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30 Individuals with the GINS Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
GINS, Angele
GINS, Carolina Emiliana
GINS, Cyrullus Franciscus Leopoldus29 SEP 19254 NOV 1925
GINS, Erik Koenraad
GINS, Francisca Josephina15 MAR 1888
GINS, Franciscus3 JUN 18575 JUN 1857
GINS, Franciscus24 JUL 191321 JAN 1919
GINS, Franciscus Gaston Leonardus4 JAN 19218 JAN 1921
GINS, Franciscus Ivo Julianus29 SEP 192520 MAR 1926
GINS, Franciscus Theophilus
GINS, Franciscus Theophilus9 JAN 19221 JUL 1981
GINS, Germaine Magdalena Josephina
GINS, Ghislain
GINS, Henricus Florent
GINS, Henricus Franciscus15 FEB 1887AFT 1930
GINS, Irena Joanna Josephina
GINS, Jan Frans
GINS, Joanna21 NOV 193313 AUG 1991
GINS, Joanna Augusta Gabriella26 SEP 19224 SEP 1923
GINS, Joanna Catharina MariaABT 180714 OCT 1859
GINS, Joanna Virginia27 DEC 186021 MAY 1900
GINS, Joannes22 NOV 181328 MAY 1882
GINS, Josephina Clementina Antonella4 NOV 1916AFT 1930
GINS, Julien
GINS, Louis Marinus Maurits
GINS, Maria Octavia
GINS, Marie Louise
GINS, Mort25 JAN 1860
GINS, Roger Louis Maurice22 SEP 1929ABT 1970
GINS, Theophilus Laurentus28 DEC 191411 JAN 1915

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