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28 Individuals with the SCHOR Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
SCHOR, Agnethe17351738
SCHOR, Agnethe Elisabeth17341736
SCHOR, Ancher Anthoni17391744
SCHOR, Ancher AnthoniABT. 17011778
SCHOR, Ancher Anthoni1788AFT. 1804
SCHOR, Anne Cathrine1779AFT. 1809
SCHOR, Anthoni Christian1749AFT. 1801
SCHOR, Antonette1743AFT. 1766
SCHOR, Antonette MarieABT. 17281780
SCHOR, Carolyn Ann20 JUN 1927
SCHOR, Carolyn Ann20 JUN 1927
SCHOR, Christian Albret17391739
SCHOR, Elisabeth17301791
SCHOR, Elsebeth1731UNKNOWN
SCHOR, Hans Henrich17461746
SCHOR, Hans Henrich17371742
SCHOR, Hans Henrich17471751
SCHOR, Hans HenrichsenBEF. 1670AFT. 1702
SCHOR, Herman17401741
SCHOR, Herman7 Jul 17354 Feb 1778
SCHOR, Jørgen17411742
SCHOR, Joyce Nadine3 APR 1941
SCHOR, Joyce Nadine3 APR 1941
SCHOR, Mads Clemen1740UNKNOWN
SCHOR, Magdalene Margrethe1737AFT. 1787
SCHOR, Maren8 Jul 17365 Dec 1808
SCHOR, Poul Matthias1 Sep 170229 Apr 1753

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