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79 Individuals with the JOLY Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
JOLY, AlidaWFT Est. 1857-1896WFT Est. 1893-1979
JOLY, Andrâe
JOLY, Angáele
JOLY, Angele
JOLY, Angele
JOLY, Annette
JOLY, ArdouinWFT Est. 1802-1834WFT Est. 1859-1921
JOLY, BasileWFT Est. 1756-1797WFT Est. 1795-1879
JOLY, Charles
JOLY, CharlotteABT. 16492 Dec 1718
JOLY, Claudia
JOLY, Delphine
JOLY, EdmondABT 1842
JOLY, Eloèise
JOLY, EloiseWFT Est. 1832-1858WFT Est. 1885-1946
JOLY, Emâerance
JOLY, Eugene
JOLY, FeleciteABT 1800
JOLY, Franðcoise
JOLY, Geneviáeve
JOLY, Genevieve16 Apr 167926 Aug 1721
JOLY, GenevieveAFT 1733
JOLY, GenevieveABT 1791
JOLY, Ginette
JOLY, Hilaire
JOLY, Hilaire
JOLY, IreneABT 1896
JOLY, JeanWFT Est. 1627-1656WFT Est. 1682-1742
JOLY, Jean Baptiste
JOLY, Jean Baptiste
JOLY, Jeanette
JOLY, Joseph
JOLY, JosephWFT Est. 1769-1801WFT Est. 1826-1888
JOLY, Joseph
JOLY, JosephABT 1827
JOLY, JosephWFT Est. 1834-1873WFT Est. 1875-1955
JOLY, Joseph
JOLY, Joseph
JOLY, Joseph-Camille6 Mar 1872
JOLY, Joséphine
JOLY, JulieABT 1816
JOLY, Julie
JOLY, Lâeo
JOLY, Malvina
JOLY, Marguerite
JOLY, Marguerite
JOLY, MargueriteWFT Est. 1578-1601WFT Est. 1623-1689
JOLY, MargueriteWFT Est. 1795-1822WFT Est. 1844-1912
JOLY, Marie
JOLY, Marie
JOLY, MarieABT 1831
JOLY, Marie Angâelique
JOLY, Marie Angelique3 AUG 1702
JOLY, Marie Angelique3 AUG 1702
JOLY, Marie AnneABT 1825
JOLY, Marie CatherineABT 1705
JOLY, Marie-Antoinette
JOLY, Marie-Julie
JOLY, Mark
JOLY, Marriette
JOLY, Micheline
JOLY, Narcisse
JOLY, Nazaire
JOLY, Nicole
JOLY, Pierre
JOLY, Pierre
JOLY, Pierre1650
JOLY, Pierre
JOLY, Pierre
JOLY, PierreABT. 1620WFT Est. 1652-1711
JOLY, PierreABT. 1650
JOLY, Pierre AndreABT. 1650WFT Est. 1674-1741
JOLY, Rosalie
JOLY, RoseABT 1736
JOLY, Rose AnnaWFT Est. 1875-1899WFT Est. 1917-1988
JOLY, Theresa
JOLY, VitalABT. 167022 Dec 1711
JOLY, VitalABT. 167523 DEC 1711
JOLY, Vital167523 DEC 1711

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