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35 Individuals with the NICOL Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
NICOL, Alexander
NICOL, Ann20 JAN 1777
NICOL, CatherineABT 1769
NICOL, Catherine Johnston12 SEP 1859
NICOL, Christina
NICOL, Elizabeth26 MAY 1781
NICOL, Elizabeth
NICOL, Euphame18 FEB 1773
NICOL, Gavin Alexander
NICOL, Grace18941970
NICOL, Helen
NICOL, Helen
NICOL, Irene4 FEB 1942
NICOL, James18 MAR 183010 MAY 1911
NICOL, James11 NOV 1862
NICOL, James
NICOL, Jean10 JAN 1775
NICOL, Jennett
NICOL, Jennett
NICOL, Johann
NICOL, John4 JAN 177928 APR 1860
NICOL, John AlexanderPrivate
NICOL, Karen Anne
NICOL, Margaret
NICOL, Margaret17 SEP 185411 FEB 1922
NICOL, Margaret1792
NICOL, Marjory18 MAY 1857
NICOL, Robert175016 JUL 1816
NICOL, Sebina
NICOL, Wilhelmina Ramsay19 MAR 1867
NICOL, William Peter Ramsay13 JUL 1871

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