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105 Individuals with the OXLEY Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
OXLEY, Ada Jane8 JUN 187223 DEC 1924
OXLEY, AllenPrivate
OXLEY, Amy Eileen
OXLEY, Ann23 SEP 183123 JAN 1909
OXLEY, Ann24 JUN 184926 DEC 1901
OXLEY, Ann22 Jan 1744
OXLEY, Anna26 JUL 18511 AUG 1896
OXLEY, Anne15 Aug 1758
OXLEY, Annie E.11 JUN 1904ABT 1909
OXLEY, CharlesJUN 1870
OXLEY, Clarence4 FEB 1891
OXLEY, Clyde Morgan27 SEP 1889
OXLEY, CordeliaMAY 1893
OXLEY, Danny Ray
OXLEY, DarlenePrivate
OXLEY, Dorothy A.24 SEP 1904
OXLEY, Douglas William
OXLEY, Dylan Tyler6 NOV 1991
OXLEY, Edward1 Sep 1752
OXLEY, Edward5 Aug 1797
OXLEY, Elhannon8 SEP 1854
OXLEY, Elizabeth17752 OCT 1868
OXLEY, Elizabeth18 FEB 183525 APR 1908
OXLEY, Elizabeth17752 OCT 1868
OXLEY, Elizabeth18 FEB 183525 APR 1908
OXLEY, Elizabeth25 JAN 186624 APR 1939
OXLEY, Elizabeth1807
OXLEY, Elizabeth5 Dec 1759
OXLEY, Ericka Logan6 DEC 1992
OXLEY, Florence AnnAUG 1895
OXLEY, GeorgeMAR QRT 1855?
OXLEY, George1806
OXLEY, George A.9 NOV 1878
OXLEY, GoldieNOV 1893
OXLEY, GraceJAN 1896
OXLEY, Henry
OXLEY, Henry
OXLEY, Holly Ruth Elizabeth29 DEC 1992
OXLEY, Ida MaeAPR 1871
OXLEY, James10 JAN 1838
OXLEY, James1786
OXLEY, James G.3 NOV 18687 APR 1871
OXLEY, James Thomas26 MAR 187422 SEP 1949
OXLEY, John4 MAY 182815 JAN 1899
OXLEY, JohnAbt 168329 Sep 1723
OXLEY, John17207 Apr 1773
OXLEY, John28 Jun 1756
OXLEY, John Curtis26 JUN 186622 MAY 1945
OXLEY, John William28 MAY 186723 DEC 1960
OXLEY, Joseph4 Sep 174819 Nov 1816
OXLEY, Joseph1715
OXLEY, JosieABT 1891ABT 1991
OXLEY, Katherine
OXLEY, Katherine2 Jan 1750
OXLEY, Katherine12 Dec 1754
OXLEY, Katherine Elizabeth
OXLEY, Katherinr Elizabeth
OXLEY, LeafaOCT 1894
OXLEY, Lemuel Howard2 OCT 187618 JUL 1966
OXLEY, Leslie James
OXLEY, Lindsey
OXLEY, Lucy J.1 JAN 1882
OXLEY, Margaret8 Apr 1802
OXLEY, Maria Sim1804
OXLEY, Maria Sims?11 May 1798
OXLEY, Martha18111869
OXLEY, Mary Alice7 AUG 18757 MAR 1966
OXLEY, Mary Ann1 Aug 1796
OXLEY, Mary E.6 APR 185826 JUN 1914
OXLEY, Mathias29 APR 18322 MAR 1906
OXLEY, Melissa JANE3 APR 1909
OXLEY, Mercy23 May 1757
OXLEY, MinnieJAN 1869
OXLEY, Nancy L.28 JUN 1933
OXLEY, Nellie P.1880
OXLEY, Nicholas1795
OXLEY, Nicholas1795
OXLEY, SarahCal 177419 FEB 1846
OXLEY, Sarah
OXLEY, Sarah9 Sep 1746
OXLEY, Sarah K.13 NOV 186022 SEP 1949
OXLEY, Susan
OXLEY, Susan E
OXLEY, Susan E
OXLEY, Susan Eliza11 MAY 18927 NOV 1913
OXLEY, Thomas19 FEB 183323 OCT 1910
OXLEY, Thomas Edward1863
OXLEY, Tony Felton3 OCT 1967
OXLEY, UnknownPrivate
OXLEY, William
OXLEY, WilliamMAY 18131857
OXLEY, WilliamAPR 1839
OXLEY, William Robert31 DEC 18561930
OXLEY, \\12 APR 1902

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