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70 Individuals with the ROOD Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
ROOD, Abigail
ROOD, Alva Jonathan
ROOD, Ann FABT 1827BEF 1900
ROOD, Azariah
ROOD, Carl
ROOD, Charity
ROOD, Charles
ROOD, Charles Scott30 JUL 1983
ROOD, Charlotte Jane22 Dec 182213 Mar 1906
ROOD, Clark27 JAN 1919
ROOD, Dorothy Alida19121941
ROOD, Ebenezer
ROOD, Edson1888
ROOD, Eunice
ROOD, Ezra25 JUN 1745
ROOD, Florence
ROOD, Grace
ROOD, Gwen Laura28 MAY 1981
ROOD, Hannah ~3 AUG 174120 APR 1767
ROOD, Harold Baker21 Oct 191328 Dec 1962
ROOD, Hattie Martin (10)1866
ROOD, Hattie Martin (10)1866
ROOD, Helen May
ROOD, James Leslie
ROOD, Jane Pierce7 Oct 1942
ROOD, Jerry
ROOD, JohnSep 1658
ROOD, Landon18121889
ROOD, Landon18121889
ROOD, Laura15 DEC 1914
ROOD, Laura15 DEC 1914
ROOD, Laurel Edward20 Aug 1915
ROOD, Levina (H.)18 OCT 175128 OCT 1751
ROOD, Lilah20 JAN 1920FEB 1982
ROOD, Living
ROOD, LucyABT 177917 SEP 1836
ROOD, Lynette S.ABT 1955
ROOD, Marcy (Mercy Mary)2 DEC 1737
ROOD, Maria2 AUG 180717 SEP 1886
ROOD, Martin Fitch (9)18381867
ROOD, Martin Fitch (9)18381867
ROOD, Mary15 Oct 1837
ROOD, Mary Ann
ROOD, Mary D.Oct 1841
ROOD, Maud
ROOD, Moses
ROOD, Moses4 OCT 1752
ROOD, Myrtle
ROOD, Nathan24 MAR 1748/49
ROOD, Norman
ROOD, Olive7 APR 1747
ROOD, Prudence13 SEP 1739
ROOD, Prudence13 Sep 1739
ROOD, Richard WestleyABT 1955
ROOD, RuthABT 17511833
ROOD, SarahABT 1815
ROOD, Sarah4 JAN 1733/34
ROOD, Scott Alan9 JAN 1959
ROOD, Simeon27 SEP 1743
ROOD, Solomon30 JUN 1735
ROOD, Solomon30 Jun 1735
ROOD, Solomon ~170431 OCT 1756
ROOD, SusannahABT 1755
ROOD, Thorton Edward15 Apr 188725 May 1966
ROOD, Willemien8 DEC 1955

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