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2159 Individuals with the BOGGS Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
BOGGS, A Hudson18832 JUL 1956
BOGGS, Aaron177312 SEP 1855
BOGGS, Aaron
BOGGS, Aaron21 DEC 182229 MAR 1912
BOGGS, Aaron22 FEB 179011 AUG 1876
BOGGS, AaronABT 1813
BOGGS, Aaron1795
BOGGS, Aaron10 OCT 175026 MAR 1832
BOGGS, Aaron DeVon31 DEC 1918
BOGGS, Aaron DeVon3 OCT 18951967
BOGGS, Aaron Garner11 FEB 182625 SEP 1902
BOGGS, Aaron Hamilton1830
BOGGS, Aaron Jeremiah4 FEB 190115 DEC 1981
BOGGS, Aaron Jerre3 JUN 1921
BOGGS, Aaron John30 DEC 1818
BOGGS, Aaron John7 DEC 186425 MAY 1939
BOGGS, Aaron Josiah
BOGGS, Aaron Josiah15 MAY 185314 SEP 1936
BOGGS, Abagail1849
BOGGS, Abagail7 JUL 181815 NOV 1877
BOGGS, Abel18131872
BOGGS, Abel26 SEP 18121872
BOGGS, Abigail "Abbey"JULY 7, 1818NOV. 15, 1877
BOGGS, AbijahJAN 1848
BOGGS, Ada1906
BOGGS, Adam Alexander29 SEP 187125 NOV 1914
BOGGS, Adelee
BOGGS, Adger F18831944
BOGGS, Agnes20 DEC 17843 JUL 1786
BOGGS, Agnes
BOGGS, Agnes1736
BOGGS, Agnes A18791934
BOGGS, Agnes Nancy1775
BOGGS, Agnes Nancy1788
BOGGS, Agnes Nancy1811
BOGGS, Aileen
BOGGS, Alabama1877
BOGGS, Alania Yvonne13 JUN 1954
BOGGS, Albert18288 APR 1898
BOGGS, Albert1881
BOGGS, Albert Howell15 MAR 186524 FEB 1933
BOGGS, Albert M.5 MAY 1882
BOGGS, Albert S1912
BOGGS, AldenABT 1844
BOGGS, Alexander1720
BOGGS, Alexander19 JUL 17778 JUN 1856
BOGGS, Alexander
BOGGS, Alexander1665
BOGGS, Alexander1770
BOGGS, Alexander Allen17895 MAR 1876
BOGGS, Alexander T4 FEB 1816
BOGGS, Aley A5 JAN 1859
BOGGS, Alfred22 AUG 1836
BOGGS, Alfred
BOGGS, Alice
BOGGS, Alice1902
BOGGS, Alice1866
BOGGS, Alice1911
BOGGS, Alice
BOGGS, Alice1794
BOGGS, Alice Belle13 JAN 1906
BOGGS, Alice Pearl21 AUG 1911
BOGGS, Aliene
BOGGS, Allen Michael
BOGGS, Allura
BOGGS, Alma1913
BOGGS, Alonzo M.1875
BOGGS, Alpha Elmira27 AUG 186219 MAY 1941
BOGGS, Alta V.1908
BOGGS, AlwildaABT 185821 APR 1889
BOGGS, Amanda
BOGGS, AmandaMAR 1886
BOGGS, Amanda1884
BOGGS, AmandaAft 1825
BOGGS, Amanda1891
BOGGS, Amanda1856
BOGGS, AmandaJUL 1883
BOGGS, Amanda1872
BOGGS, Amanda1869
BOGGS, Amanda A1868
BOGGS, Amanda E
BOGGS, Amanda E.1879
BOGGS, Amanda V.1846
BOGGS, AmburyMAR 1898
BOGGS, Amos1825
BOGGS, Amy Michelle9 JAN 1979
BOGGS, Anderson22 MAR 1868
BOGGS, Andrew1834
BOGGS, Andrew1874
BOGGS, Andrew17009 APR 1765
BOGGS, Andrew1874
BOGGS, Andrew Elliot176727 JAN 1854
BOGGS, Andrew Elliot176820 AUG 1840
BOGGS, Andrew Madison12 MAR 18298 FEB 1893
BOGGS, Andrew Martin25 AUG 184714 JUL 1901
BOGGS, Andrew Martin12 JUN 18251901
BOGGS, Andrew Martin17 JUL 17995 DEC 1865
BOGGS, Andrew S1813
BOGGS, Andria Carmen16 AUG 1981
BOGGS, Andria Carmen16 AUG 1981
BOGGS, Angeline1860
BOGGS, Angus
BOGGS, Ann1869
BOGGS, Ann Cordelia8 NOV 1826
BOGGS, Ann Mary4 AUG 1823
BOGGS, Anna1873
BOGGS, Anna18541858
BOGGS, Anna2 AUG 18204 SEP 1895
BOGGS, Anna Bell17 OCT 18846 APR 1965
BOGGS, Anna Belle1870
BOGGS, Annie3 JAN 189312 OCT 1894
BOGGS, Annie1898
BOGGS, Annie1876
BOGGS, Annie Adelia17 NOV 1866
BOGGS, Annie Bessie18 JAN 1900
BOGGS, Annie Curry18 SEP 18686 AUG 1937
BOGGS, Annie Lee19 JUN 1894
BOGGS, Araminda1868
BOGGS, Arena1866
BOGGS, Arena1845
BOGGS, Arlie1907
BOGGS, Arminda
BOGGS, ArnoldFEB 1900
BOGGS, Arnold P.9 AUG 19161985
BOGGS, Artha18971976
BOGGS, Arthur
BOGGS, Arthur
BOGGS, Arthur
BOGGS, Arthur E.25 DEC 18747 JAN 1925
BOGGS, Arthur W188017 FEB 1970
BOGGS, Artie E.1920
BOGGS, Arvell W.1901
BOGGS, ArzelaDEC 1892
BOGGS, Arzula1856
BOGGS, Atchion Lafayett12 DEC 1888
BOGGS, Audy1915
BOGGS, Audy E.APR 1897
BOGGS, Augusta Heiskell
BOGGS, Augustus Marion1 JUL 182610 MAY 1827
BOGGS, Aurena Bell1870
BOGGS, Aurenia1827
BOGGS, Aurenia1827
BOGGS, Autumn Shay4 AUG 1989
BOGGS, Ava1905
BOGGS, Avis Fairfield12 JUL 18614 MAY 1904
BOGGS, Avis Lucinda21 MAR 1891
BOGGS, Barbara
BOGGS, Barbara Jo15 SEP 1950
BOGGS, Barnett5 MAR 1854
BOGGS, Batty R.1877
BOGGS, Baylous Sloan11 JUN 18591 JUN 1940
BOGGS, Beatrice Stafford
BOGGS, Belle
BOGGS, Belva10 FEB 1896Abt 1990
BOGGS, Belva1888
BOGGS, Benjamin
BOGGS, Benjamin1804
BOGGS, Benjamin Chapman5 MAR 1854
BOGGS, Benjamin F1842
BOGGS, Benjamin F.1850
BOGGS, Benjamin Franklin18451942
BOGGS, Benjamin FranklinJAN 1849
BOGGS, Benjamin Franklin8 NOV 18919 JAN 1950
BOGGS, Benjamin Franklin22 JUN 183322 FEB 1912
BOGGS, Bennie1920
BOGGS, Bentley
BOGGS, Berry Balus10 DEC 1859
BOGGS, Bertha1894
BOGGS, Bertha
BOGGS, Bertha Lee12 JAN 18852 APR 1976
BOGGS, Bertha Manarky12 JAN 1910
BOGGS, Bertie1910
BOGGS, Bertie Estella6 JUL 1881
BOGGS, Bessie20 JUN 1908
BOGGS, Bessie V12 SEP 1889
BOGGS, Betty1811
BOGGS, Betty1844
BOGGS, Betty
BOGGS, Betty
BOGGS, Betty Ann19 JUN 1946
BOGGS, Betty Lou
BOGGS, Betty Lou
BOGGS, Beulah25 FEB 191826 AUG 1984
BOGGS, Beulah
BOGGS, Beulah11 JAN 187429 MAY 1935
BOGGS, Beulah Faye29 AUG 1950
BOGGS, Billie Jean
BOGGS, Billie Marie17 JUL 1917
BOGGS, Billy
BOGGS, Billy
BOGGS, Billy
BOGGS, Birdie Mae31 MAR 1901
BOGGS, Birtie11 AUG 189212 AUG 1973
BOGGS, Bobby
BOGGS, Bonnie1907
BOGGS, Boyd1898
BOGGS, Boyd18761979
BOGGS, Bradley
BOGGS, Brassque
BOGGS, Buckley
BOGGS, C Robert11 MAR 1911
BOGGS, CamilAUG 1897
BOGGS, Canada18771932
BOGGS, Cara Daniel5 FEB 1981
BOGGS, Carl1893
BOGGS, Carl1894
BOGGS, Carl Truman16 APR 1916
BOGGS, Carlos
BOGGS, Carol Jeanine2 Oct 1947
BOGGS, Carol Lynn1947
BOGGS, Carol Lynn1947
BOGGS, Caroline Grizell
BOGGS, Carolyn Ruth
BOGGS, Carrie16 NOV 18701 DEC 1951
BOGGS, Cary E.1882
BOGGS, Cashe AlbrightABT 1885
BOGGS, Catherine25 FEB 1806
BOGGS, Catherine
BOGGS, Catherine18 JUN 1875
BOGGS, CatherineABT 1837
BOGGS, Catherine
BOGGS, Catherine
BOGGS, Catherine Kitty Katie1822/23AFT 1880
BOGGS, Cawan1907
BOGGS, Celia1888
BOGGS, Cerinda1879
BOGGS, CharlesMAR 1886
BOGGS, Charles1874
BOGGS, Charles
BOGGS, Charles1856
BOGGS, Charles
BOGGS, Charles
BOGGS, Charles
BOGGS, Charles1846
BOGGS, Charles Adrian22 MAR 1936
BOGGS, Charles Ann1847AFT 1850
BOGGS, Charles David16 Apr 1953ABT. 1957

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