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1513 Individuals with the FURR Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
FURR, (Girl)
FURR, A. Jackson
FURR, A. Pickney
FURR, Aaron4 JAN 184623 APR 1920
FURR, Aaron
FURR, Adaline M.1854
FURR, Adam1767AFT 1798
FURR, Adam
FURR, Adam
FURR, Adam Jackson (Jack)3 MAR 18423 NOV 1906
FURR, Adam L.1872
FURR, Adam M.29 OCT 184128 JAN 1864
FURR, Adam McDonald
FURR, Adelene
FURR, Adrienne Michelle28 JAN 1973
FURR, Albert
FURR, Albert
FURR, Albert E.
FURR, Albert Floyd
FURR, Albert Floyd
FURR, Alexander P.15 AUG 185717 SEP 1864
FURR, Alice
FURR, Alice
FURR, Alice Elizabeth
FURR, Alice Fairbank11 APR 1989
FURR, Allen21 JUL 18201872
FURR, Allen
FURR, Allen Concton15 NOV 1898
FURR, Allie Belle
FURR, Allison7 JUL 180915 JUL 1889
FURR, Allison (NMI)7 JUN 1952
FURR, Allison Elizabeth31 OCT 1979
FURR, Allison Foster26 JUL 188818 APR 1889
FURR, Alma
FURR, Alma
FURR, Alma B.20 JUN 1903
FURR, Alonzo Shuford12 APR 1895
FURR, Alva1875
FURR, Alva A.
FURR, Alva Ransom
FURR, Alvin1866
FURR, Amamda M.1846
FURR, Amanda Jane1827
FURR, Amanda Malvania
FURR, AmyPrivate
FURR, Anderson18 OCT 181717 APR 1878
FURR, Anding18 MAR 18843 MAY 1897
FURR, Andrea Marie15 MAR 1978
FURR, Andrew J.18 JUN 1872
FURR, Angela Estes1 FEB 1973
FURR, Anita Elaine15 MAR 1963
FURR, Ann29 JUL 183614 MAY 1910
FURR, Ann Pearl
FURR, Anna
FURR, Anna
FURR, Anna Carol9 JAN 1955
FURR, Annie1889
FURR, Annie
FURR, Annie18781943
FURR, Annie
FURR, Annie B.10 NOV 187512 JUL 1876
FURR, Annie Bell
FURR, Annie Belle
FURR, Annie Elizer1868
FURR, Annie Esther Dea31 JUL 1901
FURR, Archie Baxter
FURR, Archie Marvin19 APR 1902OCT 1982
FURR, Arie Lee26 JAN 1914
FURR, Arthur
FURR, Arthur
FURR, Arthur
FURR, Arthur John
FURR, Athalanda29 OCT 1858
FURR, Athens Lamar2 SEP 1924
FURR, Auda
FURR, Augustus28 NOV 1898
FURR, Augustus C.18331863
FURR, Augustus F.
FURR, Autie
FURR, Ava Malinda24 NOV 1894
FURR, Avon Edward9 NOV 1910
FURR, Barbara
FURR, Barbara Gail29 DEC 1949
FURR, Barbara Gail29 DEC 1949
FURR, Barney E. Lawrence13 APR 1909
FURR, Bartley
FURR, Bartley L.29 DEC 18723 SEP 1911
FURR, Baxter27 OCT 1905
FURR, Beatrice
FURR, Beecham B.1878
FURR, Beecham Zerobie18751935
FURR, Beecham Zerobie
FURR, Beeda21 AUG 1854
FURR, Beeda
FURR, Belvin
FURR, Ben Wray
FURR, Beneeta (Neety)
FURR, Beneeta A.8 MAR 1878
FURR, Benjamin Franklin1826
FURR, Benny
FURR, Bertha
FURR, Bertha Ellen4 OCT 1902
FURR, Bertie
FURR, Bess
FURR, Bessie10 AUG 1898
FURR, Bessie
FURR, Bessie
FURR, Bessie
FURR, Bessie
FURR, Bessie
FURR, Bessie
FURR, Bessie Jane11 JAN 1912
FURR, Bessie L.3 JAN 1883
FURR, Betsy
FURR, Bettie
FURR, Bettie Joe
FURR, Bettie Lou
FURR, Betty
FURR, Betty Jean
FURR, Betty Jean
FURR, Betty Yvonne
FURR, Beulah
FURR, Beulah Ann17 MAR 1908
FURR, Bill
FURR, Bill
FURR, Billy F.
FURR, Billy Junior1929
FURR, Billy Ray
FURR, Bishop
FURR, Blanche27 OCT 1932
FURR, Blanche
FURR, Bobbie
FURR, Bobby Ray
FURR, Boyd
FURR, Boyette Edward14 MAY 1915
FURR, Brassilla24 DEC 1855
FURR, Brenda
FURR, Brenda
FURR, Brenda
FURR, Brenda Jean1955
FURR, Brenda June20 AUG 194720 AUG 1947
FURR, Brenda June20 AUG 194720 AUG 1947
FURR, Brenda Sue
FURR, Brevard A.
FURR, Brevard Aaron
FURR, Brigham Wilson21 OCT 1916
FURR, Brooks
FURR, Bruce
FURR, Bryon Eustace28 AUG 192118 OCT 1985
FURR, Buford
FURR, Byran
FURR, Byron Eustace27 JUL 189512 APR 1976
FURR, Byron Knox22 SEP 1950
FURR, Byron W.
FURR, C. A.30 OCT 1851
FURR, Caleb E.18481895
FURR, Caleb Griffith181716 OCT 1898
FURR, Caleb Henderson29 MAR 1889
FURR, Caleb Leonard1868
FURR, Callie
FURR, Calvin7 JUL 183812 FEB 1839
FURR, Carl
FURR, Carl
FURR, Carl
FURR, Carl
FURR, Carl
FURR, Carl Franklin
FURR, Carl Jenkins7 JAN 1914
FURR, Carlos
FURR, Carole LeeAPR 1931
FURR, Caroline
FURR, Carolyn
FURR, Carra Melinda
FURR, Carrie
FURR, Carrie Inez6 NOV 18881937
FURR, Carroll
FURR, CatharineABT 1785
FURR, Catharine
FURR, Catharine (Kate)
FURR, Catherine
FURR, Catherine
FURR, CatherineBEF 1790AFT 26 MAR 1845
FURR, Catherine17651797/1798
FURR, Catherine A. (Katy)18391901
FURR, Celma7 APR 187512 MAY 1952
FURR, Chalmers Victor
FURR, Chaney
FURR, Charles16 JUN 1931
FURR, Charles16 JUN 1931
FURR, Charles
FURR, Charles
FURR, Charles
FURR, Charles
FURR, Charles
FURR, Charles A.8 MAY 187611 NOV 1950
FURR, Charles Bruce26 APR 189418 FEB 1960
FURR, Charles Francis1 JAN 1947
FURR, Charles M.
FURR, Charles M.
FURR, Charles Mervin1890
FURR, Charles Ray
FURR, Charlotte
FURR, Cherrie
FURR, Cherye Kay1956
FURR, Christian15 AUG 179230 AUG 1850
FURR, Christian LaFayette31 JAN 18373 SEP 1898
FURR, Christine
FURR, Cicero Holt17 NOV 183513 APR 1862
FURR, Clara
FURR, Clara
FURR, Clara Ann25 APR 185312 OCT 1928
FURR, Clara Irene26 FEB 187924 FEB 1927
FURR, Clarence A.SEP 1949
FURR, Clarence L.
FURR, Clary
FURR, Claude
FURR, Claude
FURR, Claudia D.21 OCT 190130 JAN 1904
FURR, Clebert Rowe
FURR, Cleona
FURR, Cleve
FURR, Clyde
FURR, Clyde
FURR, Clyde
FURR, Clyde
FURR, Clyde
FURR, Clyde Lee
FURR, Clyde M.
FURR, Coleman1 JUN 1888FEB 1914
FURR, Colene
FURR, Colin
FURR, Collie
FURR, Colon
FURR, Constance Lorraine21 NOV 1923
FURR, Cora
FURR, Cora
FURR, Cora Electa
FURR, Cornell R.
FURR, Craven Cephus
FURR, Crittenton20 DEC 183915 NOV 1923

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