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144 Individuals with the JOLLEY Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
JOLLEY, Abigail1811Dec 1889
JOLLEY, Addison Randell
JOLLEY, Alda Jestine
JOLLEY, Anna Maude
JOLLEY, Anna Maude
JOLLEY, Armanda18708 Apr 1876
JOLLEY, Bertha Lorinda20 Feb 18626 Dec 1925
JOLLEY, Billy Elbert2 SEP 1960
JOLLEY, Bradley Ben
JOLLEY, Bradley Sylvester12Aug1871
JOLLEY, Caroline Carson15 Nov 183213 Feb 1895
JOLLEY, Charles Larry
JOLLEY, Chris Edward
JOLLEY, Claire Elizabeth
JOLLEY, Corrine
JOLLEY, Cory Lynn24 JUN 1981
JOLLEY, Damon Benjaman8 MAY 2001
JOLLEY, Dean Caldwell18 Apr 1899
JOLLEY, Deanna Louise26 MAR 181628 JUL 1896
JOLLEY, Deanna Louise26 Mar 181628 Jul 1896
JOLLEY, Deborah
JOLLEY, Dennie Augustine
JOLLEY, Dexter Jean
JOLLEY, Doshia30 Jul 18785 Feb 1943
JOLLEY, Earnest
JOLLEY, Effie Emmoline14 DEC 188727 JUN 1962
JOLLEY, Elizabeth
JOLLEY, ElizabethAbt 1765
JOLLEY, Emily Adeline23 Aug 186628 May 1933
JOLLEY, Francis Marion9 Apr 184113 Nov 1891
JOLLEY, Francis Tilla28 Oct 1821
JOLLEY, FrederickAbt 1783
JOLLEY, FrederickAbt 1762
JOLLEY, George Earl
JOLLEY, Hancel BryanAbt 1787
JOLLEY, Henry26 AUG 178920 DEC 1850
JOLLEY, Henry26 Aug 178920 Dec 1850
JOLLEY, Henry Alpheus9 Nov 185721 Jun 1935
JOLLEY, Henry Alphius
JOLLEY, Henry Bryant ManningUNKNOWN
JOLLEY, Henry Bryant Manning11 Oct 18134 Mar 1896
JOLLEY, Henry Gideon28 NOV 184807 DEC 1922
JOLLEY, Henry Gideon28 Nov 18487 Dec 1922
JOLLEY, Horace19181961
JOLLEY, Irene Frances
JOLLEY, James Hardin3 Mar 188119 Jan 1942
JOLLEY, James Leon1999
JOLLEY, James McAllen4 Mar 18377 Jan 1901
JOLLEY, JeanAbt 1651
JOLLEY, Jessie1785
JOLLEY, JessieAbt 1732
JOLLEY, Jillane22 FEB 1982
JOLLEY, John1765
JOLLEY, JohnAbt 1760/1763Abt 1796
JOLLEY, JohnAbt 1791
JOLLEY, John1620
JOLLEY, John Allen
JOLLEY, John Alma10 Apr 186410 Sep 1931
JOLLEY, John Alma10 Apr 188410 Sep 1931
JOLLEY, John Ed12Dec1867
JOLLEY, John Frederick16 May 1917
JOLLEY, John Frederick16 May 1917
JOLLEY, John J14 OCT 19153 SEP 1990
JOLLEY, John Rueben21 JAN 187204 OCT 1915
JOLLEY, Joseph Loftis24 Mar 184620 Jan 1916
JOLLEY, Joseph Ross17 NOV 190215 OCT 1967
JOLLEY, Joseph Uriah1 Dec 186810 Feb 1955
JOLLEY, Joshua Scott15 AUG 1978
JOLLEY, Kathryn
JOLLEY, Kathryn Leona
JOLLEY, Krista Kay20 MAR 19531 FEB 1989
JOLLEY, LaDonna23 SEP 193215 JUL 1979
JOLLEY, Larry Wayne
JOLLEY, Leonard J.24 Jun 190428 Jun 2001
JOLLEY, Lina Maniza or21 Nov 1824
JOLLEY, Linemenza21 Nov 1824
JOLLEY, Lulu Pearl27 FEB 187906 DEC 1957
JOLLEY, Mariah1 Jan 181019 Jul 1873
JOLLEY, Mariah1 Jan 181019 Jul 1873
JOLLEY, Mariah1 Jan 181019 Jul 1873
JOLLEY, Marihill
JOLLEY, Marion Francis9 Apr 184113 Nov 1891
JOLLEY, Martha or Patsey24 Oct 1806
JOLLEY, Mary Ann13 Oct 18368 Feb 1839
JOLLEY, Mary Elizabeth (Liz)17 APR 187412 JUN 1948
JOLLEY, Mary Larence
JOLLEY, Mary Lirenda
JOLLEY, Mary S. Routledge Brown
JOLLEY, Melissa
JOLLEY, Millard E.1Feb1878
JOLLEY, Nancy Caroline23 Aug 18662 Jul 1934
JOLLEY, Nephi25 JUN 184811 JUN 1924
JOLLEY, Omega25 Feb 1819
JOLLEY, Orna Jessie25 Feb 1819
JOLLEY, Patrice
JOLLEY, PatseyOct 1806
JOLLEY, Pearl17 SEP 1907
JOLLEY, PearlAbt 1914
JOLLEY, Pelique Berry16 May 183512 Nov 1862
JOLLEY, PeterAbt 1670
JOLLEY, Randall James15 NOV 19486 DEC 1997
JOLLEY, Reuben Gardner8 Dec 18525 Jul 1933
JOLLEY, Reuben Manning
JOLLEY, Reuben ManningBEF 01 JUN 1850
JOLLEY, Reuben Manning1 Oct 180829 Apr 1849
JOLLEY, Reuben Manning4 Jun 184329 Jan 1888
JOLLEY, Sarah Ann18 Dec 1837/18389 Jan 1919
JOLLEY, Sarah Maria9 Jun 185118 May 1853
JOLLEY, Sarepta Luticia13 Oct 18593 Apr 1902
JOLLEY, Sarepta Luticia13 Oct 18593 Apr 1902
JOLLEY, Scott Lynn12 MAY 1958
JOLLEY, Stephen Daniel14 NOV 1982
JOLLEY, Steven Royce
JOLLEY, Susan Ann
JOLLEY, Temperance23 May 181116 Nov 1902
JOLLEY, Thomas1622
JOLLEY, Thomas Rees26 FEB 189223 DEC 1958
JOLLEY, Timothy Michael12 NOV 1989
JOLLEY, Unknown
JOLLEY, Valerie Jean2 NOV 1948
JOLLEY, Wade L.Abt 1927
JOLLEY, Washington Lafayette14 May 18318 Nov 1889
JOLLEY, William1863
JOLLEY, William Jackson8 Nov 18292 Jul 1905
JOLLEY, William Jackson12 Oct 185418 Nov 1935
JOLLEY, William Jackson8 Nov 18292 Jul 1905
JOLLEY, William Linford<1892>Bef 1930
JOLLEY, William Silas
JOLLEY, Willie

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