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47 Individuals with the SIZER Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
SIZER, Adelaide1834
SIZER, Beverly Sue
SIZER, Bradley Richard3 AUG 1973
SIZER, Clarence Forno23 Jun 190910 Feb 1979
SIZER, Daniel
SIZER, Danile
SIZER, David CarlABT 1945
SIZER, Elizabeth177823 OCT 1841
SIZER, Elizabeth19 NOV 1815
SIZER, Elizabeth5 JAN 18151 JUN 1881
SIZER, Elizabeth SusanABT 1950
SIZER, EvannaABT 1955
SIZER, Gregory PaulABT 1960
SIZER, Harold RoyABT 1940
SIZER, HonourMAR 1770
SIZER, James EmmeryABT 1947
SIZER, Jeffrey Alan
SIZER, Jo Lynn MarieABT 1970
SIZER, John2 MAR 1793AFT. 1851
SIZER, JohnJAN 1768NOV 1850
SIZER, John PhilipABT 1952
SIZER, Laurie JeanABT 1968
SIZER, Living
SIZER, Luther17981877
SIZER, Margarie EllenABT 1950
SIZER, Marion F.
SIZER, MaryAUG 1809
SIZER, Mervyn Allen6 NOV 1950
SIZER, Michelle SueABT 1965
SIZER, Rachel Anne8 JUL 1975
SIZER, Robert2 JAN 1774DEC 1821
SIZER, Robert LynnABT 1910BEF 2000
SIZER, Sarah1 MAR 1796
SIZER, SarahMAY 1818JUN 1820
SIZER, Sharon Ann15 AUG 1946
SIZER, Steven DavidABT 1968
SIZER, Susan ArvillaABT 1935
SIZER, Susan B.
SIZER, Timothy JamesABT 1970
SIZER, Wealthy1804
SIZER, Wilbert HenryABT 1930
SIZER, William12 Nov 17461 Dec 1826
SIZER, William17 NOV 1765
SIZER, William5 MAR 1791

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