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243 Individuals with the FERRIER Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
FERRIER, (Lee) Wesley11 Sep 190625 Jun 1972
FERRIER, A. I.Private
FERRIER, Aaron HenryApr 190814 May 1908
FERRIER, Aaron JamesPrivate
FERRIER, Abram J.ABT 1840AFT 1897
FERRIER, AlbertPrivate
FERRIER, Albert Erwin20 Nov 185919 May 1941
FERRIER, Alfred Edgar28 Jul 192728 Oct 1927
FERRIER, Alice ElainePrivate
FERRIER, Alice Ethel13 Aug 188123 May 1933
FERRIER, Alice MaryPrivate
FERRIER, Allen LloydPrivate
FERRIER, Alma G.Private
FERRIER, Alma GracePrivate
FERRIER, Amy LeePrivate
FERRIER, Ana Cora22 Apr 18891889
FERRIER, Andrea LeePrivate
FERRIER, AndrewABT 1826WFT Est 1827-1916
FERRIER, Andrew Alexander11 Jan 186429 Jul 1944
FERRIER, Andrew Clifford22 Apr 18891889
FERRIER, Ardith JeanPrivate
FERRIER, Arthur Alexander1 Jun 188710 Oct 1977
FERRIER, Arthur O.21 Jul 189623 Dec 1972
FERRIER, Beatrice CarriePrivate
FERRIER, Beatrice EileenPrivate
FERRIER, Benjamin BApr 1879
FERRIER, Bobby LoreenPrivate
FERRIER, Brian Edward (Trickey)Private
FERRIER, Brian LesliePrivate
FERRIER, Bruce A.Private
FERRIER, Bruce AllenPrivate
FERRIER, CareldPrivate
FERRIER, Carl W.Private
FERRIER, Carol LeePrivate
FERRIER, Charlotte LouisePrivate
FERRIER, Charlotte MaePrivate
FERRIER, Christopher MichaelPrivate
FERRIER, Clare AdelbertPrivate
FERRIER, Craig EugenePrivate
FERRIER, Dale AllenPrivate
FERRIER, Daniel AllenPrivate
FERRIER, Daniel IsaacPrivate
FERRIER, Daniel ScottPrivate
FERRIER, DannyPrivate
FERRIER, Dariel JeanPrivate
FERRIER, DarienPrivate
FERRIER, Darlene KayPrivate
FERRIER, David17531830
FERRIER, David ArthurPrivate
FERRIER, David Clinton7 Oct 189013 Dec 1910
FERRIER, David EarlPrivate
FERRIER, David KiplingPrivate
FERRIER, Debora LouisePrivate
FERRIER, Debra MariePrivate
FERRIER, DennisPrivate
FERRIER, Diana LynnPrivate
FERRIER, DianePrivate
FERRIER, Don M.24 Feb 18983 Jun 1959
FERRIER, Donald EverettPrivate
FERRIER, Donald RobertPrivate
FERRIER, Donna JeanPrivate
FERRIER, Donna LynnPrivate
FERRIER, Doris IlenePrivate
FERRIER, Dorothy Ernestine17 Feb 191623 Jul 1960
FERRIER, DouglasPrivate
FERRIER, Earl FrancisPrivate
FERRIER, Edgar Alonzo13 Apr 186825 Dec 1946
FERRIER, Edith E.16 Jun 18897 Jul 1976
FERRIER, Edna HavensPrivate
FERRIER, Edwin5 Aug 191721 Nov 1928
FERRIER, EileenPrivate
FERRIER, Elax Earl30 Mar 18931893
FERRIER, Eldon JayPrivate
FERRIER, Eldon KeithPrivate
FERRIER, Emma Eugenia5 Jun 188528 Feb 1945
FERRIER, Emma Jane21 Feb 186628 Oct 1956
FERRIER, Ephraim28 Mar 187625 Aug 1905
FERRIER, Erma N.29 Aug 1909
FERRIER, Essie29 Mar 188615 Nov 1936
FERRIER, Eva IrenePrivate
FERRIER, Everett LindsayPrivate
FERRIER, Fannie DorisPrivate
FERRIER, Fannie Jane26 Aug 18945 Mar 1920
FERRIER, Florence MaePrivate
FERRIER, Floyd A.13 Mar 190224 Sep 1972
FERRIER, Francis R.Private
FERRIER, Frank10 Aug 191426 Sep 1929
FERRIER, Frank HowardPrivate
FERRIER, Fred N.20 Apr 18874 Oct 1967
FERRIER, Genevieve
FERRIER, George Andrew17 Aug 18993 Jan 1921
FERRIER, George Elmer21 Jul 18894 May 1970
FERRIER, George ElmerPrivate
FERRIER, George Washington22 Oct 187121 Sep 1912
FERRIER, Gerald GeorgePrivate
FERRIER, Glenda KayPrivate
FERRIER, Glenn HazenPrivate
FERRIER, Gloria JeanPrivate
FERRIER, Grace O'LenaPrivate
FERRIER, Harvey Ray21 Dec 18919 Jun 1959
FERRIER, Hattie Mae17 Nov 189119 Oct 1963
FERRIER, Hazel ElizabethPrivate
FERRIER, Hazen15 Mar 189625 Feb 1920
FERRIER, Ida HelenPrivate
FERRIER, Ima GracePrivate
FERRIER, Irene AugustaPrivate
FERRIER, Irene May21 Dec 190614 Dec 1943
FERRIER, Irma Bell21 Nov 18941895
FERRIER, Isaac Albert19 May 1883WFT Est 1943-1976
FERRIER, Isaac AlbertPrivate
FERRIER, J. C.26 Mar 190129 Jan 1974
FERRIER, James31 May 1799
FERRIER, JamesPrivate
FERRIER, James JayPrivate
FERRIER, James JayPrivate
FERRIER, James LeePrivate
FERRIER, JanaPrivate
FERRIER, JaneABT 1830AFT 1897
FERRIER, Jean-Baptiste16881755
FERRIER, Jeffery DeanPrivate
FERRIER, JessPrivate
FERRIER, Jessie D.16 Oct 189220 Jun 1972
FERRIER, Jessie May24 Feb 190017 Jun 1928
FERRIER, JohnPrivate
FERRIER, JohnAbt 1340
FERRIER, John Henry30 Jan 193031 Jan 1930
FERRIER, John M.Private
FERRIER, John RobertPrivate
FERRIER, John RobertPrivate
FERRIER, John Wesley30 Mar 1862Apr 1948
FERRIER, JonathonMay 18015 Mar 1874
FERRIER, Jonathon Agustus21 Nov 185510 May 1956
FERRIER, Jonathon W.183931 Dec 1897
FERRIER, Joseph AndrewPrivate
FERRIER, Joyce MariePrivate
FERRIER, Judy MaePrivate
FERRIER, KathyPrivate
FERRIER, Kathy JeanPrivate
FERRIER, Kenneth DavidPrivate
FERRIER, Larry GlennPrivate
FERRIER, Laura LynnPrivate
FERRIER, Lee GeorgePrivate
FERRIER, Leitha Belle2 APR 191810 NOV 1988
FERRIER, Leo Wesley11 Sep 1906
FERRIER, Leon Menzel3 Mar 189629 Jan 1974
FERRIER, Linda LeePrivate
FERRIER, Linda LouisePrivate
FERRIER, Lois MaureenPrivate
FERRIER, Lorenzo Don26 Oct 187531 Oct 1950
FERRIER, Lorna MaePrivate
FERRIER, Louella7 Nov 190913 Nov 1909
FERRIER, Loyd AlbertPrivate
FERRIER, Lucille MargaretPrivate
FERRIER, Lucy JeanPrivate
FERRIER, Lucy MJun 1883
FERRIER, Lyle LouisPrivate
FERRIER, Mabel5 Aug 19176 Aug 1917
FERRIER, Mabel AAug 1888
FERRIER, Mable1883WFT Est 1911-1977
FERRIER, Mae Verna6 Apr 190429 Aug 1951
FERRIER, Manley H.23 Jun 19215 Oct 1943
FERRIER, Margaret Elizabeth1879
FERRIER, Margaret JoycePrivate
FERRIER, Margaret Ruth27 Jun 191730 Jul 1965
FERRIER, Marie26 NOV 19038 AUG 1972
FERRIER, Marie Hyacinthe17201760
FERRIER, MarionPrivate
FERRIER, Marion E.Private
FERRIER, Mark DouglasPrivate
FERRIER, Mary Catherine Stuart9 Jun 18796 Dec 1932
FERRIER, Michael DarinPrivate
FERRIER, Michael Earl23 Feb 194226 Dec 1986
FERRIER, Michelle
FERRIER, Michelle YvonnePrivate
FERRIER, Mildred MaePrivate
FERRIER, Milton GeorgePrivate
FERRIER, Morris Albert16 Sep 192214 Jun 1946
FERRIER, MyrtlePrivate
FERRIER, NancyABT 1828WFT Est 1854-1922
FERRIER, NathanielApr 1832
FERRIER, Nicole LeePrivate
FERRIER, Niesa ColleenPrivate
FERRIER, Norman D.Private
FERRIER, Ola ElizabethPrivate
FERRIER, Patricia AnnPrivate
FERRIER, Pauline JanettePrivate
FERRIER, Permillie PearlPrivate
FERRIER, Phyllis JanePrivate
FERRIER, Randall ScottPrivate
FERRIER, Rebecca
FERRIER, Rebecca Ruth12 Apr 1917Aug 1977
FERRIER, Rhoda Harriett30 Jan 1892WFT Est 1924-1986
FERRIER, Richard
FERRIER, Richard BrucePrivate
FERRIER, Richard FrankPrivate
FERRIER, Richard LeroyPrivate
FERRIER, Robert A. I.Private
FERRIER, Robert E. LeePrivate
FERRIER, Robert JamesPrivate
FERRIER, Robert JohnPrivate
FERRIER, Robert LylePrivate
FERRIER, Roselie
FERRIER, Russell JuniorPrivate
FERRIER, Russell Roy28 Jul 18877 Sep 1967
FERRIER, Sarah18 Aug 183313 Jun 1875
FERRIER, Sarah Elizabeth7 Jan 189720 Jan 1897
FERRIER, Scott AllenPrivate
FERRIER, Sherri LynnePrivate
FERRIER, Shirley AlicePrivate
FERRIER, Sidney CharlesPrivate
FERRIER, Stephen Benjamin21 Jan 18709 Jul 1908
FERRIER, Steven EverettPrivate
FERRIER, TeresaPrivate
FERRIER, Theresa AnnPrivate
FERRIER, Thomas ArthurPrivate
FERRIER, Tricia AnnPrivate
FERRIER, unknownEST 1900
FERRIER, Vance10 Feb 19204 Dec 1928
FERRIER, Vera Lee1 Jun 19012 Jul 1960
FERRIER, Vern Clare2 Sep 19045 Aug 1929
FERRIER, Vicki DianePrivate
FERRIER, VidaPrivate
FERRIER, Wesley John11 Sep 183319 Sep 1901
FERRIER, WilliamPrivate
FERRIER, William Henry19 Jan 185726 Aug 1937
FERRIER, William WesleyPrivate
FERRIER, Willowdean MaePrivate
FERRIER, ?Private

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