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70 Individuals with the SWAINE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
SWAINE, Abigail??
SWAINE, Abigail
SWAINE, Abigail1663
SWAINE, Barbara JeanPrivate
SWAINE, Bethia
SWAINE, Bethia22 Nov 165219 Dec 1723
SWAINE, Bethia1656
SWAINE, Bethia
SWAINE, Bethuah
SWAINE, Bethuah
SWAINE, Catherine1526
SWAINE, Christiana25 Apr 1659?
SWAINE, Christiana15 APR 1659
SWAINE, Christiana25 Apr 1659
SWAINE, Daniel
SWAINE, David L.
SWAINE, Dorothy1636Abt 1706
SWAINE, Dorothy VivianPrivate
SWAINE, Elizabeth<1602>
SWAINE, Elizabeth150320 FEB 1564
SWAINE, Elizabeth9 Oct 163810 Feb 1712
SWAINE, Elizabeth9 Oct 163810 Feb 1712
SWAINE, Elizabeth24 Apr 1654?
SWAINE, Elizabeth150320 FEB 1564
SWAINE, Elizabeth24 APR 16541706
SWAINE, Elizabeth1647
SWAINE, Elizabeth9 OCT 163810 FEB 1711/1712
SWAINE, Elizabeth Ward24 Apr 1654Jan 1706
SWAINE, George
SWAINE, GraceAbt 162514 Mar 1693
SWAINE, GraceAbt 1627Aft 1663
SWAINE, Howard CampbellPrivate
SWAINE, Joanna1651
SWAINE, Joanna16511720
SWAINE, Joanna165116 Sep 1720
SWAINE, Johannah165116 Sep 1720
SWAINE, Leona Deborah17 SEP 188921 JAN 1975
SWAINE, MargaretABT 1547
SWAINE, MargaretABT 1547
SWAINE, Mary12 Jun 1656
SWAINE, Mary12 Jun 1656?
SWAINE, Mary12 JUN 1656
SWAINE, Mary1 May 164910 Nov 1655
SWAINE, Mary1 May 164910 Nov 1655
SWAINE, Mary1 MAY 1649
SWAINE, Morgan?
SWAINE, Mrs. ThomasAbt 1504
SWAINE, Peter DouglasPrivate
SWAINE, Phebe24 May 1654?
SWAINE, Phebe24 May 1654
SWAINE, Richard15 SEP 159514 APR 1682
SWAINE, Samuel16251681
SWAINE, Samuel?BEF 17 Mar 1681/82
SWAINE, Sarah7 OCT 1661
SWAINE, Sarah7 Oct 1661
SWAINE, Sarah7 Oct 1661?
SWAINE, Sarah Elizabeth?
SWAINE, Stephen8 AUG 17381796
SWAINE, ThomasAbt 15001538
SWAINE, Wendy GailPrivate
SWAINE, William
SWAINE, William??
SWAINE, William161920 Oct 1657
SWAINE, William Darrack Pennington

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