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14 Individuals with the KAHRE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
KAHRE, Anna Marie Ilsabein14 Nov 1822
KAHRE, Anne Marie Catharine25 Jun 1835
KAHRE, Anne Marie Ilsebein7 DEC 177328 FEB 1839
KAHRE, Anne Marie Louise24 Apr 182626 Apr 1826
KAHRE, Anne Marie Louise Catharine24 Feb 1840
KAHRE, Carl Friderich Gottlieb10 Feb 1833
KAHRE, Carl Ludwig1 Sep 18242 Sep 1824
KAHRE, Christian Friederich16 Jun 182716 Jun 1827
KAHRE, Franz Heinrich Gottlieb23 Oct 18375 Sep 1839
KAHRE, Friderich Hermann20 Dec 178817 Feb 1846
KAHRE, Louise Marie
KAHRE, Millie24 Dec 189215 Apr 1972
KAHRE, 3 Nov 18413 Nov 1841
KAHRE, 10 Mar 184311 Mar 1843

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