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85 Individuals with the BACH Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
BACH, (Twin)28 DEC 198928 DEC 1989
BACH, Allyson Jane17 SEP 1974
BACH, Alphonse N.4 NOV 188611 FEB 1962
BACH, Ana Paula Bley1975
BACH, AnnPrivate
BACH, Anna Elizabeth22 Feb 1737
BACH, Anna Louise
BACH, Anna Mae17 JUL 1926
BACH, BarbaraAUG 17509 JUN 1800
BACH, Barbara21 Oct 171827 Mar 1796
BACH, BarbaraAug 17509 Jun 1800
BACH, Bertha AnnPrivate
BACH, Bethel A.23 MAY 1907ABT 1988
BACH, Betty PaulinePrivate
BACH, Brian
BACH, Buford Conley27 FEB 190628 SEP 1990
BACH, Catherine F.10 JAN 1924
BACH, Cheryl Ann
BACH, Cheryl Ann
BACH, David
BACH, David
BACH, Dorothea ElisabethABT 1760
BACH, EinyddAbt 890
BACH, Eliza
BACH, Elva
BACH, Ethel MayPrivate
BACH, Fernanda Bley1979
BACH, Florence11 Jul 189821 Mar 1994
BACH, Frederick
BACH, Frederick
BACH, Gertrud10 MAY 19151974
BACH, Harmon
BACH, Hermann3 Feb 17093 Nov 1766
BACH, JacobABT. 1715
BACH, JacobABT 1715
BACH, James
BACH, Jasmine Elizabeth28 DEC 198915 JAN 1990
BACH, Jens Pedersen14 May 183513 Apr 1898
BACH, Joanne Elizabeth
BACH, JosephinePrivate
BACH, Karl-Heinz
BACH, Kate VanEppa
BACH, Leonhard14 MAR 174022 NOV 1809
BACH, Lily15 Feb 19162 Nov 1997
BACH, Living
BACH, Living
BACH, M. TaylorPrivate
BACH, Maria1610
BACH, Maria Catharina
BACH, Marie
BACH, Mary LouPrivate
BACH, Maud Erma11 Feb 18801958
BACH, Maud Erma11 Feb 18801958
BACH, NancyABT 1867ABT 1967
BACH, Nancy Ann25 FEB 179117 AUG 1884
BACH, Otto18722 SEP 1948
BACH, Paulo Bley1982
BACH, Paulo Roberto
BACH, Richard27 APR 192817 APR 1992
BACH, Robert Frederick1931
BACH, Roe George31 AUG 189521 APR 1972
BACH, Roland Jean23-01-193303-__-1991
BACH, Roy ElwoodPrivate
BACH, Sally
BACH, Sally
BACH, SaraPrivate
BACH, Sarah
BACH, Sarah
BACH, Sebastian16824 Oct 1733
BACH, Sharon
BACH, Shirley MayPrivate
BACH, Sonia Gail
BACH, Thomas A.13 AUG 1922
BACH, Veronica
BACH, Virginia RuthPrivate
BACH, WilliamPrivate
BACH, William Hubert191318 AUG 1979
BACH, ?Private

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