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830 Individuals with the READ Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
READ, Aaron
READ, Aaron
READ, Aaron16 JUN 16481670
READ, Aaron12 JAN 1693/1694
READ, Aaron
READ, AaronWFT Est 1722-1751WFT Est 1728-1830
READ, AaronJAN 1694WFT Est 1695-1784
READ, Aaron1648WFT Est 1649-1738
READ, Abigail25 May 1717
READ, AbigailABT. 1632
READ, Abigail
READ, Abigail30 OCT 1638
READ, Abigail5 JUN 169020 SEP 1710/1723
READ, Abigail21 OCT 1750
READ, Abigail4 APR 172528 APR 1785
READ, Abigail6 FEB 168516 JAN 1767
READ, Abigail30 DEC 163630 NOV 1699
READ, Abigail1638
READ, Ada Jenks21 Jan 1925
READ, Adaline8 JUN 1831
READ, AhabWFT Est 1765-1784WFT Est 1771-1867
READ, Alicia Quilley20 Oct 18407 May 1922
READ, AltheaABT 17378 SEP 1782
READ, AmandaPrivate
READ, Amasa
READ, AmeliaABT. 1813
READ, Amelia Mehitabel
READ, Amos13 Mar 172823 Aug 1799
READ, Amy3 JUN 1678
READ, Andrew J.1842
READ, Angelina Sarah15 Dec 181213 Jan 1813
READ, Angus T.1900DEAD
READ, AnnAbt 1799
READ, AnnABT 1818
READ, Ann1608
READ, Anna25 MAR 1621
READ, Anna25 OCT 172812 MAR 1797
READ, Anna17831874
READ, AnneXX XXX 1510XX XXX 1585
READ, Anne
READ, AnneXX XXX 1510XX XXX 1585
READ, Anne
READ, Anne25 OCT 1728WFT Est 1742-1822
READ, Annette Lee
READ, Annette Lee
READ, ANNIE18451925
READ, Annie
READ, Archie17 JUN 18781878
READ, Arrista BellPrivate
READ, ARTHUR ANGUS5 Jan 190223 Jan 1952
READ, Aspen Dailis1 FEB 1991
READ, Barbara Jean
READ, Belding12 NOV 17811831
READ, BenABT 1935
READ, BenjaminCA 1968
READ, Benjamin5 MAR 1757
READ, Benjamin21 AUG 17307 SEP 1798
READ, Benjamin6 DEC 1730WFT Est 1767-1821
READ, Benjamin F.1831
READ, Benjamin Tresttian13 Jun 18142 Feb 1814
READ, Bethene1903
READ, Bethia2 NOV 1679
READ, Bethia (5)1 AUG 172521 AUG 1761
READ, Bethia (5)1 AUG 172521 AUG 1761
READ, Bonnie May16 DEC 193924 DEC 1971
READ, Bridget
READ, Bryson Owenby22 MAR 1993
READ, Bryson Owenby22 MAR 1993
READ, Cameron Scott1997
READ, Carolyn Ann23 MAR 1943
READ, Catherine30 JUL 1964
READ, Catherine Selford12 Jul 18054 May 1886
READ, Cathy Louise26 SEP 1957
READ, Chalmer Forrest2 NOV 1915
READ, Charles16 MAY 186817 OCT 1923
READ, Charles Henry
READ, Charles N.
READ, Charles W.17 APR 1841
READ, Charles Wesley
READ, Chloe13 FEB 175223 JUN 1769
READ, ChristianAbt 1694Bef 1728
READ, Christopher
READ, Clara Elizabeth Quilley16 Jul 18392 Feb 1910
READ, Coleman
READ, ConstantAbt 1689
READ, Corin1837
READ, Cornelia Annabella28 Dec 1862
READ, Craig
READ, Cuan
READ, Daniel1726
READ, Daniel3 DEC 171623 FEB 1801
READ, Daniel20 JAN 168013 SEP 1740
READ, Daniel1655
READ, Daniel
READ, Daniel7 MAR 178927 OCT 1862
READ, Daniel4 SEP 17371790
READ, Darleen Virginia7 Jul 1930
READ, Daughter
READ, David3 May 171012 Jan 1730
READ, David10 NOV 174724 FEB 1748
READ, David Anthony29 MAY 1972
READ, David L.Apr 1890
READ, David M.
READ, David Wilford3 SEP 1942
READ, Deborah170819 Dec 1774
READ, Deborah25 JAN 1695/9612 JUL 1765
READ, DeborahABT 1708
READ, Deborah170819 DEC 1774
READ, Delbert1906
READ, Diana
READ, Diana
READ, Diane
READ, Diane
READ, Donald
READ, Donna
READ, Donna Fay14 Apr 1937
READ, Donna M.
READ, DorcasABT. 173822 FEB 1808
READ, Dorothy
READ, Douglas Kris8 MAR 19521988
READ, Ebenezer1733
READ, Ebenezer6 MAR 16909 JUL 1767
READ, Ebenezer
READ, EDGAR ANGUS29 May 18751 Jun 1964
READ, Edith Brown14 AUG 191024 NOV 1994
READ, Edmond C.ABT 1835
READ, Edna Fay21 JUL 1905
READ, Edward
READ, Edward
READ, Edward Griffin
READ, Edwin C.1834ABT. 1855
READ, Eileen J.Private
READ, Eleanor Eva1926
READ, Elias
READ, ElisabethSep 167211 Mar 1692
READ, Elisabeth28 AUG 17742 MAR 1841
READ, Elizabeth25 Jan 166718 Oct 1739
READ, Elizabeth5 Apr 1698
READ, Elizabeth00 AFT 1516
READ, Elizabeth1706
READ, ElizabethABT 1685
READ, Elizabeth14 JUN 17001786
READ, Elizabeth3 APR 1745
READ, Elizabeth2 APR 1721
READ, ElizabethJAN 1654SEP 1654
READ, Elizabeth13 MAR 1704/1705
READ, ElizabethAbt 1801
READ, Elizabeth13 MAY 1655JAN 1980
READ, Elizabeth3 APR 1745
READ, Elizabeth1654
READ, Elizabeth1685
READ, Elizabeth18471904
READ, ElizabethABT 1563
READ, Elizabeth15644 OCT 1640
READ, ElizabethABT 1700
READ, Elizabeth
READ, ElizabethABT 1563
READ, Elizabeth00 AFT 1516
READ, Elizabeth
READ, ElizabethABT 1700
READ, Elizabeth15644 OCT 1640
READ, Elizabeth1563
READ, ElizabethABT 1563
READ, Elizabeth5 Dec 180131 Oct 1869
READ, Elizabeth15 FEB 1725WFT Est 1751-1819
READ, Elizabeth20 FEB 16671745
READ, Elizabeth1515
READ, Elizabeth Bingham21 MAY 18751939
READ, Elizabeth Clarke25 JAN 1667/68
READ, Elizabeth Mrs.
READ, Elizebeth1655WFT Est 1669-1749
READ, Elmer26 MAY 189414 JUN 1954
READ, Elmer LaMar28 SEP 192230 JAN 2001
READ, Elmer Roger14 Feb 187529 Jan 1956
READ, Elsie1901
READ, Emelia22 May 180416 Oct 1804
READ, Emiley AnnePrivate
READ, Emily Nicole26 MAR 2003
READ, Enid Sandra
READ, Ephraim5 APR 1723
READ, Ersie Gladis12 OCT 190829 SEP 1970
READ, Esther1 FEB 1748/1749
READ, Esther
READ, Esther
READ, Ethel
READ, Ethel1907
READ, Eugenia
READ, Eva Madaline27 JUL 1907
READ, Experience
READ, Experience27 Feb 1675
READ, Experience27 Feb 16751732
READ, Ezakiel1649
READ, Ezekiel1649JUN 1649
READ, EzekielAbt 1643
READ, Ezekiel23 JAN 1684/85
READ, Ezra18 MAR 1724/25
READ, Fern
READ, Fidelia
READ, Florence Clauree19241972
READ, Florence Mary
READ, Forrest Lambert21 OCT 1889
READ, Frances
READ, Frances HillPrivate
READ, Frances Mariaaft 12 JUL 1875
READ, Frances Mariaaft 12 JUL 1875
READ, Frances Mariaaft 12 JUL 1875
READ, Fred Boring13 May 1892Jun 1976
READ, Fred Boring13 May 1892Jun 1976
READ, Fred H.
READ, Fred Ross6 AUG 186430 SEP 1941
READ, Frederick R.ABT 1813
READ, Gene
READ, George2 AUG 16971786
READ, George14 SEP 166020 JAN 1750
READ, George
READ, George
READ, George1838Aft 1900
READ, GeorgeAbt 1743
READ, GeorgeAbt 1796
READ, George E
READ, George E
READ, George Granville18311833
READ, George W.Aug 1883
READ, Giles
READ, Giles
READ, Giles
READ, Glen24 APR 19081 JUL 1994
READ, Gordon Gary12 Jul 1947
READ, Grace1610/1613
READ, Greogary June1959
READ, GUY ALFRED15 Jan 191328 Aug 1974
READ, Hannah29 Mar 1691
READ, HannahJul 1688
READ, Hannah163225 Nov 1656
READ, Hannah30 JUN 1678
READ, Hannah14 JAN 175929 JAN 1759
READ, Hannah12 APR 16821777
READ, Hannah
READ, Hannah
READ, Hannah Jayne1994
READ, Hanson16 SEP 17341797
READ, HardeniaABT 1805

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