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28 Individuals with the TOOTILL Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
TOOTILL, Anthony1562
TOOTILL, AnthonyABT. 1566AFT. 1589
TOOTILL, ElizabethBEF 11 Mar 1589AFT 1589
TOOTILL, ElizabethABT 1556AFT. 1589
TOOTILL, EllenABT 1558AFT 1589
TOOTILL, FrancesABT 1568
TOOTILL, FrancesABT. 1568AFT. 1589
TOOTILL, John4 JUN 1596
TOOTILL, MaryABT. 1562ABT. 1589
TOOTILL, MaryABT 1562AFT 1589
TOOTILL, RichardABT 15301589
TOOTILL, RichardABT 15938 MAY 1640
TOOTILL, RichardABT 15301589
TOOTILL, RichardABT 1534BEF JUN 1589
TOOTILL, Robert18 MAR 1598
TOOTILL, Simon1596ABT. 1630
TOOTILL, Simon159614 Dec 1630
TOOTILL, SymonABT 1560
TOOTILL, Symon1560
TOOTILL, SymonABT 1560
TOOTILL, ThomasABT. 1594BEF. 1627
TOOTILL, ThomasABT. 1564BEF DEC 1640
TOOTILL, Thomas15642 Dec 1640
TOOTILL, Thomas1600BEF 1627
TOOTILL, Thomas1595

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