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136 Individuals with the NAGEL Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
NAGEL, Abraham1818
NAGEL, AdamBET 1616 AND 1645
NAGEL, Amandus Sylvester14 Oct 189524 Jan 1901
NAGEL, Ann Mary
NAGEL, Anna166727 MAR 1727/28
NAGEL, Anna Barbara<1638>
NAGEL, Anna Barbara
NAGEL, Anna Barbara
NAGEL, Anna Cathrine Mrs.<1628>
NAGEL, Anna Elizabeth1864
NAGEL, Anna MargarethaFEB 16607 MAY 1693
NAGEL, Anna Marie Thisdtr.
NAGEL, Anna Mary Henrietta25 Oct 1864
NAGEL, Anne Marie Elisabeth11 Aug 1809
NAGEL, Antonius<1624>
NAGEL, Arthur Philip29 FEB 189210 JAN 1936
NAGEL, Balthasar01 MAR 1625
NAGEL, Barent
NAGEL, Barent
NAGEL, Bernt
NAGEL, Catherine1846
NAGEL, Charlotte1836
NAGEL, Cheryl
NAGEL, ChristeneABT 1966
NAGEL, Christina Mette17131764
NAGEL, Christophel09 JUL 176905 AUG 1799
NAGEL, Clara Cecelia
NAGEL, Cora Ellen
NAGEL, David Joseph
NAGEL, DebbiePrivate
NAGEL, Dennis Michael
NAGEL, DonaldPrivate
NAGEL, Dorothy Ann
NAGEL, DorthaAbt 1817Dead
NAGEL, Edgar Anthony
NAGEL, Elizabeth
NAGEL, Elizabeth Eline19 Feb 19007 Nov 1959
NAGEL, Frances
NAGEL, FrederickABT. 20 OCT 181021 JAN 1880
NAGEL, Frederick J19021972
NAGEL, Georg Heinrich25 OCT 178616 MAR 1862
NAGEL, George187124 JAN 1945
NAGEL, George3 Jul 1865
NAGEL, George WMAR 18913 DEC 1901
NAGEL, Grietje
NAGEL, Harry
NAGEL, Henry1876
NAGEL, Henry1855
NAGEL, Henry
NAGEL, Henry C.17 MAY 184323 JUN 1864
NAGEL, Henry Charles
NAGEL, Hienrich9 APR 1816
NAGEL, Ida May
NAGEL, Ingeborg Cathrine12 SEP 17426 JUL 1799
NAGEL, Ingeborg Cathrine12 SEP 17426 JUL 1799
NAGEL, Jacob19 JUL 184120 OCT 1921
NAGEL, Jacob
NAGEL, Jacob1800
NAGEL, Jacob CJUL 18611930
NAGEL, Janice Eileen15 JUN 1943
NAGEL, Janneke1624
NAGEL, Janneke1624
NAGEL, John1649
NAGEL, John1868
NAGEL, John1852
NAGEL, John George
NAGEL, Jonathan 'Johannes'18 DEC 1798
NAGEL, Jurian28 SEP 1653
NAGEL, Jurien28 SEP 1653
NAGEL, JustinaBEF 163911 MAR 1673
NAGEL, Kaye Ruth
NAGEL, Kristin NoellePrivate
NAGEL, Kyle Garry14 JUL 1972
NAGEL, Linda R.
NAGEL, Living
NAGEL, Living
NAGEL, Magdalena1803
NAGEL, Magdalene17931875
NAGEL, Margarethe21 FEB 165018 FEB 1706
NAGEL, Maria Barbara28 JUN 1743BEF 12 DEC 1837
NAGEL, Maria Barbara28 JUN 1743BEF 12 DEC 1837
NAGEL, Maria Catharina20 OCT 179106 JUN 1810
NAGEL, Maria Catherina
NAGEL, Maria Friederica C.
NAGEL, Maria Friederica C.
NAGEL, MarieAUG 184927 OCT 1916
NAGEL, MariettaPrivate
NAGEL, Martin<1634>
NAGEL, Mary12 JUL 1873JAN 1945
NAGEL, Mary Ramah
NAGEL, Melusina30 JAN 1592BET ....AND 1635
NAGEL, Michael1866
NAGEL, Michal JamesABT. 1860ABT. 1930
NAGEL, Nancy GlennPrivate
NAGEL, Nellie May2 FEB 189027 APR 1951
NAGEL, Nettie Rona
NAGEL, Patrick
NAGEL, Paul David
NAGEL, Paula
NAGEL, Paula
NAGEL, Peter1849
NAGEL, Peter12 NOV 1812
NAGEL, PhillipPrivate
NAGEL, Ramona Regina
NAGEL, RayPrivate
NAGEL, Raymond Henry15 NOV 189425 MAY 1961
NAGEL, Robert E19001987
NAGEL, Ronald24 APR 1951
NAGEL, RonniePrivate
NAGEL, RosineJUN 15 1881FEB 16 1972
NAGEL, StanleyMAY 1900
NAGEL, Stella Mabel24 FEB 187825 SEP 1918
NAGEL, Stentje26 SEP 1655
NAGEL, StyntjeSEP 1655
NAGEL, Tanneke
NAGEL, TennekeABT. 1624ABT. 1680
NAGEL, Unknown
NAGEL, ViolaPrivate
NAGEL, Walter Heinrich
NAGEL, Walter Heinrich
NAGEL, William14 JAN 184223 OCT 1917
NAGEL, William C2 APR 190811 SEP 1994
NAGEL, William Frederick31 JAN 187619 JUN 1963
NAGEL, [Dau]ABT 1842
NAGEL, [Son]ABT 1837

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