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46 Individuals with the LUCIUS Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
LUCIUS, Agnes Marie6 APR 1970
LUCIUS, Andrea17 APR 1985
LUCIUS, Annette Louise19 DEC 1973
LUCIUS, Benedict Joseph9 SEP 1966
LUCIUS, Catherine Louise10 JAN 1965
LUCIUS, Cindy Jean9 SEP 1975
LUCIUS, Daniel Joseph13 APR 1957
LUCIUS, Doris Ann24 NOV 1939
LUCIUS, Douglas Edward16 OCT 1968
LUCIUS, Duane Anthony17 OCT 1959
LUCIUS, Edward William16 NOV 1960
LUCIUS, Eileen Victoria2 DEC 1933
LUCIUS, Elaine Marie23 MAR 1971
LUCIUS, George Henry20 APR 191028 AUG 1976
LUCIUS, George Leo17 SEP 1936
LUCIUS, Gina Marie15 JUN 1973
LUCIUS, Gregory Francis18 NOV 1963
LUCIUS, Herbert Anthony21 DEC 1937
LUCIUS, James Edward8 DEC 1963
LUCIUS, Jennifer Ann13 DEC 1977
LUCIUS, Joanne Martha2 AUG 1934
LUCIUS, Joseph William2 AUG 1934
LUCIUS, KateAFT 1810
LUCIUS, Kenneth Francis18 AUG 1949
LUCIUS, Larry Andrew13 JUN 1967
LUCIUS, Marilyn Ann24 MAY 1958
LUCIUS, Marjorie Ann6 SEP 1957
LUCIUS, Mary Jane4 OCT 1971
LUCIUS, Michael Allan28 AUG 1975
LUCIUS, Nancy Marie15 JUN 1962
LUCIUS, Neil David8 OCT 1975
LUCIUS, Norman Louis26 APR 1945
LUCIUS, Randall Louis21 SEP 1967
LUCIUS, Robert Joseph13 NOV 1942
LUCIUS, Roger William19 JUL 1962
LUCIUS, Ronald Joseph1 JAN 1959
LUCIUS, Sharon Rose22 MAR 1965
LUCIUS, Steven Henry12 APR 1960
LUCIUS, Theodore
LUCIUS, Trevor1 OCT 1983
LUCIUS, William George27 NOV 1973

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