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47 Individuals with the GAMAGE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
GAMAGE, Alfred D. Sherman12 JAN 1911
GAMAGE, CatrinAbt 1500
GAMAGE, Claudia Smith4 FEB 1928
GAMAGE, Gilbert de
GAMAGE, Godfrey
GAMAGE, Godfrey
GAMAGE, JaneABT 1444
GAMAGE, JaneABT 1444
GAMAGE, JoanABT. 1432
GAMAGE, JoanABT 1432
GAMAGE, JoanAbt 1444
GAMAGE, Joan or JaquitaABT 1520
GAMAGE, Joshua
GAMAGE, K. Beryl7 DEC 1907
GAMAGE, Katherine
GAMAGE, Louise A.7 APR 1906
GAMAGE, MargaretAbt 15151 May 1581
GAMAGE, MargaretABT 1536
GAMAGE, MargaretABT 1439
GAMAGE, Margaret1535
GAMAGE, Margaret
GAMAGE, Margaret1535
GAMAGE, Margaret
GAMAGE, Margaret
GAMAGE, Margaret18 MAY 1531
GAMAGE, Marguerite M.31 JAN 1905
GAMAGE, Martha
GAMAGE, MaryAbt 1527
GAMAGE, Miriam Helen22 JUN 191411 APR 1915
GAMAGE, MorganABT 1447
GAMAGE, Myrtle C.26 JAN 1904
GAMAGE, Norman9 APR 1868AFT 1935
GAMAGE, RobertAbt 1517Aft 1553
GAMAGE, Robert1510AFT 1553
GAMAGE, Robert N.4 SEP 1909
GAMAGE, Thomas
GAMAGE, ThomasAbt 1484Aft 1513
GAMAGE, Thomas
GAMAGE, Thomas
GAMAGE, ThomasABT 1484AFT 1513
GAMAGE, William
GAMAGE, William de
GAMAGE, William Franklin15 MAY 1856

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