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855 Individuals with the NAY Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
NAY, (child)
NAY, (child)
NAY, (child)
NAY, (dau)
NAY, (dau)
NAY, (dau)6 APR 19046 APR 1904
NAY, (dau)
NAY, (dau)
NAY, (dau)18 JAN 192618 JAN 1926
NAY, (dau)
NAY, (dau)ABT 195422 MAY 1966
NAY, (son)18741874
NAY, (son)JUL 1912JUL 1912
NAY, (son)
NAY, (son)
NAY, (son)
NAY, (son)
NAY, Ada16 NOV 192214 OCT 1992
NAY, Ada24 FEB 1871
NAY, Adaline Ruth10 DEC 184518 OCT 1911
NAY, Adam Ronald
NAY, Adelia M.8 SEP 185615 DEC 1942
NAY, Adrian ElliotABT 184319 FEB 1903
NAY, Alan Lester
NAY, Alan Lester
NAY, Albert "C"25 MAR 189624 DEC 1966
NAY, Albert C.25 MAR 189624 DEC 1966
NAY, Albert Thomas14 JUN 189822 JUL 1957
NAY, Alfred
NAY, Alice
NAY, Alice Gertrude6 MAY 190329 SEP 1994
NAY, Alice Rhoene
NAY, Almeda
NAY, Almonda
NAY, Alonzo Putnam22 NOV 18354 SEP 1909
NAY, Alvin
NAY, Alvin Carlos23 JAN 18887 JAN 1962
NAY, Alvin Carlos23 JAN 18887 JAN 1962
NAY, Alvin Delos31 JUL 192513 MAR 1985
NAY, Alvin Delos26 SEP 194723 MAR 1987
NAY, Alvin Fish
NAY, Alyssa ShelLee
NAY, Amanda Eleanor17 OCT 186926 MAR 1945
NAY, Amanda Grace
NAY, Amy Diana
NAY, Andrew Davis
NAY, Andrew J.ABT 18321893
NAY, Andrew Jacob
NAY, Andrew Thomas
NAY, Angela
NAY, Angelina Relief3 SEP 185415 JUN 1864
NAY, Anita4 JUN 190630 OCT 1935
NAY, Anna Bethney
NAY, Annaka Beth
NAY, Anona
NAY, Archie M.31 JUL 1875
NAY, Argean
NAY, Arnold "H"14 APR 191911 JUN 1974
NAY, Arnold H.14 APR 191811 JUN 1974
NAY, Arthur1876
NAY, Arthur Dwain
NAY, Arthur J.
NAY, Arthur Leroy16 APR 192428 APR 1982
NAY, Arvilla28 NOV 1804
NAY, Asdal12 MAR 1797OCT 1830
NAY, Aubrey Reanne
NAY, Austin Blake
NAY, Avory Marie
NAY, Bailey
NAY, Banah Allen10 APR 181022 FEB 1839
NAY, Barbara10 JUL 1791
NAY, Barbara
NAY, Barbara
NAY, Barbara Ann
NAY, Barbara Lewis
NAY, Barbara Lynn
NAY, Benjamin
NAY, Benjamin Joseph
NAY, Bernadine Louise
NAY, Bernice3 JAN 191113 APR 1988
NAY, Bernice Louise30 DEC 190211 SEP 1990
NAY, Bertha
NAY, Bertha Edna14 APR 1881JUL 1952
NAY, Bethany Amilia
NAY, Bethany Anne
NAY, Betsey3 NOV 1789
NAY, Betsey21 JAN 1795
NAY, Betsy or Betsey21 JUN 1796OCT 1852
NAY, Betty3 JAN 1924
NAY, Betty
NAY, Betty Lou
NAY, Betty Lou
NAY, Beverly Fern
NAY, Billie6 JAN 1930JUL 1988
NAY, Blaine Joseph
NAY, Blaine Sherman
NAY, Blair Calvin21 OCT 195311 JAN 1995
NAY, Blake Austin
NAY, Brandi Anna
NAY, Brent H.
NAY, Brian Kent
NAY, Briana Marilyn
NAY, Bruce James
NAY, Bryan Mateland
NAY, Bryan William
NAY, Bryce Sterling
NAY, Burdette15 MAR 191024 DEC 1913
NAY, Buster Neal
NAY, Butch
NAY, Callbis
NAY, Calvin Denny
NAY, Calvin Leland
NAY, Camden
NAY, Cameron
NAY, Candis Lynn
NAY, Carl
NAY, Carl Ferson7 SEP 18981 MAR 1918
NAY, Carleton E.11 JAN 1881DEC 1965
NAY, Carlos
NAY, Carol Jean
NAY, Carol Jean
NAY, Carole Dawn
NAY, Carolyn
NAY, Carrie L.25 OCT 18876 FEB 1897
NAY, Carrie Lillian24 APR 189517 JUN 1895
NAY, Casey Brent
NAY, Cassie Dianne
NAY, Celia
NAY, Chad Kent
NAY, Charles
NAY, Charles Edwin
NAY, Charles Elsworth11 AUG 19075 DEC 1907
NAY, Charles Frederick
NAY, Charles L12 FEB 190813 MAY 1974
NAY, Charles P.9 MAR 1853
NAY, Charles Shirl
NAY, Charles Walter17 MAR 18807 OCT 1942
NAY, Charles Walter17 MAR 18807 OCT 1942
NAY, Charlotte18363 JAN 1838
NAY, Chauncey Leland
NAY, Chauncey Leon5 MAY 189520 DEC 1973
NAY, Chelsea Lee
NAY, Cheryl Ann
NAY, Cheryl Elaine
NAY, Chester Bill
NAY, Christian George
NAY, Clarence Albey
NAY, Clarence Albey
NAY, Clarence Dolphin5 OCT 191512 MAY 1973
NAY, Clarence Dolphin5 OCT 191512 MAY 1973
NAY, Clarissa19 APR 1803
NAY, Clark Enock
NAY, Claud
NAY, Clifford Eldon
NAY, Clifford Lee
NAY, Clifford W.17 JUL 18751941
NAY, Clifton Reu9 JAN 190415 OCT 1992
NAY, Clifton Williams
NAY, Clinton Max
NAY, Clyde Dell
NAY, Clyde Franklin
NAY, Coleen Whitney
NAY, Colleen Dawn
NAY, Connie16 JUL 195816 JUL 1958
NAY, Connie
NAY, Connie Diane
NAY, Corbin Scott
NAY, Courtney Allen
NAY, Cynthia5 FEB 179920 JAN 1817
NAY, Cynthia12 JUN 179812 MAY 1799
NAY, Cynthia L.
NAY, CyrusABT 1825BET 1848 AND 1850
NAY, Dale
NAY, Dallin William
NAY, Dana Franklin14 APR 18972 OCT 1897
NAY, Daniel Alvin
NAY, Daniel Charles
NAY, Daniel Elonzo
NAY, Daniel Lee
NAY, Danielle
NAY, Dannette
NAY, Darcy Marie
NAY, Darla JoEd
NAY, Darla Vivian
NAY, Darlene
NAY, Darren
NAY, DavidABT 1800
NAY, David Clair
NAY, David Edwin
NAY, David Sterling
NAY, Dawn Elizabeth
NAY, Dawn Elizabeth
NAY, De Von "R"
NAY, Debra
NAY, Deena
NAY, Delia26 APR 18935 NOV 1981
NAY, Della
NAY, Delma
NAY, Delores
NAY, Delores
NAY, Demont Wilson14 MAY 19247 DEC 2001
NAY, Dereck
NAY, Devi Alyssa
NAY, Deward "L"18 NOV 193618 NOV 1936
NAY, Deward "T"
NAY, Diona Lynn
NAY, Don Edwin
NAY, Don Edwin13 JAN 188415 APR 1966
NAY, Dona30 MAR 192611 DEC 1968
NAY, Donald
NAY, Donald Alan
NAY, Donald Carlos
NAY, Donell
NAY, Donna Marie
NAY, Dora
NAY, Dora A.16 DEC 1854OCT 1873
NAY, Doris
NAY, Doris Elizabeth7 FEB 19026 FEB 1985
NAY, Dorothy
NAY, Dorothy D.19 DEC 1905
NAY, Dorothy Jean
NAY, Dorthy
NAY, Doug
NAY, Douglas Kim
NAY, Douglas R.27 AUG 19281 JAN 1957
NAY, Duane
NAY, Duane Foster
NAY, Duke
NAY, Dwight O.5 JUN 1878
NAY, Earl
NAY, Earl
NAY, Earl Collins24 FEB 191412 SEP 2002
NAY, Earl Lloyd
NAY, Edith Maria
NAY, Edith Maria
NAY, Edwin Cressfield8 APR 187817 JAN 1894
NAY, Edwin Cressfield8 APR 187817 JAN 1894
NAY, Edwin Lawrence
NAY, EgbertABT 1847ABT 1848
NAY, Elaine Louise
NAY, Eldred "V"30 SEP 189612 MAY 1983
NAY, Elias
NAY, Elisha A.18 JUL 185511 JUN 1900
NAY, Elizabeth
NAY, Elizabeth10 Sep 17324 Feb 1758
NAY, Elizabeth
NAY, Elizabeth Grace
NAY, Ella Eliza17 MAR 189319 MAR 1893
NAY, Ella Fern

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