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46 Individuals with the LEUCKX Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
LEUCKX, Anna Catharina20 OCT 1755
LEUCKX, Anna Catharina6 MAR 1760
LEUCKX, Anna Catharina3 OCT 1766
LEUCKX, Anna Maria12 OCT 1757
LEUCKX, Anthonius22 SEP 172821 MAY 1803
LEUCKX, Antoine1 JUN 1800
LEUCKX, Antonius Josephus21 JUN 1758BEF 1862
LEUCKX, Carolus MartinusABT 180121 OCT 1862
LEUCKX, Catharina Antonia15 JUL 176825 AUG 1794
LEUCKX, Coleta
LEUCKX, Cornelius1 MAY 1795
LEUCKX, Dominicus13 SEP 175419 OCT 1808
LEUCKX, EdouardusAFT 1928
LEUCKX, EduardusABT 1883AFT 1919
LEUCKX, EgideABT 1803
LEUCKX, Francoise Anna29 MAY 1795
LEUCKX, FransABT 1890AFT 1928
LEUCKX, Henricus17 JUL 1833
LEUCKX, Joanna13 APR 1849AFT 1875
LEUCKX, Joanna Catharina2 APR 1764
LEUCKX, Joanna Maria29 AUG 1761
LEUCKX, Joanna Maria28 MAR 179721 MAR 1873
LEUCKX, Joanna Maria Anne16 JAN 175321 MAY 1819
LEUCKX, Joanna Petronella24 MAR 1844AFT 1902
LEUCKX, Joannes23 JUL 1756
LEUCKX, Joannes Baptist2 JUN 1902AFT 1930
LEUCKX, Judoca Francisca28 AUG 1835
LEUCKX, Juliana Marie Joanna9 MAY 1926AFT 1930
LEUCKX, Leonardus29 FEB 1844AFT 1919
LEUCKX, Marcel Alfons6 SEP 1928AFT 1930
LEUCKX, Maria12 JAN 1908AFT 1930
LEUCKX, Maria Anna CatharinaBEF 1909
LEUCKX, Maria Elisabeth5 AUG 1846AFT 1874
LEUCKX, Maria Elisabeth26 JUL 1828
LEUCKX, Maria Elisabeth
LEUCKX, Petronella9 FEB 1753
LEUCKX, Petrus16 NOV 1754
LEUCKX, Petrus Antonius25 MAY 1831
LEUCKX, Pierre Joseph6 AUG 1799
LEUCKX, Romanus Edouardus31 DEC 1922AFT 1930
LEUCKX, Rosalia24 MAR 1865
LEUCKX, Theodorus16 JAN 1877AFT 1930
LEUCKX, Theophilius Leo9 MAY 1926AFT 1930
LEUCKX, Theresia Leontina5 JUL 1875
LEUCKX, Victor Leonard24 JAN 1912AFT 1929

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