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177 Individuals with the SWANN Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
SWANN, Abigail
SWANN, Alice Luvator20 OCT 188502 SEP 1966
SWANN, Andrea Lynn19 JUL 1989
SWANN, Angela15 AUG 1971
SWANN, Ann21 NOV 18218 AUG 1886
SWANN, Anna1774
SWANN, Anne9 JUL 1657
SWANN, Annie Florence10 MAR 19011977
SWANN, Annie Florence10 MAR 19011977
SWANN, Asa02 JUL 176408 DEC 1858
SWANN, Asa F.07 AUG 183805 JUN 1854
SWANN, Bertha G.22 DEC 1870
SWANN, Bertha Levinia18 JAN 189823 MAR 1997
SWANN, Blair Orr12 SEP 196412 SEP 1964
SWANN, C. Holman22 JUL 184515 MAR 1894
SWANN, Campbell Thornal26 MAY 1969
SWANN, Carol1958
SWANN, Christian Mears27 OCT 1965
SWANN, Clifton C.
SWANN, David
SWANN, Debra
SWANN, Dennis3 JUL 1947
SWANN, Dewey1903
SWANN, Doris Reed03 FEB 1971
SWANN, Dorothy
SWANN, Dorothy
SWANN, Dorothy
SWANN, Dorothy Orr02 MAY 1963
SWANN, Dudley1898
SWANN, Edward
SWANN, Edward Potts30 MAR 189306 JUN 1956
SWANN, Eleanor P.07 AUG 182617 JUN 1891
SWANN, Elizabeth
SWANN, Elizabeth30 JUL 183218 JUN 1909
SWANN, Elizabeth
SWANN, Ellen20 Mar 1855
SWANN, Eneas17 FEB 180424 JUL 1862
SWANN, Eola G.03 MAY 188610 NOV 1886
SWANN, Ernest7 JUN 0019
SWANN, Ethel Angeline16 JUL 190022 JUL 1958
SWANN, Eugenia (Jinnie)27 May 185817 Sep 1944
SWANN, Everett19201972
SWANN, Fabienne
SWANN, Francis14 Dec 167014 Apr 1676
SWANN, Fredie21 AUG 187112 OCT 1875
SWANN, George Buckner
SWANN, Gloria
SWANN, Gregory Gene15 MAR 1979
SWANN, Herbert
SWANN, Infant19 JUL 188519 JUL 1885
SWANN, Infant05 MAR 189305 MAR 1893
SWANN, Infant15 APR 188415 APR 1884
SWANN, Infant25 APR 188625 APR 1886
SWANN, James
SWANN, James22 MAR 187724 MAR 1877
SWANN, James Holeman18 NOV 181122 NOV 1853
SWANN, James Lytie01 FEB 189108 APR 1958
SWANN, Jared Michael18 APR 1977
SWANN, Jeffery Ryan18 MAY 1981
SWANN, John C.ABT 1828
SWANN, John F17 JUL 181419 JAN 1885
SWANN, Judith22 APR 1656
SWANN, Julia Ann Catherine01 NOV 185926 JUN 1947
SWANN, Julietta Elizabeth22 Jul 1984
SWANN, Laura Faye1953
SWANN, Lazarus P.22 MAR 185012 MAR 1870
SWANN, Lester
SWANN, Living
SWANN, Living
SWANN, Living
SWANN, Living
SWANN, Living
SWANN, Lucy4 NOV 181030 JAN 1896
SWANN, male
SWANN, male
SWANN, Manoah T18298 NOV 1862
SWANN, Margaret
SWANN, Margaret
SWANN, Margaret (Not Sure)(Martha)181327 MAR 1898
SWANN, Mark1951
SWANN, Mary5 Oct 1669
SWANN, Mary Ann10 Mar 180917 Apr 1896
SWANN, Mary Ann (Polly)10 MAR 180917 APR 1896
SWANN, Mary C.08 AUG 188410 MAR 1885
SWANN, Mary E.06 MAY 185411 AUG 1854
SWANN, Mary F.17 MAY 186330 JUN 1884
SWANN, Mary Jane
SWANN, Mary Jo07 DEC 1942
SWANN, Mathew
SWANN, Matthew
SWANN, Matthew
SWANN, Mattie L.ABT 186407 DEC 1882
SWANN, Menla Jane
SWANN, Michelle Irene
SWANN, Mitchel Karl
SWANN, Monte1946
SWANN, Nannie Belle02 JAN 188904 JUN 1965
SWANN, Neal Perry1949
SWANN, Nellie JuneEst 1928
SWANN, Orpha1771
SWANN, P. Wilson28 AUG 184329 MAY 1921
SWANN, Patricia Ann1982
SWANN, Patricia Ann1982
SWANN, Paula Knight
SWANN, Pervie Price21 JAN 1900
SWANN, Quentin Keith16 AUG 1972
SWANN, Rachel Elaine19 JUL 1989
SWANN, Rachel V.12 AUG 184104 SEP 1866
SWANN, Rachel Victoria18591907
SWANN, Regina
SWANN, Rhoten
SWANN, Richard , Jr.Private
SWANN, Richard DennisUNKNOWN
SWANN, Richard NealPrivate
SWANN, Richard Rockwell07 MAY 1940
SWANN, Robbie Elvira13 MAR 190226 JAN 1983
SWANN, Robert
SWANN, Robert1977
SWANN, Robert
SWANN, Rufus
SWANN, Sally Ann185911 FEB 1941
SWANN, Sampson28 MAY 1654
SWANN, Samuel
SWANN, SamuelABT 1672
SWANN, Samuel
SWANN, Samuel11 MAY 1653
SWANN, SarahABT 1671
SWANN, Sarah
SWANN, Sarah16721714
SWANN, Sarah11 MAY 1653
SWANN, Sheila
SWANN, Shirley
SWANN, Sulinda1954
SWANN, Susan A.29 DEC 189115 FEB 1892
SWANN, Susannah26 OCT 1640
SWANN, Suzanne21 JUL 1938
SWANN, Sydney WilliamABT 1827
SWANN, Thomas14 Dec 167020 Apr 1705
SWANN, Thomas23 MAR 1645/46
SWANN, ThomasMay 161616 May 1680
SWANN, Thomas161616 MAY 1680
SWANN, Thomas16901742/1744
SWANN, ThomasABT 1740
SWANN, Thomas B.21 MAR 184027 MAR 1920
SWANN, Thomas Coates15 NOV 178028 AUG 1857
SWANN, V. LouABT 186606 MAR 1879
SWANN, Virgie2 MAR 1917
SWANN, Walter Beverly
SWANN, Willa SueAbt 1939
SWANN, William
SWANN, William30 OCT 1644
SWANN, William
SWANN, William10 JUL 158528 FEB 1637/38
SWANN, William Andrew13 JUN 186416 JUL 1930
SWANN, William Bradley11 APR 1975
SWANN, William C. III1955
SWANN, William C. III1955
SWANN, William C. IV1979
SWANN, William C. IV1979
SWANN, William Cook6 JUL 18232 APR 1908
SWANN, William GarrettPrivate
SWANN, William Ray22 MAR 1955
SWANN, William Sidney04 MAR 188707 MAR 1961
SWANN, William Wallace19211991
SWANN, Wilson20 APR 188302 JUN 1883
SWANN, Zephaniah1 JUL 1779
SWANN, Zephaniah17401816

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