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46 Individuals with the KURE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
KURE, Aage Brandt19 Sep 1906UNKNOWN
KURE, Albine Kristine15 Feb 187423 Jun 1939
KURE, AndersABT. 179815 Mar 1866
KURE, Anders Hintze1742AFT. 1762
KURE, Anders MiniusABT. 1840AFT. 1874
KURE, Anders NielsenABT. 1775UNKNOWN
KURE, Anders Nielsen17331800
KURE, Anders Pedersen29 Jan 1820UNKNOWN
KURE, Andreas Carolin ChristianABT. 1837UNKNOWN
KURE, Ane Cathrine13 Feb 182628 Sep 1907
KURE, Anna Marie Pauline26 Jul 1872UNKNOWN
KURE, Anne Cathrine Hintzedatter175026 Dec 1820
KURE, Bodil NielsdatterABT. 1768UNKNOWN
KURE, Carl AndreasABT. 1834UNKNOWN
KURE, Cecilie Andrea ChristineABT. 1842UNKNOWN
KURE, Christen HansenABT. 17271802
KURE, Ellen Nathalie10 Jan 1922UNKNOWN
KURE, Esther Eleonora5 Mar 1908UNKNOWN
KURE, Gerda Marie30 Mar 1912UNKNOWN
KURE, Hans PeterABT. 1832UNKNOWN
KURE, Helga Agnethe20 Jul 1916UNKNOWN
KURE, Hintze AndersenABT. 16961753
KURE, Ingeborg NielsdatterABT. 1772UNKNOWN
KURE, Jens Peder Matthias12 Sep 187726 Jul 1933
KURE, Jens Peder Thinggaard23 Apr 1927UNKNOWN
KURE, Karen NielsdatterABT. 177129 Feb 1860
KURE, Kirstine NielsdatterABT. 1766AFT. 1787
KURE, Lars JørgenABT. 1780UNKNOWN
KURE, Mads JørgenABT. 1777UNKNOWN
KURE, Maren AndersdatterABT. 1698AFT. 1760
KURE, Nathalie Thinggaard22 Nov 1923UNKNOWN
KURE, Niels AndersenABT. 17311808
KURE, Niels AndersenABT. 16951737
KURE, Nikolaj14 Jan 1884UNKNOWN
KURE, Peder AndersenABT. 17888 Sep 1822
KURE, Peder Andersen14 Mar 1826UNKNOWN
KURE, Peder Kofoed17471769
KURE, Peder Nielsen1735BEF. 1800
KURE, Peter AndersenABT. 1835UNKNOWN
KURE, Poul14 Jan 1884UNKNOWN
KURE, Poul Jørgensen1815UNKNOWN
KURE, Rebekka Christine17 Nov 1881UNKNOWN
KURE, Ruth Charlotte4 Jul 1914UNKNOWN
KURE, Vera Thinggaard13 Apr 1929UNKNOWN
KURE, Victor Georg15 Jun 18448 Jul 1919
KURE, Wilmer Wiktor6 Jun 1910UNKNOWN

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