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209 Individuals with the FRYE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
FRYE, Adrian16421692
FRYE, AdrianAbt 1682Abt 1719
FRYE, Alisa May1962
FRYE, Allen
FRYE, Allen Deane
FRYE, AndersonABT 1970
FRYE, Anna Barbara6 MAR 1743
FRYE, Anna Barbara
FRYE, Anna Barbara Elizabeth16 JUN 176515 MAR 1851
FRYE, Anna Eva
FRYE, Anna Maria10 SEP 1768
FRYE, Anna Maria9 OCT 174913 DEC 1784
FRYE, Anna Maria
FRYE, Anna Rosina27 AUG 1757
FRYE, Arthur
FRYE, Arthur D.
FRYE, Barbara Jean7 May 1944
FRYE, BenjaminABT 163511 FEB 1695
FRYE, Benjamin163511 Feb 1695
FRYE, Berridge Lucas
FRYE, BettyPrivate
FRYE, Bobby Joe14 Jun 1934
FRYE, Bobby Joe, Jr.1 Oct 1963
FRYE, Brenda
FRYE, Brittany NicolePrivate
FRYE, Bruce Alan1929
FRYE, Bruce Allen1959
FRYE, Buford
FRYE, Catherina21 APR 1775
FRYE, Catherine
FRYE, CharlesWFT EST. 1831-1860WFT EST. 1885-1945
FRYE, Charles Leon1947
FRYE, Charlie
FRYE, Chase AlexanderPrivate
FRYE, Christian
FRYE, Christine
FRYE, Clarence
FRYE, Cynthia Viola27 JAN 187110 DEC 1956
FRYE, Dallas MichaelPrivate
FRYE, David
FRYE, Dianne
FRYE, Donald Lee
FRYE, Dora18 AUG 18986 JAN 1960
FRYE, Dora
FRYE, Dorothy F.
FRYE, Dustin1988
FRYE, Earl
FRYE, Earl Robert
FRYE, EdithAbt 1522Dead
FRYE, Edward
FRYE, Eleanor1668
FRYE, Elizabeth162010 JUN 1690
FRYE, Elizabeth29 OCT 163930 JUL 1695
FRYE, Elizabeth30 OCT 1770
FRYE, Elizabeth29 OCT 163930 JUL 1695
FRYE, Elizabeth16371678
FRYE, Elizabeth Neal
FRYE, Ella
FRYE, EMILYABT 182117 JUN 1876
FRYE, Esther23 DEC 1901
FRYE, Ethel MaeMAY 18821951
FRYE, Eunice ElizabethAbt 1686
FRYE, Felton2 Jan 1970
FRYE, FrankWFT Est. 1897-19281 Jun 1974
FRYE, Frank
FRYE, Frank Jerald8 FEB 190621 DEC 1969
FRYE, George1590
FRYE, George
FRYE, George
FRYE, George
FRYE, George Adam1800
FRYE, George H.
FRYE, George M18881965
FRYE, Georgia
FRYE, Hannah
FRYE, Hannah
FRYE, Harold18 MAR 192028 NOV 1995
FRYE, Harvey Deane
FRYE, Harvey Lee
FRYE, Hazel Faye2 FEB 1934
FRYE, Helen
FRYE, Hester Ann
FRYE, Hoover J.
FRYE, Howard C.?
FRYE, James5 JAN 165228 SEP 1734
FRYE, James5 Jan 1652/165328 Sep 1734
FRYE, Janice Jean21 MAY 1935
FRYE, Jeffrey Dean3 Jul 1962
FRYE, Jerry Eugene27 Jan 1959
FRYE, Jessie4 FEB 1964
FRYE, JoannaAbt 1678
FRYE, Joe7 Nov 184324 Jun 1914
FRYE, Johan Heinrich17 APR 1777
FRYE, Johan Heinrich14 JAN 17521804
FRYE, Johan Jacob
FRYE, Johan Jacob (II)3 MAR 1787
FRYE, Johan Michael8 JAN 174526 MAR 1815
FRYE, Johan Michael (II)15 JUL 1782
FRYE, Johan Peter24 SEP 1746
FRYE, Johan Peter27 SEP 16891766
FRYE, Johan Peter
FRYE, Johan Valentine9 MAY 172113 SEP 1798
FRYE, Johan Valentine8 MAR 174814 APR 1814
FRYE, Johannes25 DEC 1753
FRYE, JohnAPR 16019 NOV 1695
FRYE, JohnABT 163317 SEP 1696
FRYE, John
FRYE, John163317 Sep 1696
FRYE, John
FRYE, Joseph1680
FRYE, Karen13 APR 1964
FRYE, Karen13 APR 1964
FRYE, Kathy
FRYE, LaMesa16 JUL 1997
FRYE, Lance Taylor1963
FRYE, Larry Ray27 Jun 1956
FRYE, Living
FRYE, Living
FRYE, Living
FRYE, Living
FRYE, Logan Elizabeth
FRYE, Louis Dale13 NOV 19179 JUN 1992
FRYE, Lucy
FRYE, Lucy Catherine
FRYE, Margaret1993
FRYE, Margaret1579
FRYE, Maria Julianna
FRYE, Maria Margareth21 SEP 177912 JUN 1781
FRYE, Maria Margareth18 SEP 1775
FRYE, Maria Margaretha
FRYE, Martin5 FEB 1779
FRYE, Mary
FRYE, Mary
FRYE, Mary
FRYE, Mary17381822
FRYE, Mary
FRYE, Mary
FRYE, MaryAbt 1639
FRYE, Mary "Polly"
FRYE, Mary Ann1949
FRYE, Mary LouABT 1905
FRYE, Mary LouABT 1905
FRYE, Mary Savilla
FRYE, Michael DarrenPrivate
FRYE, Mildred
FRYE, Miss
FRYE, MrABT 1575
FRYE, MrsABT 1576
FRYE, Nancy
FRYE, Nancy Ann
FRYE, Nancy Ann
FRYE, Nancy Jane30 DEC 1893
FRYE, Nellie Maye18 Aug 1914
FRYE, Patricia LynnPrivate
FRYE, Paul AllenPrivate
FRYE, Paula AnnPrivate
FRYE, Pauline
FRYE, Peter JayPrivate
FRYE, Polly
FRYE, Robert EarlMAR 19092 NOV 1919
FRYE, Robert M.20 MAR 188124 APR 1914
FRYE, Rosina
FRYE, Rubye Helen
FRYE, Ruth A26 Nov 1914
FRYE, Ruth A26 Nov 1914
FRYE, Samuel
FRYE, Sarah4 MAR 1773
FRYE, Sarah
FRYE, Sarah16425 Mar 1662
FRYE, Sarah1677
FRYE, Sephrona23 Feb 183015 Jan 1914
FRYE, Shannon CathleenPrivate
FRYE, Susan (Sarah)ABT 16425 MAR 1661
FRYE, Teresa LynnPrivate
FRYE, Terry Wayne1 Oct 1965
FRYE, Thoe
FRYE, Thomas WilliamPrivate
FRYE, Thomasine1529AFT 1588
FRYE, Thomasine (Thomazine)1529AFT 1588
FRYE, Thomasine (Thomazine)1529AFT 1588
FRYE, Tobias10 JAN 176415 DEC 1766
FRYE, Tomasine (Tamazine)28 FEB 1612
FRYE, VernaPrivate
FRYE, Wayne C.
FRYE, William
FRYE, William
FRYE, William1672After 1745
FRYE, William Bret
FRYE, Willie Jean
FRYE, 1988
FRYE, ?23 AUG 176223 AUG 1764

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