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19 Individuals with the MAFFET Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
MAFFET, DavidABT 1753
MAFFET, David1753
MAFFET, ElinorABT 1760
MAFFET, JamesABT 172022 JUL 1789
MAFFET, JamesABT 1750
MAFFET, James1750
MAFFET, James172022 Jul 1789
MAFFET, JaneABT 1769
MAFFET, JannetABT 1756
MAFFET, Jannet1756
MAFFET, MaryABT 1758
MAFFET, Mary1758
MAFFET, Samuel1765
MAFFET, SamuelABT 1765
MAFFET, SarahABT 1771
MAFFET, Thomas17671793
MAFFET, ThomasABT 1767ABT 1793
MAFFET, William1 FEB 176322 APR 1826
MAFFET, William1 Feb 176322 Apr 1826

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