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31 Individuals with the FURROW Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
FURROW, Andrew Paul1 Mar 1990
FURROW, Beatrice
FURROW, Bethiar29 SEP 1828
FURROW, CharityABT. 1836
FURROW, Dennis12 DEC 1942
FURROW, Elvira
FURROW, Emily Raye13 Aug 1986
FURROW, Gregory Paul6 Aug 1960
FURROW, Hannah Leigh27 Jan 1993
FURROW, Harry J.2 Apr 18908 Aug 1940
FURROW, Jacob Mathis
FURROW, James Atwood27 NOV 185216 MAR 1922
FURROW, John W.ABT 18261855
FURROW, Kim18 JUN 1964
FURROW, Laura V.Dec 1874Aft 1920
FURROW, Loren24 FEB 1916
FURROW, Mary Elizabeth
FURROW, Mary Elizabeth
FURROW, Mathias27 OCT 185020 JAN 1934
FURROW, MichaelABT 1963
FURROW, Robert Daniel13 May 1932
FURROW, Robert Michael6 Aug 1958
FURROW, Sarah LeeAnn15 Oct 1984
FURROW, Sharon2 MAY 1939
FURROW, Susan Lynn16 Jul 1962
FURROW, Van Joseph18 Jul 1987
FURROW, Wanda10 Aug 191413 Dec 1992
FURROW, William Wesley24 FEB 18555 JUL 1913
FURROW, _____

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