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134 Individuals with the NAFF Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
NAFF, Abraham25 FEB 18066 FEB 1873
NAFF, Abraham
NAFF, AbrahamABT. 1758
NAFF, AbrahamABT. 1827
NAFF, Abraham Irving
NAFF, Amy G.
NAFF, AnnieABT. 1890
NAFF, Annie May
NAFF, Arthur
NAFF, Benjamin
NAFF, BenjaminABT. 1824
NAFF, Benjamin Thomas23 MAY 1868
NAFF, Betty
NAFF, Bunyon L.
NAFF, Carolyn Sue
NAFF, Catherind10 SEP 1796
NAFF, Catherine
NAFF, CatherineABT. 1778
NAFF, Charles L.30 DEC 1876
NAFF, Columbia Ann18 MAY 1857
NAFF, Cora6 MAY 1864
NAFF, Daniel
NAFF, Daniel10 FEB 180722 MAR 1877
NAFF, Daniel A.27 JUN 184830 NOV 1924
NAFF, David
NAFF, DavidABT. 1780
NAFF, Dorothy1 MAR 1900
NAFF, Edith Elizabeth
NAFF, Edward D.
NAFF, Elizabeth17 MAR 1798
NAFF, Elizabeth
NAFF, Elizabeth28 MAY 1831
NAFF, Elizabeth17 MAR 179823 MAY 1822
NAFF, ElizabethABT. 1765ABT. 1804
NAFF, Elizabeth
NAFF, Elmer D.13 OCT 1911
NAFF, Emma
NAFF, Ernest David29 MAY 191212 APR 1980
NAFF, Eunice R.22 OCT 1908
NAFF, Frank A.9 APR 1900OCT 1964
NAFF, Frederick A.
NAFF, Frederick J.27 SEP 1896
NAFF, George24 JAN 1866
NAFF, GeorgeABT. 1793
NAFF, George
NAFF, George W.FEB 1933
NAFF, Hannah
NAFF, Hannah
NAFF, Hannah E.
NAFF, Harry
NAFF, Henry
NAFF, Henry A.19 OCT 1902
NAFF, Holden Stafford
NAFF, Isaac
NAFF, IsaacABT. 1763
NAFF, Isaac
NAFF, Isaac Newton6 Oct 1817
NAFF, Jacob17691829
NAFF, Jacob1800
NAFF, Jacob
NAFF, JacobABT. 17691829
NAFF, Jacob
NAFF, Jacob16 MAR 1733/341806
NAFF, Jacob
NAFF, Jacob1733
NAFF, Jacob D.ABT. 1820
NAFF, Jacob P.24 NOV 1845ABT. 1905
NAFF, James T.29 MAR 1871
NAFF, Jeanette Ann
NAFF, Joel20 MAY 183317 NOV 1885
NAFF, Joel
NAFF, Joel Cline28 SEP 190224 AUG 1918
NAFF, John
NAFF, John A.
NAFF, John W. L.4 APR 1879
NAFF, John Warren
NAFF, Jonathan17711853
NAFF, Jonathan3 DEC 1810
NAFF, JosephABT. 1769
NAFF, Joseph18 JAN 181419 MAR 1867
NAFF, Joseph
NAFF, Josephus A.ABT. 1871
NAFF, Josephus A.5 APR 1869
NAFF, Julia
NAFF, Katherine10 SEP 1795
NAFF, Kenneth
NAFF, Lois K.12 SEP 1923
NAFF, Louisa F.BEF. 1935
NAFF, LydiaABT. 1847
NAFF, Magdalene
NAFF, Maggie18 SEP 1889
NAFF, Maggie D.
NAFF, Martha Ann
NAFF, Mary
NAFF, MaryABT. 1756
NAFF, Mary
NAFF, Mary D.
NAFF, Mary E.
NAFF, Mary H.21 SEP 1917
NAFF, Mary M.
NAFF, Mattie
NAFF, Minnie
NAFF, Myrtle Benny19 FEB 188723 OCT 1957
NAFF, Paul M.9 JUL 1898
NAFF, Rebecca26 FEB 18421861
NAFF, Rebecca
NAFF, RebeccaABT. 1834
NAFF, Rebecca
NAFF, Robert J.15 SEP 18528 OCT 1929
NAFF, Ruth E.2 FEB 1907
NAFF, Sallie E.
NAFF, Samuel L.2 APR 1882
NAFF, Sarah3 MAR 1839
NAFF, SarahABT. 1763
NAFF, Sarah Katherine
NAFF, Sarah M.
NAFF, Stoner
NAFF, Susan
NAFF, Susan
NAFF, Susanna16 MAR 1836
NAFF, SusannahABT. 1773
NAFF, Susie S.
NAFF, Thomas
NAFF, Thomas G.24 NOV 1874
NAFF, Tonya
NAFF, Wesley W.4 JUL 1905
NAFF, William
NAFF, William C.
NAFF, William L.21 NOV 1874

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