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136 Individuals with the O'KELLY Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
O'KELLY, Aedh Buidhe
O'KELLY, Barbara Mary Denise10 MAY 1955
O'KELLY, Bresal1464
O'KELLY, Brian1393
O'KELLY, Cairbre
O'KELLY, Cathal na Finne
O'KELLY, Christina Mary26 JAN 1905
O'KELLY, Conchobar
O'KELLY, Conchobar
O'KELLY, Conchobar (or Conor)1030
O'KELLY, Conchobar Mor1268
O'KELLY, Conchobhar1180
O'KELLY, Connor1793
O'KELLY, Connor Na Garroghe1612
O'KELLY, Conor
O'KELLY, Conor Anabaidh1403
O'KELLY, Cornelius Denis9 AUG 18651895
O'KELLY, Cornelius John Mary10 MAY 191428 MAY 1914
O'KELLY, Cornelius Joseph8 FEB 1835
O'KELLY, Cornelius Joseph 5th Count15 SEP 180318 AUG 1892
O'KELLY, Crystal Leah5 JAN 1983
O'KELLY, Crystal Leah5 JAN 1983
O'KELLY, Diarmaid
O'KELLY, Diarmaid1180
O'KELLY, Diarmaid
O'KELLY, Diarmaid1065
O'KELLY, Dillon John 2nd Count1811
O'KELLY, Domhnall1393
O'KELLY, Domhnall1295
O'KELLY, Domhnall Mor1224
O'KELLY, Domhnall Muimhneach
O'KELLY, Donagh1424
O'KELLY, Donagh
O'KELLY, Donagh
O'KELLY, Donagh Reagh
O'KELLY, Donagh Reagh
O'KELLY, Donnchadh Muimhneach1307
O'KELLY, Edmond1393
O'KELLY, Edmond
O'KELLY, Edward
O'KELLY, Edward Anthony6 AUG 1842
O'KELLY, Edward Joseph1 DEC 18682 JAN 1903
O'KELLY, Eileen Elizabeth8 OCT 191331 JUL 1981
O'KELLY, Eileen Elizabeth8 OCT 191331 JUL 1981
O'KELLY, Eithne Mary Patricia23 APR 1956
O'KELLY, Eleanor
O'KELLY, Eliza
O'KELLY, Elizabeth
O'KELLY, Elizabeth
O'KELLY, Eoghan Finn
O'KELLY, Festus17714 APR 1834
O'KELLY, Festus Ignatius23 JUL 18321888
O'KELLY, Festus John1769
O'KELLY, Geibhennach0971
O'KELLY, Grace
O'KELLY, Helena Theresa
O'KELLY, Honora
O'KELLY, Hugh (Aedh)1487
O'KELLY, Hugh Caoch
O'KELLY, Huston
O'KELLY, Huston
O'KELLY, Jimmy5 OCT 1960
O'KELLY, Jimmy5 OCT 1960
O'KELLY, JuliaBEF 22 JAN 1929
O'KELLY, Kathleen Isidora
O'KELLY, Linda Ann15 DEC 1952
O'KELLY, Lochlainn
O'KELLY, Louisa Kathleen Mary
O'KELLY, Lu Vada1889MAR 1982
O'KELLY, Mabel
O'KELLY, Mabel Josphine24 JAN 1913
O'KELLY, Mable
O'KELLY, Maeleachlainn1401
O'KELLY, Maine Mor
O'KELLY, Margaret KathleenNOV 1911
O'KELLY, Marian
O'KELLY, Marinade
O'KELLY, Mary Kathleen Sophia
O'KELLY, Maureen FrancesAUG 1916
O'KELLY, Maurice
O'KELLY, Mealeachlainn1511
O'KELLY, Muircheartach
O'KELLY, Muirchertach
O'KELLY, Murchadh
O'KELLY, Murchadh
O'KELLY, Murchadh0960
O'KELLY, Nuala Theresa1 APR 1917
O'KELLY, Olive Mary22 AUG 1922
O'KELLY, Patrick
O'KELLY, Philip
O'KELLY, Ranie1878
O'KELLY, Richard Boy
O'KELLY, Richard Mary15 MAY 1880
O'KELLY, Richard Mary7 APR 1915
O'KELLY, Richard Mary16 JAN 1955
O'KELLY, Rita Sue
O'KELLY, Ruairdri1395
O'KELLY, Susanna
O'KELLY, Tadh Finn
O'KELLY, Tadhg
O'KELLY, Tadhg
O'KELLY, Tadhg1593
O'KELLY, Tadhg
O'KELLY, Tadhg
O'KELLY, Tadhg
O'KELLY, Tadhg Mor1014
O'KELLY, Tadhg Tailltenn1180
O'KELLY, Teige
O'KELLY, Teige1464
O'KELLY, Teige
O'KELLY, Teige Chief of Hy-Many1410
O'KELLY, Teige Csoch
O'KELLY, Teige Dubh1513
O'KELLY, Teige Roe
O'KELLY, Thomas1263
O'KELLY, Walter Francis Maurice 6th Count20 SEP 184415 FEB 1880
O'KELLY, Walter Joseph 7th Count25 JUN 187621 JUN 1946
O'KELLY, Walter Lionel 8th Count17 JUL 1921
O'KELLY, William
O'KELLY, William
O'KELLY, William
O'KELLY, William1420
O'KELLY, William
O'KELLY, William
O'KELLY, William Boy1381
O'KELLY, William Og1372

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