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59 Individuals with the TOLL Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
TOLL, Ashburnham
TOLL, Ashburnham25 MAY 1771
TOLL, Carel Hansen
TOLL, Caroline26 MAR 184430 JUL 1844
TOLL, Catherine M.
TOLL, Charles01 SEP 183730 JAN 1849
TOLL, Charles Hansen17 OCT 178416 MAY 1869
TOLL, Charles Hansen1804BEF 1894
TOLL, DanielABT 1775BEF 1865
TOLL, Daniel27 OCT 175108 MAR 1832
TOLL, David Pruyn27 AUG 183127 APR 1875
TOLL, Elisabeth
TOLL, Eva15 JAN 174911 MAY 1835
TOLL, Franklin Ryley18511916
TOLL, Gillian1967
TOLL, Grace A.01 JAN 187126 MAR 1950
TOLL, Hans CarelseABT 1635BEF 20 MAY 1685
TOLL, Infant26 MAR 184430 MAR 1844
TOLL, Isaac19 MAY 178204 MAY 1858
TOLL, Jacob Swits02 MAR 179718 FEB 1828
TOLL, JamesPrivate
TOLL, James CecilPrivate
TOLL, John03 AUG 179311 SEP 1882
TOLL, John Calvin13 SEP 1780BEF 1870
TOLL, John Calvin18431858
TOLL, John DeWitt29 JUL 186622 APR 1932
TOLL, John Oscar25 JUL 184111 SEP 1921
TOLL, KennethABT 191531 JUL 1992
TOLL, KennethABT 191531 JUL 1992
TOLL, Margaret
TOLL, Margaret12 DEC 1895
TOLL, Margaret Pruyn25 NOV 187224 DEC 1930
TOLL, Maria VedderBEF 22 NOV 1778ABT 1808
TOLL, Marie Antoinette18591928
TOLL, Mary
TOLL, Mary E1842
TOLL, Mary Grace18531941
TOLL, Meryl Isobel
TOLL, MichaelABT. 1930
TOLL, Michael Louis?
TOLL, Michelle Rose?
TOLL, Neeltje Hansen
TOLL, Nicholas Myndert1806BEF 1896
TOLL, Philip Ryley08 FEB 181107 APR 1883
TOLL, Richard Newman29 SEP 1829
TOLL, Sarah1752
TOLL, SimonABT 1773
TOLL, Simon24 AUG 182915 NOV 1898
TOLL, Simon02 AUG 182809 SEP 1828
TOLL, Simon De Witt
TOLL, Simon DeWitt16 MAY 1780BEF 1870
TOLL, Susan22 JUL 183411 JAN 1921
TOLL, TamaraPrivate
TOLL, Tedroe Nials16 SEP 19451996
TOLL, VanWFT Est 1655-1680WFT Est 1703-1767
TOLL, VanWFT Est 1655-1680WFT Est 1703-1767
TOLL, Verga
TOLL, Viola

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