 AUG 1801
NAY, Garna Christina27 MAY 191626 FEB 1964
NAY, Garrett Kimball
NAY, Gary Fay21 JUN 19354 OCT 2001
NAY, Gary Thomas
NAY, Gary Wayne
NAY, George22 APR 1802BET 1820 AND 1892
NAY, George Albert16 MAY 191316 AUG 1913
NAY, George Allen23 OCT 187618 JUL 1952
NAY, George Allen23 OCT 187618 JUL 1952
NAY, George Angus23 NOV 18856 MAY 1971
NAY, George John24 JUL 186212 DEC 1922
NAY, George Leon
NAY, George Maurice19162003
NAY, George Melvin10 OCT 18853 JAN 1886
NAY, George Milton15 FEB 186814 OCT 1950
NAY, George Nelson1 DEC 1882
NAY, George Russell26 JUL 191531 MAR 1966
NAY, George S.21 JAN 1864
NAY, George Thomas
NAY, George W.4 JUN 1830
NAY, Gerald
NAY, Gladys
NAY, Gladys Francena25 MAY 19051 OCT 1905
NAY, Glen
NAY, Gloria Jean
NAY, Grace3 NOV 19089 OCT 2000
NAY, Grace De Lene26 JUL 191426 DEC 1997
NAY, Grace E
NAY, Gwendolyn6 SEP 19236 JUL 1976
NAY, Hannah Edna14 DEC 187524 FEB 1958
NAY, Harriet24 DEC 1815
NAY, Harriet Elizabeth5 FEB 186420 NOV 1920
NAY, Harry E.8 JUN 1872
NAY, Hattie30 MAR 1872
NAY, Heather Leann
NAY, Helen M.6 FEB 1843
NAY, Henrietta
NAY, Henry
NAY, Henry
NAY, Henry H.9 APR 183223 AUG 1858
NAY, Henry James
NAY, Henry M.20 OCT 1860
NAY, Henry Marley19 DEC 187426 APR 1949
NAY, Herbert Allen11 MAY 189830 JUN 1979
NAY, Hershal
NAY, Hinim C.30 AUG 189125 SEP 1891
NAY, Hiram
NAY, Howard Fish
NAY, Howard LeGrand10 JAN 19171 OCT 1954
NAY, Hubert
NAY, Hyrum Brent31 JAN 192020 JUL 1997
NAY, Hyrum Isaac
NAY, Ian Christopher
NAY, Ida
NAY, Ida
NAY, Ida May3 SEP 18836 SEP 1883
NAY, Ida Menetta20 JUL 188112 MAR 1925
NAY, Ida Pearl28 MAY 188913 FEB 1965
NAY, Iola Ruby
NAY, Ira Allen4 APR 182818 JAN 1918
NAY, Ira Allen1 MAR 18731946
NAY, Irene20 OCT 19076 MAY 1977
NAY, Iris
NAY, Isaac
NAY, Isaac Kent
NAY, Ivan Eugene3 MAY 189210 AUG 1892
NAY, Jacob
NAY, Jacob Ashley
NAY, Jacquelyn
NAY, Jacquelyn Lee
NAY, James30 OCT 17997 JUL 1867
NAY, James Calvin11 JAN 19003 JAN 1983
NAY, James M.183130 AUG 1833
NAY, James M.25 DEC 1833
NAY, James Reed23 JUL 192712 FEB 1990
NAY, Jamie Lynne
NAY, Janet
NAY, Janet Veloy
NAY, Jason William
NAY, Jeanette Gigi
NAY, Jeanie Lee
NAY, Jefferson26 MAY 180812 JUL 1838
NAY, Jennifer
NAY, Jennifer Alberta27 AUG 190823 FEB 1939
NAY, Jennifer Lynn
NAY, Jeremiah Sherman
NAY, Jerry Jay25 DEC 19331 OCT 1997
NAY, Jerry Jay
NAY, Jessica Robyn
NAY, Jill
NAY, Jillian Lynnette
NAY, Joan
NAY, JohnAug 170322 Feb 1779
NAY, John15 Feb 174721 Jan 1754
NAY, John
NAY, John
NAY, John17 APR 18041 OCT 1892
NAY, John
NAY, John A.18211895
NAY, John Chester3 MAR 187822 MAY 1886
NAY, John Christopher16 JUN 196427 JAN 2005
NAY, John Clinton17 JAN 191711 MAR 1987
NAY, John Eugene23 APR 187823 JAN 1946
NAY, John Harold
NAY, John Herbert10 APR 18785 DEC 1928
NAY, John Hyrum12 MAY 184519 JAN 1917
NAY, John Leonard
NAY, John Lester28 APR 190714 JAN 1990
NAY, John Oscar30 JAN 1837
NAY, John Rolland10 OCT 19174 OCT 1921
NAY, John Russel
NAY, John Thomas13 JAN 186422 MAY 1928
NAY, John Thomas13 JAN 186422 MAY 1928
NAY, John Thomas4 SEP 188421 MAR 1961
NAY, John Wheelock5 OCT 187320 DEC 1946
NAY, Johnny Lavell
NAY, Jolyn
NAY, Jona
NAY, Jonah Swan18501928
NAY, Jordan
NAY, Jordan Michael
NAY, JosephBEF. 25 NOV 1753
NAY, Joseph Alvin
NAY, Joseph B.
NAY, Joseph Berkeley17 SEP 19086 SEP 1991
NAY, Joseph Brigham30 APR 1847MAR 1905
NAY, Joseph Brigham14 FEB 18721 APR 1939
NAY, Joseph Francis
NAY, Joseph Lawrence
NAY, Joseph Lee
NAY, Joseph Lee
NAY, Joseph Myron21 MAR 18821 MAY 1883
NAY, Joseph Myron21 MAR 18821 MAY 1883
NAY, Joshua Bill
NAY, Joshua Calvin
NAY, Joshua Neil
NAY, Josiah C.183018 JUN 1900
NAY, Joy Maurine14 APR 19281 FEB 1995
NAY, Juanita
NAY, Julia Ann25 JUN 19497 AUG 1950
NAY, Julie
NAY, Julie Christiane
NAY, June21 JUN 191618 NOV 2001
NAY, June
NAY, Kailen
NAY, Karen
NAY, Karen
NAY, Karen Louise
NAY, Karen Michelle
NAY, Kassia Elizabeth
NAY, Katherine Nicole
NAY, Kathleen
NAY, Kathleen Louissa
NAY, Kathy Lee
NAY, Kathy Lou
NAY, Kathyline Elaine15 JUN 195325 NOV 1953
NAY, Katie Ellen
NAY, Katlin Tyler
NAY, Kaycee
NAY, Keith Allen25 JUL 193417 NOV 1997
NAY, Keith Eugene
NAY, Kelbey Eugene
NAY, Kelly
NAY, Kelly
NAY, Kelsey
NAY, Kelsey Melanie
NAY, Kendrick Calvin
NAY, Kennedy
NAY, Kenneth Alan
NAY, Kenneth Earl
NAY, Kenneth Lyle13 SEP 19143 NOV 1977
NAY, Kenneth Michael17 JUN 19483 JUL 1965
NAY, Kenneth Thompson
NAY, Kent H.18 JAN 19297 DEC 1991
NAY, Kent LeGrande
NAY, Keri Michelle
NAY, Kerry Gale
NAY, Kevin Keller
NAY, Kevin Sean
NAY, Kim
NAY, Kirk Allen
NAY, Koby Jacob
NAY, Kolten
NAY, Kristine
NAY, Kristine Ann
NAY, Kyle Duane
NAY, Kyle Steven
NAY, Kyrt Virgil
NAY, Lacey Marisa
NAY, Lance H.
NAY, Laura Ann20 MAR 184316 JUN 1887
NAY, Laura Emily17 MAR 1880AUG 1975
NAY, Laura Emily17 MAR 1880AUG 1975
NAY, Laura Fawndola

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