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182 Individuals with the LUCE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
LUCE, Abby J.29 JUN 183414 JUL 1908
LUCE, Abby M.21 NOV 1897
LUCE, Abby M.21 NOV 1897
LUCE, Abby M.4 APR 183821 NOV 1897
LUCE, Abiah
LUCE, Abigail30 MAR 175231 MAY 1839
LUCE, Abigail30 MAR 175231 MAY 1839
LUCE, AbrahamAbt 1580
LUCE, Adonijah
LUCE, Alberta5 Feb 190529 Aug 1924
LUCE, Alfred Wing22 JAN 1818
LUCE, Alice177527 SEP 1807
LUCE, Alice177527 SEP 1807
LUCE, Allen L.Private
LUCE, Allen L.Private
LUCE, Allen L.Private
LUCE, Allen L.Private
LUCE, Almond25 FEB 17867 FEB 1837
LUCE, AndrewABT 1787
LUCE, Anna14 JAN 186101 NOV 1903
LUCE, Aurelia5 Feb 1784
LUCE, Barzillia
LUCE, Bernard13 May 190321 Oct 1903
LUCE, Betty19 Aug 1778
LUCE, Beverly Mary
LUCE, Bobby
LUCE, Buddy Wallace
LUCE, Burritt4 JUL 182712 JAN 1828
LUCE, Caroline14 SEP 1831
LUCE, Caroline Little14 SEP 183122 MAY 1924
LUCE, Catherine10 Jan 1781
LUCE, Charles Calvin
LUCE, Charles Calvin
LUCE, CheneyABT 1789
LUCE, Chester A9 Nov 188222 Sep 1902
LUCE, Chester Walter23 Sep 1887
LUCE, Chloe26 Aug 1779
LUCE, Christopher Guy
LUCE, Christopher Guy
LUCE, Clarence15 Apr 190716 Dec 1966
LUCE, Clementine (Babe)26 AUG 1903
LUCE, Clementine (Babe)
LUCE, Cordelia M.22 Sep 1828
LUCE, Coulter Wells
LUCE, Courtland24 DEC 1828
LUCE, Daniel3 Sep 184025 Dec 1907
LUCE, Daniel
LUCE, Delia18142 APR 1880
LUCE, Dinah7 Apr 1779
LUCE, Don C.
LUCE, Donna Etta29 Jan 1882
LUCE, Dorothy L
LUCE, Dwane Gregory
LUCE, Eddie
LUCE, Eddie Lent
LUCE, Edgar T13 Nov 1865
LUCE, EdwardABT 1683
LUCE, ElizabethABT 1626
LUCE, Elizabeth16611719
LUCE, Ellen Calista26 FEB 182620 APR 1851
LUCE, Ellery M
LUCE, Ephraim
LUCE, Ephraim
LUCE, Ephriam
LUCE, Erma Agnes30 OCT 1895
LUCE, Experience7 FEB 1672/16739 JAN 1746/1747
LUCE, FrancisABT 1663ABT 1725
LUCE, GeorgePrivate
LUCE, Gina
LUCE, Hannah L17 Apr 188721 Apr 1887
LUCE, Harmony30 NOV 18204 JAN 1879
LUCE, Harmony
LUCE, Harriet21 SEP 180610 FEB 1888
LUCE, Helen B.23 FEB 1900
LUCE, Helen B.23 FEB 1900
LUCE, HelyerABT 1562
LUCE, Henry
LUCE, HenryAbt 1630MAY 1687
LUCE, Hepzibah
LUCE, Hiram
LUCE, Inez Marie29 MAR 186827 JAN 1884
LUCE, Isaac
LUCE, Israel1605
LUCE, Israel14 Jan 1781
LUCE, Israel
LUCE, Ivory7 Apr 178221 Apr 1870
LUCE, Ivory21 Oct 175610 Feb 1847
LUCE, James John
LUCE, James Obed , Jr.9 JAN 183925 APR 1919
LUCE, JaneABT 1628
LUCE, Jane
LUCE, JeanneAbt 1591
LUCE, Jemima
LUCE, JohnABT 1592
LUCE, JohnABT 16241706
LUCE, John Roscoe
LUCE, Jonathan
LUCE, JosephABT 175020 Jun 1814
LUCE, JudithABT 1630
LUCE, Judith22 Jul 1689Abt 1730
LUCE, Juliette Emiline
LUCE, Juliette Emiline
LUCE, Keziah
LUCE, Keziah
LUCE, Larry Lee
LUCE, Lewis
LUCE, Lewis
LUCE, Living
LUCE, Living
LUCE, Living
LUCE, Loreda
LUCE, Loretta
LUCE, Luke Carlton
LUCE, Malathiah
LUCE, MargaretABT 1599
LUCE, Margaret?
LUCE, MargaretABT 1600
LUCE, Margaret1599
LUCE, Margaret Wilson15 Nov 1943
LUCE, MariaAbt 1694Bef 1 DEC 1718
LUCE, MarieMAR 9, 1978
LUCE, MarthaABT 178016 JUL 1840
LUCE, MartinABT 1535
LUCE, MARY ANN18161884
LUCE, MARY ANN18161884
LUCE, MARY ANN18161884
LUCE, Mary Ann19 JAN 181512 DEC 1866
LUCE, Mary Josephine18621952
LUCE, Mary Louise
LUCE, Mason F.
LUCE, Mason F.
LUCE, Mercy14 MAY 1796
LUCE, Mercy14 MAY 1796
LUCE, Michell Carlton
LUCE, MrsABT 1540
LUCE, Noel23 JUL 1973
LUCE, Parnell
LUCE, Percy AltonJUN 187719 MAR 1996
LUCE, Percy Elbion16 Oct 190729 Aug 1991
LUCE, PerrinABT 1510
LUCE, Polly16 Apr 1783
LUCE, Priscilla31 Oct 17858 Jul 1871
LUCE, PrudenceABT 1772ABT 1831
LUCE, PrudenceABT 1772ABT 1831
LUCE, RachelABT 1669
LUCE, RaulinABT 1560
LUCE, Rebecca
LUCE, Redgie
LUCE, Robin Stephanie7 APR 1982
LUCE, S Gertrude23 Nov 187413 Jul 1950
LUCE, SabraAug 183124 Apr 1854
LUCE, SarahABT 1665
LUCE, Sharon Marie
LUCE, Silvanus1710
LUCE, Simeon
LUCE, Sophronia31 MAR 1823
LUCE, Stan
LUCE, Steven Robert4 SEP 1951
LUCE, Susan
LUCE, Susan
LUCE, SusanABT 1667
LUCE, Thomas
LUCE, Thomas
LUCE, Thomas E.8 APR 1863
LUCE, Thomas E.8 APR 1863
LUCE, Thomas Warren15 Feb 187011 Dec 1936
LUCE, Violet Lettie30 DEC 1781SEP 1822
LUCE, Wayne6 Jan 190622 Nov 1958
LUCE, William F.1870
LUCE, Willie Dot19 JUN 191615 FEB 1974
LUCE, Zaccheus

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