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31 Individuals with the NOGGLE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
NOGGLE, AbrahamABT 1834
NOGGLE, Amy Sue21 OCT 1961
NOGGLE, Betsey1824
NOGGLE, CharlieABT 1867
NOGGLE, ChristiannaABT 1846
NOGGLE, ClarkABT 1869
NOGGLE, ElizabethABT 1848
NOGGLE, EllenABT 1865
NOGGLE, Francis2 MAY 1932
NOGGLE, FrankABT 1862
NOGGLE, GeorgeABT 1842
NOGGLE, James Edison
NOGGLE, Kari Elizabeth23 JUL 1958
NOGGLE, Kathryn Anne
NOGGLE, Lloyd10 OCT 1902
NOGGLE, Mary A.ABT 1832
NOGGLE, Phyllis6 SEP 1933
NOGGLE, Ralph W.
NOGGLE, Robyn Ann10 SEP 1960
NOGGLE, Ruby Irene
NOGGLE, Russell30 OCT 1935
NOGGLE, SarahABT 1844
NOGGLE, SophiaABT 1836
NOGGLE, SusannaABT 1838
NOGGLE, William
NOGGLE, William H.ABT 1860
NOGGLE, Willis A.
NOGGLE, [Dau]bet 1830/35
NOGGLE, [Dau]bet 1825/30
NOGGLE, [Son]bet 1820/25

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