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214 Individuals with the PEEK Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
PEEK, (Male)
PEEK, Aaron Vedder
PEEK, Aaron Vedder
PEEK, AbrahamDEC 26 1787
PEEK, Adaline V.1837
PEEK, AgnesABT. 1862
PEEK, Amison L.1848
PEEK, Angela Janell9 Nov 1964
PEEK, Ann Eliza10 Sep 1861
PEEK, Anna15 Oct 165119 Dec 1690
PEEK, Anna15 Oct 165119 Dec 1690
PEEK, AnnaBef 15-Oct-1651Bef 19-Dec-1690
PEEK, Annatie2 OCT 1834
PEEK, Annatje14 OCT 1744
PEEK, Ansel W.188218 JAN 1922
PEEK, AntjeNOV 15 1741
PEEK, Antonius (Ton) Johannes Maria19121993
PEEK, Antonius (Ton) Johannes Maria19121993
PEEK, Arent VedderJUN 16 1800
PEEK, ArmindaABT 1871
PEEK, Augustus B.17 Sep 1875
PEEK, BessPrivate
PEEK, Betty Jo30 Jun 1943
PEEK, Betty Jo30 Jun 1943
PEEK, Callie Ann(APR)
PEEK, Callie Mae
PEEK, Callie Stuart2 MAR 1888
PEEK, Catalena
PEEK, CatalinaABT 1795
PEEK, Catherine Jacobus
PEEK, Charles
PEEK, Charles
PEEK, Charles Newton18 AUG 1852DEAD
PEEK, Charles Stanton3 Feb 1922
PEEK, Charlie Belle10 FEB 1891DEAD
PEEK, Charlie Belle9 FEB 1912
PEEK, Chester Arthur (10)15 APR 1876
PEEK, Chester Arthur (10)15 APR 1876
PEEK, ChristoffelABT 1770BEF 1865
PEEK, Christopher Yates29 JUL 178720 JUN 1861
PEEK, Cornelis Jacobus
PEEK, Cornelius13 JUL 1789BEF 1879
PEEK, Cornelius1 DEC 17296 DEC 1809
PEEK, Cynthia5 Sep 1965
PEEK, DanielJUN 30 1745
PEEK, David14 OCT 1744
PEEK, Edwin Franklin
PEEK, Edwin Franklin III13 Aug 1937
PEEK, Eliza15 DEC 1812BEF 1907
PEEK, Elizabeth26 FEB 1726/27
PEEK, ElizabethNOV 6 1783
PEEK, Elizabeth C.
PEEK, Elizabeth M.1832
PEEK, EvaJUL 18 1745
PEEK, Evelyn
PEEK, Fannie Odessa15 NOV 1892DEAD
PEEK, Fernando Emmett16 MAY 1835
PEEK, Fernando Emmett16 MAY 1835
PEEK, Florence23 SEP 18956 MAY 1936
PEEK, Florence23 SEP 18956 MAY 1936
PEEK, Florence Elizabeth (10)4 JAN 1863
PEEK, Florence Elizabeth (10)4 JAN 1863
PEEK, Floyd A.ABT 1910
PEEK, GarretSEP 24 1812
PEEK, George21 Dec 1940
PEEK, George Oscar7 Sep 1912
PEEK, George P.6 Mar 1872
PEEK, George Thomas16 Aug 1966
PEEK, Gus1855Bef 1926
PEEK, Gysbert15 JUN 1740
PEEK, Hannah
PEEK, Harmanus
PEEK, Harmanus
PEEK, Harmanus H.JAN 14 1759
PEEK, Henry
PEEK, Howard Lansing (10)8 APR 1873
PEEK, Howard Lansing (10)8 APR 1873
PEEK, Ione
PEEK, Jacobus16 Jan 1656
PEEK, Jacobus06 MAR 1793BEF 1883
PEEK, Jacobus21 MAY 1738
PEEK, Jacobus1654
PEEK, Jacobus20 OCT 1722
PEEK, Jacobus13 JUL 1760
PEEK, Jacobus
PEEK, JacobusJUL 13 1760
PEEK, JacobusOCT 20 1722
PEEK, Jacobus
PEEK, JacobusBef 16-Jan-1656
PEEK, Jacques
PEEK, James Dale6 Apr 1944
PEEK, James Oscar7 Jun 18759 Nov 1932
PEEK, James Tony2 Jul 1971
PEEK, JanAFT 1664
PEEK, JanAFT 1664
PEEK, Jan1617Aft 3-Jan-1664
PEEK, Jan Or Johannes
PEEK, JaneABT. 1860
PEEK, Jason Roy19 AUG 1985
PEEK, JayAbt 1868
PEEK, Jerry Gale6 Apr 1944
PEEK, Jerry Kevin28 Sep 1964
PEEK, Jerry Wayne19 Sep 1966
PEEK, Jess
PEEK, JesseJAN 2 1798
PEEK, Jesse M.1841
PEEK, Joe Windle22 Apr 1913
PEEK, Johannes12 Oct 1653
PEEK, JohannesMAR 22 1747
PEEK, Johannes
PEEK, JohannesMAY 20 1802
PEEK, JohannesBef 12-Oct-1653
PEEK, Johannes09-Sep-
PEEK, JohnABT. 1857
PEEK, JohnABT 1650
PEEK, John
PEEK, John C.1807
PEEK, John L.1847
PEEK, John Thomas12 May 1914
PEEK, John Wemple31 JAN 1786BEF 1876
PEEK, Johnny
PEEK, Johnny Ray6 FEB 1946
PEEK, JoostPrivate
PEEK, JoostPrivate
PEEK, Joseph04 MAY 1800BEF 1890
PEEK, Joseph
PEEK, Josephine Odell16 Aug 1926
PEEK, Laurie
PEEK, Leuranna Catherine
PEEK, LewisSEP 30 1721
PEEK, Lulu19 Sep 1882
PEEK, Mamie Ethel11 JUL 18831894
PEEK, Margaret1852
PEEK, MargaritaJUN 3 1794
PEEK, Margarita11 JUN 1792
PEEK, Maria6 Mar 1658
PEEK, Maria16 MAY 1732
PEEK, Maria1658
PEEK, Maria
PEEK, MariaBef 6-Mar-1658
PEEK, Maria
PEEK, Marion Louie (10)7 SEP 1867
PEEK, Marion Louie (10)7 SEP 1867
PEEK, MarlienPrivate
PEEK, MarlienPrivate
PEEK, Martha Leona12 May 1915
PEEK, Martha W.1840
PEEK, Martle Hays15 JUN 1885
PEEK, Marvin Angus8 OCT 1881DEAD
PEEK, Marvin Christopher23 Apr 1959
PEEK, Mary
PEEK, Mary
PEEK, Mary Frances23 Aug 1933
PEEK, Mary Isabella31 May 18576 Apr 1898
PEEK, Mary Kathryn25 JAN 1939
PEEK, Marytje08 APR 1802BEF 1897
PEEK, Mason Emmett (10)11 OCT 186515 MAY 1888
PEEK, Mason Emmett (10)11 OCT 186515 MAY 1888
PEEK, Maybell Odell11 FEB 191518 AUG 1916
PEEK, Minerva Adaline "Addie"13 May 1866
PEEK, Minerva Jane
PEEK, Morris Earl1 NOV 191628 JAN 1922
PEEK, Myndert15 NOV 1797BEF 1887
PEEK, Myrtil Hayes7 JUN 1885DEAD
PEEK, Nicholaas02 AUG 1791BEF 1881
PEEK, Olive Elizabeth1 Jan 1921
PEEK, Ormond Dewitt16 NOV 1909
PEEK, PeterMAR 1 1792
PEEK, Rachel28 APR 1734
PEEK, Rachel11 JUL 1742
PEEK, Raymond Dale29 Nov 1967
PEEK, Raymond Sylvester13 Dec 192213 Feb 1979
PEEK, RobertAbt 1940
PEEK, Robert Eddie23 Mar 1919ABT 1991
PEEK, Roy J23 OCT 19106 DEC 1932
PEEK, Samuel15 JUL 1736
PEEK, Sarah3 SEP 1730
PEEK, SarahABT. 1848
PEEK, SarahABT 1678
PEEK, SarahMAY 26 1822
PEEK, Sarah
PEEK, Sarah Jacobus
PEEK, SaskiaPrivate
PEEK, SaskiaPrivate
PEEK, Satira18425 Apr 1866
PEEK, Sean Gregory
PEEK, Shanda Nell25 Nov 1970
PEEK, Sharon
PEEK, Susan Anna18 JAN 187626 FEB 1933
PEEK, Susan Anna18 JAN 187626 FEB 1933
PEEK, T. Van VrankenJAN 5 1811
PEEK, Tessie Mae21 DEC 1896
PEEK, TeunPrivate
PEEK, TeunPrivate
PEEK, Vesta Viola4 NOV 1893DEAD
PEEK, Walter GeraldNov 1916
PEEK, Walter Sherman
PEEK, Welmpy
PEEK, Wilhelmine Dor. Ant.Abt 1809
PEEK, WillempieBEF 02 FEB 1772BEF 1867
PEEK, William A.21 Jan 1869
PEEK, William C.1843
PEEK, William E. II
PEEK, William E. III18 Aug 182927 Aug 1911
PEEK, William Penn30 AUG 190623 MAY 1929
PEEK, Woodrow Binford23 JAN 1923

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