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18 Individuals with the NAEF Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
NAEF, Anna Maria
NAEF, Ester27 Aug 179924 Oct 1865
NAEF, Fintan1 Jun 18401 Jun 1840
NAEF, Franz Carl1 Jun 1881
NAEF, Franz Joseph20 May 1839
NAEF, Franz Karl Thomas19 Dec 184820 Dec 1918
NAEF, Heinrich
NAEF, Joanis Fintan6 Jul 184112 Mar 1842
NAEF, Johann Peter4 Jul 184619 Sep 1846
NAEF, Joseph18 Jan 1808
NAEF, Joseph Franz Albert25 Mar 1843
NAEF, Maria Anna24 Jul 18507 Aug 1850
NAEF, Maria Anna Mathilde19 Dec 184812 Jul 1877
NAEF, Maria Elizabetha1 Nov 183714 Mar 1841
NAEF, Maria Elizabetha Carolina6 Jul 184115 Apr 1865
NAEF, Maria Josepha7 Nov 18449 Dec 1844
NAEF, Maria Magdalena Paulina25 Mar 184316 Aug 1907

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