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233 Individuals with the TEAL Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
TEAL, "Donna" Mary19 OCT 1954
TEAL, Abbie L23 FEB 18415 MAR 1923
TEAL, Alice1862
TEAL, Allen1824
TEAL, Alvin1835
TEAL, Amanda1840
TEAL, Amanda Malvina1830
TEAL, Andrew B. U?1852
TEAL, Andrew J1847
TEAL, Angel Grace1 NOV 188431 AUG 1909
TEAL, Ann SophroniaBET 1833 AND 1837
TEAL, Anna Catharina11 JAN 178910 SEP 1863
TEAL, Annaliza1849
TEAL, Anne Elizabeth28 DEC 1795SEP 1876
TEAL, Annie E.20 NOV 18735 FEB 1963
TEAL, Archie Frank1 JUN 18969 MAY 1975
TEAL, Archie McKendry28 OCT 187823 JUL 1945
TEAL, Arthur Andrew2 Aug 1873
TEAL, Arvie Z1883
TEAL, Belinda Gail
TEAL, Benjamin1847
TEAL, Bertha Ellen17 FEB 1890NOV 1977
TEAL, Betty
TEAL, Beula18841935
TEAL, Bradberry
TEAL, Brian Paul23 AUG 1953
TEAL, Calvin26 AUG 1861
TEAL, CecilABT 1870
TEAL, Charles Guy
TEAL, Charles Guy
TEAL, ChathamABT 1822
TEAL, Clarissa A18391864/1933
TEAL, David H.16 AUG 183721 FEB 1924
TEAL, Delaney1835
TEAL, DolphusPrivate
TEAL, DolphusPrivate
TEAL, Donna Mary19 OCT 1954
TEAL, DoraBEF. 1875
TEAL, Dora (Maggie E)187415 JAN 1919
TEAL, Edna
TEAL, Edward
TEAL, Eliza1857
TEAL, Elizabeth11 JUN 1858UNKNOWN
TEAL, ElizabethABT 1835
TEAL, Elizabeth1843
TEAL, Elizabeth?ABT 1795
TEAL, Elsa
TEAL, Elsa
TEAL, EmanuelABT 18201859
TEAL, Emanuel?BEF 17501 JAN 1830
TEAL, Esther29 JUN 18895 OCT 1980
TEAL, Ethyl Mae20 Sep 1947
TEAL, Frances D1836
TEAL, Frank David1 NOV 1880
TEAL, Gabriel Madison1848
TEAL, Garsham1827
TEAL, Georg Leohnhardt1791UNKNOWN
TEAL, George18 SEP 1844UNKNOWN
TEAL, George1894
TEAL, George "Wash" Washington1799AFT 1850
TEAL, George A1847
TEAL, George W1854
TEAL, George W1835
TEAL, Georgian1855
TEAL, Greenberry "Green"1839
TEAL, Hannah20 SEP 1820UNKNOWN
TEAL, Henry CBET 1836 AND 1839
TEAL, Henry Loderick?1790
TEAL, Herbert Henry24 NOV 188211 JUL 1963
TEAL, HiramABT 1842
TEAL, Isaac1826
TEAL, Isham D1830
TEAL, Jacob
TEAL, Jacob Ellsworth28 AUG 18981978
TEAL, Jacob Ellsworth28 AUG 18981978
TEAL, Jacob Elsworth19211945
TEAL, Jacob Elsworth19211945
TEAL, James1853
TEAL, James B.1865
TEAL, James D1854
TEAL, James M Rogers1823
TEAL, James T1832
TEAL, Jesse?BET 1800 AND 1810
TEAL, JesseeABT 1858
TEAL, Joel Thomas1792
TEAL, Johannes T.19 NOV 178527 FEB 1850
TEAL, John
TEAL, John
TEAL, John
TEAL, John
TEAL, John
TEAL, John
TEAL, John1849
TEAL, John
TEAL, John1887
TEAL, John (G?)1850
TEAL, John A.
TEAL, John Acie31 Aug 1862
TEAL, John Adam1 JUL 182518 MAR 1893
TEAL, John James1855
TEAL, John L or JABT 1864
TEAL, John R1822
TEAL, John R1826
TEAL, Jordan1808
TEAL, Joseph
TEAL, Joseph Blanton1867
TEAL, Joshua1800
TEAL, Josiah N1837
TEAL, Judson Hilliard1871
TEAL, Julie T
TEAL, Kitturah F1850
TEAL, L.J1844
TEAL, Laura A.12 SEP 185711 MAR 1939
TEAL, Laura A.12-SEP-185711-MAR-1939
TEAL, Leah Irene
TEAL, Lewis Marion17 May 1855
TEAL, Loderick1843
TEAL, Loderick7 OCT 1754ABT 1867
TEAL, LovettBET 1824 AND 1837
TEAL, Lucan M.1869
TEAL, LuciusPrivate
TEAL, LuciusPrivate
TEAL, M.L1848
TEAL, Manuel1879
TEAL, Margaret
TEAL, Maria Catherina3 MAR 1847UNKNOWN
TEAL, Mariah
TEAL, Martha1857
TEAL, Martha1845
TEAL, Martin1822
TEAL, Martin V B1841
TEAL, Marvin C BudPrivate
TEAL, Marvin C BudPrivate
TEAL, MaryABT 1816
TEAL, Mary1847
TEAL, Mary1841
TEAL, Mary1792
TEAL, Mary1859
TEAL, Mary1848
TEAL, Mary Ann
TEAL, Mary Anne20 JUL 1798UNKNOWN
TEAL, Mary J.SEP 1887
TEAL, Matthew1851
TEAL, Melinda18 AUG 181212 MAR 1885
TEAL, Melvin18771949
TEAL, Meshack1820
TEAL, Millissa A1849
TEAL, Minerva JABT JAN 1860
TEAL, Minnie B.13 MAR 189225 OCT 1993
TEAL, Minnie Lee
TEAL, Minnie Lee
TEAL, Mintie
TEAL, Molly20 AUG 1852SEP 1899
TEAL, Nancy1790
TEAL, Nancy Ann E1846
TEAL, Nancy M1833
TEAL, Oscar Lee8 JAN 188113 APR 1949
TEAL, Ozellia
TEAL, Paul31 AUG 1913
TEAL, Penney?ABT 1800
TEAL, Polly Ann1843
TEAL, Rebecca Ellen Campbell (Rachel?)1860
TEAL, RobertABT 1812
TEAL, RobertABT 1845
TEAL, Robert1837
TEAL, Robert L1889
TEAL, Robert William (Bill)1802BET 1862 AND 1875
TEAL, Sadie Clarinda2 OCT 189813 MAY 1943
TEAL, SamPrivate
TEAL, SamPrivate
TEAL, Samantha M1836
TEAL, Samuel
TEAL, SarahABT 1810
TEAL, Sarah1843BET 1862 AND 1875
TEAL, Sarah Ann E1839
TEAL, Sarah Elizabeth
TEAL, Sarah Elizabeth
TEAL, Sarah Jane23 FEB 184011 MAY 1922
TEAL, Sarah TABT 1846
TEAL, Seth E.2 FEB 1885JAN 1963
TEAL, Simeon Joshua4 SEP 1852UNKNOWN
TEAL, Sissa (Mary)1850
TEAL, Sophronia
TEAL, Susan Kay2 OCT 1946
TEAL, Susanna8 NOV 18198 DEC 1890
TEAL, Susanna3 APR 1841UNKNOWN
TEAL, Susannah EABT 1845
TEAL, Susie F.9 OCT 18931946
TEAL, Sylvester O.4 JUL 18604 MAR 1944
TEAL, Teletha Adeline
TEAL, Theron1879
TEAL, ThomasABT 1850
TEAL, Thomas1834
TEAL, Thomas1840
TEAL, Thomas1783
TEAL, Thomas A1833BEF 1880
TEAL, Thomas A1845
TEAL, Thomas J. U?1856
TEAL, Treva Edna28 AUG 19191920
TEAL, Treva Edna28 AUG 19191920
TEAL, Venora (Nora)1877
TEAL, Virginia24 DEC 19061968
TEAL, Virginia24 DEC 19061968
TEAL, Walter CecilPrivate
TEAL, Walter CecilPrivate
TEAL, Wendy2 JUL 1964
TEAL, Wiley
TEAL, William
TEAL, WilliamBEF. 1871
TEAL, William1810
TEAL, William1852
TEAL, William AOCT 1850
TEAL, William F1844
TEAL, William H
TEAL, William H1828
TEAL, William Henry1818UNKNOWN
TEAL, William Henry7 JUN 1850UNKNOWN
TEAL, William Henry16 MAY 1841UNKNOWN
TEAL, William James Jonathan13 Nov 182520 Jan 1923
TEAL, William R1842
TEAL, William R1828
TEAL, William Thomas1857
TEAL, ABT 1846

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