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86 Individuals with the ROOTE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
ROOTE, Abigail
ROOTE, Benjamin1686WFT Est 1687-1776
ROOTE, Caleb1658
ROOTE, Caleb10 Jun 1712
ROOTE, Daniel2 OCT 168423 DEC 1988
ROOTE, Daniel1684WFT Est 1685-1774
ROOTE, Elizabeth
ROOTE, Esther
ROOTE, Hannah
ROOTE, HezekiahABT 1660WFT Est 1690-1751
ROOTE, Hezekiah13 OCT 1697BEF 1728
ROOTE, Hezekiah18 SEP 1705
ROOTE, Hezekiah29 SEP 1690
ROOTE, Jacob16611731
ROOTE, Jacob1687WFT Est 1731-1779
ROOTE, Jacob
ROOTE, Jacob15 JUN 16871766
ROOTE, Jacob , Jr.1710WFT Est 1711-1800
ROOTE, Jacob ~ABT 16529 AUG 1731
ROOTE, Joanna1681WFT Est 1682-1775
ROOTE, John24 JUN 15763 JUN 1683
ROOTE, John164224 Sep 1687
ROOTE, John26 Feb 1607/08Aug 1684
ROOTE, John26 FEB 1606/0716 AUG 1684
ROOTE, John26 FEB 1606/0716 AUG 1684
ROOTE, John164224 SEP 1687
ROOTE, John10 JAN 1645/46
ROOTE, John11 SEP 1669
ROOTE, John24 JUN 15761640
ROOTE, John160816 AUG 1684
ROOTE, John9 SEP 1690
ROOTE, Jonathan3 APR 17051783
ROOTE, Jonathan
ROOTE, Joseph163919 APR 1711
ROOTE, Joseph17 MAR 1692/93
ROOTE, Joseph18 Dec 1739
ROOTE, MargaretOCT 169229 JUN 1793
ROOTE, Mary6 AUG 1650
ROOTE, Mary1650
ROOTE, Mary1690WFT Est 1691-1780
ROOTE, Mary165013 Jun 1701
ROOTE, Mary22 SEP 1667
ROOTE, Mary1600
ROOTE, Mary23 MAR 1698/99
ROOTE, Mary6 AUG 165013 JUN 1701
ROOTE, Mary6 Aug 165013 Jun 1701
ROOTE, Mary1620
ROOTE, Mary6 AUG 165013 JUN 1701
ROOTE, Mary Ann20 AUG 185523 OCT 1945
ROOTE, Mary ~24 NOV 168919 MAY 1728
ROOTE, Mercy
ROOTE, Mr.Abt 1585
ROOTE, Mrs. ElizabethUNKNOWN25 NOV 1691
ROOTE, Mrs. ElizabethUNKNOWN25 NOV 1691
ROOTE, Nathaniel16 NOV 1702ABT 1783
ROOTE, Ruth7 FEB 1698/9917 MAR 1787
ROOTE, Samuel
ROOTE, Samuel164427 Nov 1711
ROOTE, Samuel15 AUG 1696
ROOTE, Samuel164427 NOV 1711
ROOTE, Sarah1670
ROOTE, Sarah
ROOTE, Six MoreWFT Est 1681-1708WFT Est 1686-1787
ROOTE, Stephen6 Jan 1716/17
ROOTE, Stephen1652
ROOTE, Susanna1654
ROOTE, Susannah5 Dec 1712
ROOTE, Susannah1603
ROOTE, Thankful16 SEP 1702
ROOTE, Thankful16771704
ROOTE, Thomas11 APR 1667
ROOTE, Thomas18 MAY 16556 AUG 1709
ROOTE, Thomas1648
ROOTE, Thomas1643
ROOTE, Thomas160517 JUL 1694
ROOTE, Thomas16 JAN 1604/517 JUN 1694
ROOTE, Thomas164816 Aug 1709
ROOTE, Thomas16 JAN 1604/517 JUN 1694
ROOTE, Timothy
ROOTE, Unknown
ROOTE, William17 JAN 1694/9526 NOV 1768

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