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39 Individuals with the JELLEY Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
JELLEY, Annette Lisa5 Feb 1961
JELLEY, Arthur25 Oct 1919
JELLEY, Arthur Gene18 Feb 1952
JELLEY, Bernard Lowell26 SEP 1902SEP 1972
JELLEY, Bradley30 Aug 1981
JELLEY, Clarence Itheil10 APR 189222 MAR 1960
JELLEY, Cleveland Hazlett03 JAN 188506 OCT 1960
JELLEY, Colleen Mary7 Apr 1959
JELLEY, Dee Ann11 Apr 1949
JELLEY, Denise Adele3 May 1948
JELLEY, Dennis Frances3 May 1955
JELLEY, Donald30 Sep 1925
JELLEY, Donald5 Jan 19545 Jan 1954
JELLEY, Donald13 Jan 1979
JELLEY, Ellen1866
JELLEY, Elva J.22 DEC 1886JAN 1942
JELLEY, Emma24 Nov 1990
JELLEY, Glenn Arthur19 Feb 1951
JELLEY, Glenn Arthur14 Jun 1973
JELLEY, Harlan Henry09 SEP 189722 OCT 1913
JELLEY, Henry Arthur10 Sep 18934 Jan 1993
JELLEY, Jamie Lynn29 Jan 1977
JELLEY, Jenna Pearl17 AUG 188124 SEP 1954
JELLEY, John29 Jul 194413 Feb 1945
JELLEY, John Harvey19C.
JELLEY, Johnny29 Jan 1951
JELLEY, Jonathon Arthur14 Oct 1981
JELLEY, Joseph22 Jun 1922
JELLEY, Karra Lynn25 Aug 1941
JELLEY, Kathleen Bridget5 Feb 1950
JELLEY, Kevin William5 Mar 1954
JELLEY, Kristin Ann2 Jul 1981
JELLEY, Leland Laverne12 FEB 188912 FEB 1889
JELLEY, Maureen Rose18 Mar 1953
JELLEY, Michael5 Jun 1984
JELLEY, Michelle Jean17 Jan 1978
JELLEY, Oral Elijah10 MAR 188318 DEC 1963
JELLEY, Patricia Ann14 Apr 1947
JELLEY, Robert27 Jun 19217 Jan 1990

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