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128 Individuals with the MAFFETT Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
MAFFETT, Albert Donahue14 NOV 1915
MAFFETT, Alden David5 JUN 19191970
MAFFETT, Alfred21 SEP 1825
MAFFETT, Anna Louise8 DEC 1918
MAFFETT, Anna Nancy7 SEP 180325 SEP 1820
MAFFETT, Annie White26 OCT 1882
MAFFETT, Benjamin James30 MAR 18525 APR 1852
MAFFETT, Benton Martin16 FEB 18393 AUG 1842
MAFFETT, Bessie May2 APR 1879
MAFFETT, Caroline
MAFFETT, Catherine24 OCT 17879 FEB 1875
MAFFETT, Charles Henry Harmon6 OCT 187625 OCT 1960
MAFFETT, Charles James Christopher6 AUG 1915
MAFFETT, Charles James Craven13 NOV 185830 JAN 1910
MAFFETT, Charles William10 APR 182825 MAR 1877
MAFFETT, Charles William11 APR 18931973
MAFFETT, Claude Lee19 JAN 1904
MAFFETT, Dorothy
MAFFETT, Eddie Francis21 MAR 18627 OCT 1864
MAFFETT, Edith Irene14 JUL 188521 OCT 1934
MAFFETT, Edith Juanita10 JUL 1894
MAFFETT, Eliza6 FEB 1813
MAFFETT, Elizabeth
MAFFETT, Elizabeth1892
MAFFETT, Elizabeth Ida14 Jun 185514 Jun 1855
MAFFETT, Elizabeth J.
MAFFETT, Elizabeth Jane16 MAR 183522 JAN 1889
MAFFETT, Elza12 JUN 1828
MAFFETT, Emma E.1835
MAFFETT, Emory Gray23 AUG 1912
MAFFETT, Ethel Stokeley22 AUG 1894
MAFFETT, Eula Mabel26 MAR 1917
MAFFETT, Frances
MAFFETT, Frank Tyler
MAFFETT, Gayle Elaine
MAFFETT, Goldie Estelle27 SEP 189719 MAR 1988
MAFFETT, Gracie Ashford12 MAY 187831 DEC 1941
MAFFETT, Harold Kenyon6 MAR 1909
MAFFETT, Harold Kenyon Jr.
MAFFETT, Harriet A.
MAFFETT, Harriet Ann26 FEB 183223 NOV 1903
MAFFETT, Helen Louise8 JAN 1909
MAFFETT, Henrietta Ann21 MAR 187017 OCT 1944
MAFFETT, Henry28 SEP 180528 MAR 1889
MAFFETT, Henry17405 SEP 1799
MAFFETT, Henry24 MAY 1809
MAFFETT, Ida Mary18 OCT 1871
MAFFETT, Irma Mae15 JUL 1886
MAFFETT, James18 Mar 179520 Jan 1880
MAFFETT, James Alexander6 FEB 18251893
MAFFETT, James Alexander14 MAR 186124 SEP 1864
MAFFETT, James Edward1 FEB 188422 APR 1884
MAFFETT, John17 JUN 17711813
MAFFETT, John Dulin7 FEB 187619 MAY 1938
MAFFETT, John Fenton
MAFFETT, John Henry24 JUL 184826 SEP 1864
MAFFETT, John Henry31 DEC 182611 SEP 1846
MAFFETT, John Levin3 JUL 187423 AUG 1943
MAFFETT, John Levin
MAFFETT, Jonathan24 MAR 1818
MAFFETT, Joseph20 MAY 1816
MAFFETT, Josephine20 Sep 183919 Sep 1917
MAFFETT, Karen Lee30 DEC 1952
MAFFETT, Katherine Faye14 JAN 1951
MAFFETT, Kathleen Velma13 DEC 1903
MAFFETT, Kathryne Elizabeth25 SEP 19071948
MAFFETT, Laura A.1824
MAFFETT, Laura Alice3 APR 1885
MAFFETT, Laura May28 AUG 18583 MAY 1877
MAFFETT, Lenora Frances13 FEB 18662 DEC 1956
MAFFETT, Leven Christopher15 MAR 18427 MAY 1882
MAFFETT, Lillian May20 APR 188721 JAN 1919
MAFFETT, Linna E.1 AUG 18387 SEP 1842
MAFFETT, Linna Frances5 APR 184722 FEB 1848
MAFFETT, Linna Jane14 MAR 185116 FEB 1938
MAFFETT, Linnie Gertrude14 JUL 187328 JAN 1949
MAFFETT, Mabel14 OCT 1889
MAFFETT, Marcellus Landers1 APR 185321 SEP 1923
MAFFETT, Margaret Ellen25 AUG 1872
MAFFETT, Margaret Ellen
MAFFETT, Marian Ann28 MAY 1915
MAFFETT, Mary Ann11 DEC 1946
MAFFETT, Mary Ashford7 SEP 18998 MAY 1953
MAFFETT, Mary Catherine25 JAN 18721957
MAFFETT, Mary E.16 Apr 186027 Feb 1892
MAFFETT, Mary E.16 Apr 186027 Feb 1892
MAFFETT, Mary Eleanor3 SEP 180717 MAY 1862
MAFFETT, Maryanne31 MAR 1823
MAFFETT, Mildred Mable15 SEP 188620 NOV 1950
MAFFETT, N. D.1828
MAFFETT, Ora Magdeline13 SEP 1937
MAFFETT, Peter Fenton23 DEC 182923 NOV 1893
MAFFETT, R. Clayton183214 Feb 1865
MAFFETT, Raymond Henry Clifford18 NOV 188128 JUL 1955
MAFFETT, Rebecca Florence12 Apr 18565 Oct 1865
MAFFETT, Robert Kenneth5 MAR 1897
MAFFETT, Robert Thomas17 SEP 18681942
MAFFETT, Ruby Crim21 MAY 1903
MAFFETT, Samuel Nelson17 DEC 1918
MAFFETT, Sandra Lorraine
MAFFETT, Sanford11 SEP 1831
MAFFETT, Sarah1 SEP 1820
MAFFETT, Susan Frances10 APR 18371 SEP 1842
MAFFETT, Susan Virginia3 JUN 18594 NOV 1892
MAFFETT, Susannah
MAFFETT, Thelma Brook13 JUN 1902
MAFFETT, Thomas Jefferson4 APR 184013 OCT 1913
MAFFETT, Tyler Fenton2 SEP 18751960
MAFFETT, Tyler Fenton Jr.8 FEB 1917
MAFFETT, Walter Gray3 DEC 18572 APR 1921
MAFFETT, Wayne Alden
MAFFETT, William18 SEP 1775
MAFFETT, William18 NOV 1811
MAFFETT, William Henry8 JUL 187428 FEB 1931
MAFFETT, William S.

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