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29 Individuals with the POPKE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
POPKE, Adeleid18781878
POPKE, Alfred19041904
POPKE, Beatrice1919
POPKE, Bernhard1876
POPKE, Carl1870DEC 1950
POPKE, Edward1840
POPKE, Ewald184918 JAN 1934
POPKE, Gordon1913
POPKE, Harry1909
POPKE, Heinrich1872
POPKE, Herman1888
POPKE, Hubert1914
POPKE, Johann12 JAN 187412 JAN 1879
POPKE, Johanna1885
POPKE, Kenneth1922
POPKE, Leonard19021903
POPKE, Leonard1920
POPKE, Leopold1881
POPKE, Lorne1911
POPKE, Michael
POPKE, Paul1898
POPKE, Paul1876
POPKE, Robert1898
POPKE, Ruth1912
POPKE, Theresa1882
POPKE, Wilbert1913
POPKE, Wilhelm18831902

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