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101 Individuals with the KER Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
KER, Adeline Williams1 MAR 1853
KER, Anna01-01-1751
KER, Archibald Alexander24 JUL 18406 SEP 1866
KER, Catherine03-16-1746
KER, Catherine08-09-176705-20-1795
KER, Charles Hodge19 DEC 1843
KER, Charlotte Munro17 AUG 1880
KER, Donald Edward4 FEB 1912
KER, Edward Carrington18 JUL 1867
KER, Eliza Bell11 DEC 1871
KER, Elizabeth20 OCT 173531 DEC 1755
KER, Elizabeth00-00-177400-00-1842
KER, Elizabeth19 MAR 17386 MAY 1765
KER, Elizabeth Ann Handy23 OCT 1805
KER, Elizabeth Handy26 AUG 1836
KER, ElizebethMARCH 19,1738MAY 6,1765
KER, Ellen Arabella2 SEP 18340 SEP 1841
KER, Esther Wilson8 JAN 180215 JUL 1836
KER, Euphemia03-13-1748
KER, George Yerby1856
KER, Hanah01-20-176901-24-1858
KER, HannahAUG,31,1740
KER, Hannah
KER, Isabela31 JAN 1737
KER, Jacob W12 MAR 1842
KER, Jacob Walter11 NOV 179315 JUN 1812
KER, Jacob Walter Eliezer23 DEC 181318 AUG 1879
KER, Jacob Walter Eliezer1 MAY 186330 AUG 1863
KER, James
KER, James/-/-
KER, Janet
KER, Jean
KER, John
KER, John0 ___ 0-000 ___ 190-
KER, John02-12-1744
KER, John0 ___ 0-00
KER, John DrummondMAR 1706/07
KER, John Marshall24 SEP 182631 AUG 1827
KER, Joseph0 ___ 0-000 ___ 0-00
KER, Joseph15 JUL 17345 JAN 1824
KER, Joseph Hutchinson1 JUN 186915 JAN 1922
KER, Leah Irving Clemons23 MAR 1808
KER, Lydia02-07-1742
KER, Lydia09-19-1756
KER, MargaretABT 15371579
KER, Margaret03-07-1771
KER, Margaret1587
KER, Margaret Blean15 APR 189316 JUL 1961
KER, Margaret Blean15 APR 189316 JUL 1961
KER, Margaret Wilson16 JAN 1800
KER, Mary
KER, MaryNOV. 4,1733
KER, Mary10-20-1734
KER, Mary Catherine22 FEB 1829
KER, Mary Drummond18 DEC 1736
KER, Mary Ludlum9 OCT 184724 DEC 1921
KER, Nancy Handy27 MAY 182327 MAY 1823
KER, Nathan7 SEP 173614 DEC 1804
KER, Nelly Gillis Handy24 SEP 1797
KER, Oliver03-05-176510-21-1796
KER, Priscilla Handy6 FEB 181912 SEP 1822
KER, Rachel03-23-1760
KER, Rebecca07-19-1732
KER, Rev NathanSEPT,7,1736DEC,14,1804
KER, Rev. Jacob31 OCT 173829 JUL 1795
KER, Rev. Nathan
KER, Robert
KER, Sally Duffield22 JUN 18200 ___ 1820
KER, Samuel21 JAN 17000 ___ 0-00
KER, Samuel6 DEC 174018 NOV 1763
KER, Samuel2 DEC 17708 DEC 1851
KER, Samuel29 JUN 1839
KER, Samuel30 MAR 18733 JUL 1892
KER, Samuel16 NOV 18642 DEC 1864
KER, Samuel John Stewart25 APR 181013 DEC 1872
KER, Sarah09-18-1743
KER, Stephen04-28-1751
KER, Thomas
KER, Ursula00-00-1742
KER, Ursula08-06-1749
KER, Walter1656JUNE 10,1748
KER, Walter12-18-1748
KER, Walter08-11-1745
KER, Walter27 JAN 1846
KER, William
KER, William1700JULY 14,1777
KER, William25 MAR 1733
KER, William Drummond
KER, William Handy27 JAN 1812
KER, William Handy16 DEC 182122 AUG 1822
KER, William Williams2 APR 18513 MAY 1852
KER, William Williams30 MAR 185524 JUN 1855

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