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127 Individuals with the BACK Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
BACK, Alfred
BACK, Alfredo
BACK, Ann21 Sep 1740
BACK, Anna1888
BACK, Anna Barbara7 Jun 1729
BACK, Anna Jan JanBEF 1537
BACK, Anna Maria11 Mar 176520 Aug 1772
BACK, Anna Maria20 Aug 1767
BACK, Anna Maria (Ottilia)21 Jun 175122 Aug 1818
BACK, Anthony
BACK, Anthony
BACK, Anthony William
BACK, Arthur Charles
BACK, Artie1892
BACK, Augusto1883
BACK, Barbara23 Nov 1720
BACK, Bruce Oliver20 FEB 190228 SEP 1973
BACK, Catherine
BACK, Celya
BACK, Christiana5 JAN 180624 MAR 1883
BACK, Christine Mary
BACK, Cornelia
BACK, David1844
BACK, DavidAPRIL 21, 1837
BACK, David M.1880
BACK, Deborah May
BACK, Devereux Anette11 SEP 1990
BACK, Devereux Anette11 SEP 1990
BACK, EasterFEB. 11, 1849
BACK, Elisabeth Jan
BACK, Elisabetha16 Oct 1718
BACK, Elizabeth20 Feb 1728
BACK, Elizabethabt 1836
BACK, ElizabethJAN. 13, 1844
BACK, EllenderMAY 30, 1861
BACK, Erastus6 JUL 178011 OCT 1848
BACK, Froston Anthony4 SEP 1986
BACK, Froston Anthony4 SEP 1986
BACK, Haijwich Jan Henrick
BACK, Harold George
BACK, Heijlwich Jan
BACK, Hendrick
BACK, Henry1846
BACK, HenryFEB. 6, 1785MAY 28, 1871
BACK, Henry IIISEPT. 29, 1822
BACK, Isaac
BACK, James1843
BACK, Jamesabt 1827
BACK, James Alfred22 MAY 18801934
BACK, James Conley6 JUL 19342 AUG 1967
BACK, James WilliamPrivate
BACK, Jan JanBEF 1522
BACK, Jefferson Meurer
BACK, Jenneke Jan Jan
BACK, Jeremiah Russell
BACK, Joäao
BACK, Johann20 Dec 172528 May 1808
BACK, Johann Caspar16 Feb 1754
BACK, Johann Nicolaus6 Dec 1756
BACK, John
BACK, JohnABT 1710ABT 1763
BACK, John5 Jul 1734
BACK, John
BACK, JohnAbt 1815
BACK, John Carl22 JUL 1908
BACK, John Carl22 JUL 1908
BACK, John P.FEB. 6, 1858
BACK, Johnny1826
BACK, Joseph1878
BACK, Judah10 JUL 173712 FEB 1821
BACK, Junara Meurer
BACK, Katarina Jan
BACK, Katelijn Wouter
BACK, Kelly25 Mar 188715 Aug 1942
BACK, Kelly24 Feb 192925 Dec 1930
BACK, Kylie
BACK, Leopoldo
BACK, Lewis1824
BACK, LucindaOCT. 11, 1853
BACK, Lucy26 Jan 18891 Apr 1972
BACK, Lula Belle
BACK, Margaret1 Jul 18773 Oct 1941
BACK, Margaret Ann
BACK, Margaretha24 Apr 1762
BACK, Margaretha20 Feb 1714
BACK, Margaretha20 Dec 1725
BACK, Maria
BACK, Maria Isabel24 MAR 1948
BACK, Marianne1877
BACK, Mary22 Mar 1730
BACK, Mary "Polly"abt 1833abt 1884
BACK, Mary (Polly)OCT. 27, 1847
BACK, Michael ConleyPrivate
BACK, NancyBETWEEN 1786 AND 179
BACK, Nancy1845
BACK, Nora4 May 191021 Dec 1972
BACK, Olive "Parlee"BET 1843 AND 18451891
BACK, Ottilia10 Oct 1759
BACK, PatriciaPrivate
BACK, Peggy Lenoir
BACK, Peggy Lenoir
BACK, Peter Jan
BACK, Peter Jr.
BACK, Peter Sr.
BACK, Rebecca1880
BACK, Rebecca1839
BACK, RebeccaDEC. 23, 1855
BACK, Richard WaynePrivate
BACK, Robert9 Jan 1737
BACK, Roma JoyPrivate
BACK, Rosa Belle1873
BACK, Sally1841
BACK, Samuelabt 1828
BACK, SarahJULY 18, 1852
BACK, Sarah
BACK, Susan1842
BACK, Susannahabt 1831
BACK, SusannahDEC. 18, 1845
BACK, Thomas170011 Dec 1758
BACK, Thomas23 Jan 1726
BACK, William2 Aug 1732
BACK, William1848
BACK, William J.
BACK, Wouter

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