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98 Individuals with the SMEWIN Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
SMEWIN, (Eric) George1920
SMEWIN, (Joseph) John22 FEB 1857
SMEWIN, ?_wife of John
SMEWIN, Ann28 OCT 1821
SMEWIN, Ann16 MAY 1686
SMEWIN, Annie Maudc1880
SMEWIN, Annie_wife of Cyril
SMEWIN, Ann_wife of Henry
SMEWIN, Antonyc1950
SMEWIN, Ashley1985
SMEWIN, Caroline_wife of John
SMEWIN, Catharine14 DEC 1766
SMEWIN, Catherine1951
SMEWIN, Catherinec1950
SMEWIN, Charles16 MAY 1819
SMEWIN, Charles31Oct1852
SMEWIN, Charles6Mar1853
SMEWIN, Charles John (Jack)19161941
SMEWIN, Charlotte_wife of Joseph
SMEWIN, Clarec1950
SMEWIN, Colinc1910
SMEWIN, Cyrilc1870
SMEWIN, Cyrilc19101993
SMEWIN, Davidc1950
SMEWIN, Edgar Alfredc1880
SMEWIN, Edward22 MAY 1709
SMEWIN, Elizabeth1 MAY 1630
SMEWIN, Elizabeth27 FEB 1679
SMEWIN, Elizabeth (Betty) Eileen1918
SMEWIN, Elizabeth_wife of John
SMEWIN, Evelync1910
SMEWIN, Fredrick George18831963
SMEWIN, Fredrick William1915
SMEWIN, Georgec1880
SMEWIN, Georgec1910
SMEWIN, Gwenethc1910
SMEWIN, Harriet13 APR 1852
SMEWIN, Henry11 MAY 1817
SMEWIN, Henry12Jul18571857
SMEWIN, Husband of Catharine
SMEWIN, Husband of Katherine
SMEWIN, James1854
SMEWIN, Jane8 NOV 1645
SMEWIN, Janet1954
SMEWIN, Jeniferc1920
SMEWIN, Jillc1940
SMEWIN, Joeyc1940
SMEWIN, John16 MAY 1686
SMEWIN, Johnc1930
SMEWIN, Johnc19101940
SMEWIN, John17 MAY 1798
SMEWIN, John14 AUG 1638
SMEWIN, John6 MAR 165228 MAR 1695
SMEWIN, John7 OCT 17118 MAR 1772
SMEWIN, John23 FEB 1770
SMEWIN, John18 JUN 173822 FEB 1790
SMEWIN, John30 SEP 1627
SMEWIN, Joseph14 DEC 1828
SMEWIN, Joseph6 MAY 1848
SMEWIN, Joseph9 MAR 1794
SMEWIN, Joycec1910
SMEWIN, Katerne5 FEB 1637
SMEWIN, Katherinec1950
SMEWIN, Katherinec1910
SMEWIN, Kennethc1910
SMEWIN, Keziah7 MAY 1850
SMEWIN, Mabel_wife of Cyril
SMEWIN, Margeret_wife of Nicholasc1650
SMEWIN, Mariah16 MAR 1777
SMEWIN, Martha10May1829
SMEWIN, Mary22 MAY 17094 JUL 1709
SMEWIN, Mary16 APR 1682
SMEWIN, Mary26 MAR 1704
SMEWIN, Mary26 NOV 1780
SMEWIN, Mary27 MAR 1846
SMEWIN, Mary(Ruth)_wife of Edwardc1680
SMEWIN, Mary_(?Harvey)_wife of Johnc165014 JUL 1698
SMEWIN, Minnie_wife of William
SMEWIN, Nicholas12 FEB 1631
SMEWIN, Peterc1930
SMEWIN, Ruth5Dec1869
SMEWIN, Sarah1804
SMEWIN, Sarah2 MAR 1783
SMEWIN, Susan2Feb1835
SMEWIN, Susannah18 OCT 1795
SMEWIN, Susannah12 SEP 1762
SMEWIN, Susannah18 OCT 1795
SMEWIN, Thomas9 MAY 1802
SMEWIN, Thomas21 JAN 1634
SMEWIN, Timothy19561984
SMEWIN, Valeriec1920
SMEWIN, Verac1910
SMEWIN, William18 APR 1824
SMEWIN, William5 DEC 1641
SMEWIN, William28 NOV 1773
SMEWIN, William1885
SMEWIN, William27Nov1808
SMEWIN, William Edgar1925

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