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145 Individuals with the SASSER Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
SASSER, Adin (Adrian)3 JUN 18169 NOV 1896
SASSER, Allen Lee17 MAY 1954
SASSER, Anna Belle
SASSER, Arthur22 MAR 181815 JAN 1899
SASSER, Audrey Helen3 Nov 1931
SASSER, BarbaraAbt 1836
SASSER, Bardon25 OCT 181921 NOV 1895
SASSER, Betty Beulah15 OCT 18875 MAY 1964
SASSER, Brette
SASSER, Brian Lee7 Jan 1974
SASSER, BrittainABT 1775
SASSER, Bryant1795
SASSER, Carrie Ballard8 MAY 190015 MAR 1901
SASSER, Charles E.
SASSER, Charles E.
SASSER, Charles McBrayer3 NOV 1954
SASSER, Charles McBrayer3 NOV 1954
SASSER, Charlotte Ann08 OCT 1964
SASSER, Clarissa18031872
SASSER, Cornelia18 OCT 188522 AUG 1888
SASSER, Cullen Joseph17 DEC 18351917
SASSER, Cynthia Beula14 AUG 1915
SASSER, Delone25 JUL 192617 APR 1976
SASSER, Delphia Michaelis6 MAR 192831 JUL 1979
SASSER, DennisABT 1843
SASSER, Dixion1 JAN 181410 AUG 1890
SASSER, Douglas Michael4 SEP 1957
SASSER, Edward Pride2 MAR 1962
SASSER, Edward Pride2 MAR 1962
SASSER, Eldon10 APR 192410 APR 1924
SASSER, Eli1 OCT 186126 NOV 1905
SASSER, Eli22 FEB 1826MAR 1890
SASSER, Eli Michaelis31 JUL 19077 MAY 1908
SASSER, Elijah Thomas17 OCT 1851
SASSER, Elisha1801
SASSER, ElishaABT 1801
SASSER, Elizabeth
SASSER, Elizabeth1790
SASSER, Elizabeth Lisey LessyABT 1800
SASSER, EverittBET 1789 AND 1815
SASSER, George Washington
SASSER, Henry1775
SASSER, HenryABT 1785
SASSER, Henry Harrison1829
SASSER, Henry W.
SASSER, HowellABT 1770ABT 1835
SASSER, Howell1801
SASSER, Isabella
SASSER, J. Robert1 Aug 191118 Oct 1973
SASSER, Jackson Jameson (J. J.)
SASSER, James CoryJUL 1926
SASSER, James Cory4 FEB 1953
SASSER, James Henderson8 OCT 1825
SASSER, Jesse Byrd13 NOV 1883
SASSER, Jesse Byrd25 JUL 18313 APR 1904
SASSER, Jesse Byrd1797ABT 1855
SASSER, Jessie30 JAN 182719 APR 1863
SASSER, JohnABT 1806
SASSER, John1800
SASSER, John (HENRY)29 MAR 177811 JAN 1859
SASSER, John B.ABT 1808ABT 1843
SASSER, John DanielAUG 1888
SASSER, John Henry29 MAR 1778
SASSER, John M.1868
SASSER, Jonathan Marion
SASSER, JosephABT 1769
SASSER, Joseph A.18871934
SASSER, Joseph Arthur21 JUL 186120 MAY 1928
SASSER, Joseph Arthur Jr19061935
SASSER, Josephine20 AUG 190219 JAN 1904
SASSER, Katie Lena12 DEC 188211 MAY 1926
SASSER, Keziah31 JAN 1813
SASSER, Linda Carol1 FEB 1956
SASSER, Littleton Eugene1817
SASSER, Lizzie
SASSER, Louisa J.
SASSER, Lucinda
SASSER, Luther Blain9 NOV 188519 APR 1963
SASSER, Maggie MayBET 5 AUG 1891 AND 86 APR 1909
SASSER, Mahala Mae11 APR 190728 MAY 1976
SASSER, Malinda (LINDY)5 MAY 181518 JUL 1888
SASSER, Mamie Eliza4 JAN 189429 AUG 1926
SASSER, Marion Kent26 Oct 1950
SASSER, Martha Patsy30 JAN 182321 DEC 1896
SASSER, Mary17961872
SASSER, Mary E.31 AUG 189726 MAY 1898
SASSER, Mary Milecy "Melissa"10 SEP 185819 JUN 1929
SASSER, Mary Theodoshia "Doshie"25 JUN 190410 DEC 1979
SASSER, Mary Willia21 JUL 187825 JUN 1954
SASSER, MayBET 1869 AND 1889
SASSER, Michael Lavorn27 FEB 1947
SASSER, Michael Scott1 SEP 1970
SASSER, Millie13 Mar 185013 Apr 1929
SASSER, Milton
SASSER, Mrs. Ann1779
SASSER, NancyABT 1809
SASSER, Nancy26 JUL 1830
SASSER, Nancy C.
SASSER, Nellie
SASSER, Nellie Fredora8 MAR 19092 JAN 2004
SASSER, Nora Elizabeth26 Apr 190223 Jul 1969
SASSER, Nora Ellen8 AUG 188919 JAN 1909
SASSER, Ora Lee10 APR 192510 APR 1925
SASSER, PatienceAbt 1834
SASSER, Patsy Ruth28 Apr 1937In infancy, 13 May 1
SASSER, Piety20 JUL 1821
SASSER, Polly Ann18501888
SASSER, SabraBET 1789 AND 1815
SASSER, SarahABT 1812
SASSER, Sarah1795
SASSER, Sarah1811
SASSER, Sarah Jane15 JUL 18561865
SASSER, Sarah Lapearl
SASSER, Sarah Wright22 JUL 1958
SASSER, Sarah Wright22 JUL 1958
SASSER, Smithey M.
SASSER, StephenABT 1775
SASSER, Steven
SASSER, Thomas
SASSER, Thomas176026 Dec 1821
SASSER, Thomas Harper26 DEC 1956
SASSER, Thomas Harper26 DEC 1956
SASSER, Thomas Jr.1795
SASSER, Wilheim William17451815
SASSER, WilliamABT 1868
SASSER, William17501815
SASSER, William
SASSER, William1814
SASSER, William "Willie"1828
SASSER, William Byrd17 NOV 1855
SASSER, William Henry17591815
SASSER, William HenryABT 1775
SASSER, William Henry Crawford29 MAR 1824
SASSER, William M.18111860
SASSER, Willis

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