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117 Individuals with the NAVE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
NAVE, (?)
NAVE, Abigail
NAVE, Allien
NAVE, Ashley Phair3 FEB 1986
NAVE, Bea19 NOV 188826 MAR 1964
NAVE, Beatrice28 SEP 1903ABT 1986
NAVE, Bessie Mae18 DEC 190412 MAR 1907
NAVE, Betty Jean26 AUG 1946
NAVE, Betty Ruth
NAVE, Beverly DianaPrivate
NAVE, Billie Pat21 NOV 1925
NAVE, Bobby E
NAVE, Brandon
NAVE, Brenda Ann
NAVE, Brooke Daniels21 OCT 1970
NAVE, CatherineABT 1850
NAVE, Cecil Edward7 FEB 1904ABT 1980
NAVE, Cecilia Catherine15 MAR 1947
NAVE, Christopher L22 JUL 1965
NAVE, Claude
NAVE, Clayton Lee25 AUG 1938
NAVE, Cordelia1951
NAVE, Cordelia1951
NAVE, Darlene21 MAY 1941
NAVE, Donald David7 JUL 1925
NAVE, Donald David Jr9 SEP 1948
NAVE, Donald HarlandABT 1943
NAVE, Donnie
NAVE, DoyleABT 1905AFT 1920
NAVE, Earl WilliamPrivate
NAVE, Earl WilliamPrivate
NAVE, EarnestABT 190217 FEB 1989
NAVE, Eddie Dean4 MAR 1960
NAVE, Eleanor Rose10 APR 1916
NAVE, Emer Johnson19 SEP 185729 JAN 1940
NAVE, Emer Johnson Jr13 NOV 1912ABT APR 1980
NAVE, Emor Tracy30 APR 189327 MAR 1943
NAVE, Fannie19 NOV 187416 OCT 1969
NAVE, Fred
NAVE, General Johnson21 MAY 18806 JUL 1944
NAVE, George4 APR 1951
NAVE, George Mason
NAVE, Gladdys Helen19 JUL 1906
NAVE, Harland William (Dick)10 MAR 1910
NAVE, HarrietABT 1849AFT 1870
NAVE, Henry WABT 18141 FEB 1874
NAVE, Ida20 OCT 18865 FEB 1907
NAVE, Infant Female4 APR 19004 APR 1900
NAVE, IsaacABT 1851AFT 1880
NAVE, Isaac Henry4 FEB 190218 FEB 1989
NAVE, James WesleyABT 1859AFT 1900
NAVE, Janelle
NAVE, Jean MarieABT 1980
NAVE, Jeanne Craig11 AUG 1955
NAVE, Jeri Denise5 JAN 1958
NAVE, Jimmie Kathyrn10 APR 1925
NAVE, Jimmie Leslie16 JUL 1921
NAVE, Jimmie Leslie Jr21 AUG 1945
NAVE, Jo Annette9 OCT 1940
NAVE, Joe Weldon8 MAR 1948
NAVE, Joel Dean15 SEP 1923ABT 1959
NAVE, Joel Theodore (Ted)14 JAN 1918
NAVE, John Michael28 MAR 1978
NAVE, John R.
NAVE, John T28 SEP 185316 SEP 1924
NAVE, John Wesley8 JUN 1946
NAVE, John WilliamABT 1982
NAVE, Johnny
NAVE, Jon Mark18 JAN 1963
NAVE, Joseph Lee25 MAR 188215 DEC 1964
NAVE, Joseph Raymond19 MAR 186728 JAN 1930
NAVE, Judy Lynn
NAVE, Katie LeaBET 20 MAR 1980 AND
NAVE, Kelli Leann27 JUN 1983
NAVE, Lee Weldon (Bud)BET 10 AUG 1916 AND
NAVE, Leslie AnnABT 1977
NAVE, Levi T.ABT 1855AFT 1870
NAVE, Lois Mayble21 OCT 1908ABT 1994
NAVE, Lola21 JUL 18846 FEB 1953
NAVE, LucyABT 1863AFT 1870
NAVE, Lynn2 APR 1894
NAVE, Marilyn Sue1 OCT 1947
NAVE, Marvin
NAVE, Mary Elizabeth
NAVE, Mary Ellen27 MAR 1927
NAVE, Melvin12 NOV 1926
NAVE, Melvin Keith9 FEB 1961
NAVE, Michael
NAVE, Michael John30 OCT 1949
NAVE, Michelle20 JUN 1945
NAVE, Myrtle13 MAY 18904 NOV 1960
NAVE, Nancy Colleen20 JAN 1961
NAVE, Nancy Kay31 JUL 1936
NAVE, Natlie27 NOV 1967
NAVE, Neal
NAVE, Pamela3 JAN 1961
NAVE, Patrick Tracy29 JUN 1951
NAVE, Pearl
NAVE, Raymond DaleABT 1987
NAVE, Raymond Douglas26 OCT 1964
NAVE, Richard L.
NAVE, Samuel Jonathan16 OCT 1981
NAVE, Sue Margaret28 OCT 191424 JUN 1992
NAVE, Susan Abigail
NAVE, Ted Arvin21 DEC 1939
NAVE, Tennessee Teter
NAVE, Timothy Dale23 SEP 1966
NAVE, Timothy Wayne14 OCT 1952
NAVE, Tina Elizabeth27 MAY 1952
NAVE, Tommy Marvin (punkin)16 NOV 1918
NAVE, Virgil
NAVE, Wayne Paul
NAVE, Wayne Paul Jr20 AUG 1961
NAVE, William Allen29 JAN 1944

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