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622 Individuals with the PUGH Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
PUGH, (__)
PUGH, 5 daughters
PUGH, 5 daughters
PUGH, Aaron1813
PUGH, Aaron
PUGH, Abner
PUGH, Abraham Kenton18321889
PUGH, Abraham Lincoln20 FEB 18625 MAR 1942
PUGH, Adrianna
PUGH, Albert D.ABT 1860
PUGH, Alexander Duncan1801
PUGH, Alexander M.
PUGH, Alexander S.183331 DEC 1910
PUGH, Alice
PUGH, Alice L1859
PUGH, Alma
PUGH, Alma
PUGH, Almira
PUGH, Almira
PUGH, Alonie LouisePrivate
PUGH, Alvin HarrisABT 1818
PUGH, Amanda Lee
PUGH, AmeliaAbt 1760
PUGH, Amelia Cammille
PUGH, Amos
PUGH, Amy27 SEP 17781849
PUGH, Angeline
PUGH, Ann1942
PUGH, Ann25 DEC 180116 MAY 1886
PUGH, Anna DJAN 1880C.1890
PUGH, Annie31 JAN 182114 MAY 1889
PUGH, Arron Joy1981
PUGH, Arron Joy1981
PUGH, Azariah
PUGH, Azariah
PUGH, Azariah
PUGH, Barbara Elizabeth1857
PUGH, Barbara L.JUL 1858
PUGH, Barbara Lorine (Bush)1 APR 1944
PUGH, Barbary Lucinda29 APR 184218 JUL 1925
PUGH, Beckham
PUGH, Benjamin Harrison20 DEC 189010 FEB 1980
PUGH, Bethany
PUGH, Betsy
PUGH, Billie RalphPrivate
PUGH, Bobbie Dale29 JUL 1978
PUGH, Bobbie Dale29 JUL 1978
PUGH, Brandon
PUGH, Brenda
PUGH, Brenda AnnABT 1943
PUGH, Brent Alan19 Nov 1971
PUGH, Brian
PUGH, Brian Leslie
PUGH, Brock
PUGH, Bud17 FEB 1905OCT 1975
PUGH, CalvinPrivate
PUGH, Carl Elmer12 JUL 191415 SEP 1984
PUGH, Carol
PUGH, Carol
PUGH, Caroline
PUGH, Carolyn Lanette7 AUG 193813 JUN 1988
PUGH, Carolyn MaePrivate
PUGH, Carrie
PUGH, Catherine6 FEB 190819 NOV 1945
PUGH, Catherine Ann184628 MAY 1872
PUGH, Cathy
PUGH, Cathy
PUGH, Celia27 May 176722 Dec 1839
PUGH, Charity
PUGH, Charles1772
PUGH, Charles
PUGH, Charles J.15 DEC 187015 OCT 1943
PUGH, Charles Leigh
PUGH, Child1963
PUGH, ChildC 1885B 1910
PUGH, Child1988
PUGH, Child1963
PUGH, ClarkAbt 1830
PUGH, Clell E.27 SEP 1910MAR 1966
PUGH, Coby J.
PUGH, Cora
PUGH, Cuma
PUGH, Curtis
PUGH, Cynthia Ann24 DEC 181130 SEP 1890
PUGH, Cyrus
PUGH, DaleABT 1915
PUGH, Dale Henry10 MAY 1952
PUGH, Dale Henry10 MAY 1952
PUGH, Dameron
PUGH, Dan Robert8 MAY 1940
PUGH, Daniel178215 MAR 1843
PUGH, Daniel1754
PUGH, David
PUGH, David
PUGH, David8 Sep 1788
PUGH, David1758
PUGH, David08 MAY 1715
PUGH, David9 NOV 196711 NOV 1967
PUGH, David08 MAY 1715
PUGH, David
PUGH, David
PUGH, David
PUGH, David1814
PUGH, David
PUGH, David1805
PUGH, David1818
PUGH, David
PUGH, David (Daniel) IsaacABT 178215 MAR 1843
PUGH, David Long
PUGH, David P
PUGH, David William
PUGH, Davonne Elaine
PUGH, Dawn MarieaPrivate
PUGH, Dennis LeePrivate
PUGH, Denny J.
PUGH, Devin Lashea13 Oct 1978
PUGH, Diana16 JAN 19695 MAR 1970
PUGH, Earl Franklin29 SEP 191530 JUN 1981
PUGH, Earl George27 JUL 189522 MAR 1951
PUGH, Edith1888
PUGH, Edith Janet
PUGH, EdmundABT 1835
PUGH, Edna F.ABT 1914
PUGH, Edward
PUGH, Edward Beach12 DEC 189317 JAN 1909
PUGH, Edwin Mattice15 JAN 188018 SEP 1901
PUGH, Eleanor21 APR 177421 APR 1821
PUGH, Eliah J.
PUGH, Elias1 FEB 18329 MAY 1903
PUGH, Elijah
PUGH, Elinor (Ellen)ABT 1697
PUGH, Eliza1812
PUGH, ElizaAbt 182329 May 1897
PUGH, Elizabeth6 APR 1766Bef 1824
PUGH, Elizabeth
PUGH, Elizabeth
PUGH, ElizabethABT 1575
PUGH, Elizabeth
PUGH, Elizabeth
PUGH, Elizabeth
PUGH, Elizabeth12 Apr 1826
PUGH, Elizabeth
PUGH, Elizabeth A.24 SEP 184220 DEC 1879
PUGH, Elizabeth AnnBET. 1805 - 18221887
PUGH, Elizabeth AnneJUL 1868
PUGH, Elizabeth Caroline26 MAR 182726 FEB 1908
PUGH, Elizabeth Caroline
PUGH, Elizabeth D.11 APR 182920 JAN 1862
PUGH, Elizabeth Lilian20 APR 190021 JUN 1966
PUGH, Elizabeth Lynne (Beth Lynne)Private
PUGH, Ella
PUGH, Ellen
PUGH, EllinAbt 1697
PUGH, Ellis1718
PUGH, Ellis25 Feb 1785
PUGH, Elmer R.18 JUL 18902 DEC 1965
PUGH, Emma
PUGH, Emma A1875
PUGH, Enoch2 Feb 1830
PUGH, Enos4 APR 179315 AUG 1873
PUGH, Ernest Floy20 MAR 189714 JUL 1992
PUGH, Ernest Floyd8 MAY 1935
PUGH, Esther11 JAN 1812
PUGH, Esther IrenePrivate
PUGH, Ethel Ann
PUGH, Ethel Irene
PUGH, EugeneFEB 1894
PUGH, Evan20 Feb 1828
PUGH, Evan
PUGH, Evan9 MAY 17861847
PUGH, Evan1830
PUGH, Evan
PUGH, Evan20 JUL 1699Bef 12 NOV 1771
PUGH, Evan2 APR 172926 DEC 1802
PUGH, Fanny1811
PUGH, FrancisABT. 1762
PUGH, Francis19 DEC 175717 FEB 1792
PUGH, Francis Lecretia7 Aug 1942
PUGH, Frank1866
PUGH, Fred L.
PUGH, Freida1925
PUGH, Gaynor21 OCT 1936
PUGH, Gaynor21 OCT 1936
PUGH, George
PUGH, George , Jr
PUGH, George EMAR 8 1877APR 28 1885
PUGH, George L.ABT 1887
PUGH, George R.4 MAR 1874
PUGH, George Vern28 MAY 189225 FEB 1946
PUGH, George W.ABT 1911
PUGH, GilbertABT 1829
PUGH, Granville
PUGH, Green
PUGH, Gregory EllisPrivate
PUGH, Hannah16 Feb 1781
PUGH, Hannah
PUGH, Hannah13 NOV 1769Bef 1801
PUGH, Hannaniah D1862UNKNOWN
PUGH, Hannaniah DDEC-1829
PUGH, HarleySEP 1886
PUGH, Harold9 JUN 189621 JUN 1993
PUGH, Harvey Lester16 APR 194021 APR 1940
PUGH, HenryABT 1882
PUGH, HenryABT 1882
PUGH, Henry17751832
PUGH, Henry R.AFT. 1798
PUGH, Herbert A1857
PUGH, Herman Lester27 Dec 1883
PUGH, Hershel
PUGH, Hershel
PUGH, Hiatt
PUGH, Hiram
PUGH, Hiram Douglas11 MAY 193726 OCT 1983
PUGH, HoraceSEP 1886
PUGH, Horace189231 JUL 1917
PUGH, Horace1921(unknown)
PUGH, Horace James1874
PUGH, Hosea2 May 1913
PUGH, Hosea2 May 1913
PUGH, Hugh1795
PUGH, Hugh1710-17141754
PUGH, Hugh1746
PUGH, Hugh1718
PUGH, Hugh
PUGH, Hugh1816
PUGH, Hugh1718
PUGH, HughABT. 17121754
PUGH, Hugh D.
PUGH, Hunter , Jr.Private
PUGH, Ida18641954
PUGH, Ida Myrtle4 Sep 1883
PUGH, Isaac
PUGH, Isaac30 JUL 169129 AUG 1791
PUGH, Isaac1743
PUGH, Isaac M.28 MAR 1871
PUGH, Isaac N.21 MAY 182226 MAR 1909
PUGH, Isabella
PUGH, Jacob18 AUG 172527 SEP 1777
PUGH, JacobABT 1820
PUGH, JacobAbt 1736/1737
PUGH, JamesABT 166524 APR 1724
PUGH, JamesABT 1950

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