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63 Individuals with the OWSLEY Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
OWSLEY, Alonza M.13 SEP 1952
OWSLEY, Alvin M.11 Jun 1888
OWSLEY, Alvin M. , Jr.9 Feb 1926
OWSLEY, Ann Bayne26 Sep 17471 Oct 1792
OWSLEY, Ann Bayne26 Sep 1747
OWSLEY, Charles3 Sep 1669
OWSLEY, Christena
OWSLEY, Christine Ellen26 DEC 1933
OWSLEY, Dorothea23 Dec 167324 Feb 1700
OWSLEY, Dorothea5 Mar 1701
OWSLEY, Edith14 Dec 16612 Aug 1714
OWSLEY, Elizabeth17021721
OWSLEY, Elizabeth20 Sep 1635
OWSLEY, ElizabethAbt 1625
OWSLEY, Eugene Berry3 AUG 192816 JUL 1994
OWSLEY, Floyd Leroy16 NOV 1953
OWSLEY, Francis1664
OWSLEY, Geneva Lois7 MAR 1932
OWSLEY, Henry Berry
OWSLEY, James Harold1932
OWSLEY, John12 Dec 163025 Dec 1687
OWSLEY, John6 Mar 1653
OWSLEY, John12 Dec 163525 Dec 1687
OWSLEY, JohnAbt 1718
OWSLEY, John Davis16963 Jan 1702
OWSLEY, John GilmoreABT 186723 JUN 1934
OWSLEY, John Henry23 AUG 190715 JAN 1947
OWSLEY, John of Trull158126 Jan 1650/51
OWSLEY, John William23 MAR 193923 MAR 1939
OWSLEY, Joseph (Dr.)CA 1848
OWSLEY, Joseph Daniel14 SEP 1982
OWSLEY, Kambli Nicole27 NOV 1984
OWSLEY, Lucy19 Jan 1927
OWSLEY, Margaret
OWSLEY, Mary14 Feb 1699
OWSLEY, Mary1 Nov 1671
OWSLEY, Mary Francis
OWSLEY, Newdigate166023 Oct 1714
OWSLEY, NewgateABT 1795
OWSLEY, Poyntz17 Apr 16661 Dec 1731
OWSLEY, Rev. William
OWSLEY, RobertAbt 1704
OWSLEY, Ronnie Eugene20 OCT 1951
OWSLEY, Sandra Marie20 MAY 1955
OWSLEY, Sarah8 Mar 1651
OWSLEY, Sherman W.ABT 1847
OWSLEY, StevePrivate
OWSLEY, Thomas17033 Mar 1749/50
OWSLEY, Thomas173115 Nov 1796
OWSLEY, Thomas
OWSLEY, Thomas11 Jun 165810 Oct 1700
OWSLEY, Thomas (Captain)11 Jun 165810 Oct 1700
OWSLEY, Thomas Davis20 Aug 1929
OWSLEY, Tommy Ray16 NOV 1961
OWSLEY, Willa S.29 JUL 190118 APR 1902
OWSLEY, William9 Apr 1656
OWSLEY, WilliamAbt 1608
OWSLEY, William of AxminsterABT. 155523 Jun 1630

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