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36 Individuals with the GEYSENS Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
GEYSENS, Anna7 MAR 1788
GEYSENS, Anna Catharina26 OCT 185116 NOV 1885
GEYSENS, Anna Catharina8 FEB 1843
GEYSENS, Anna Maria30 NOV 1784
GEYSENS, Anna Maria24 OCT 1745
GEYSENS, Carolus23 MAR 174330 JUN 1746
GEYSENS, Carolus8 DEC 1752
GEYSENS, Catharina Ludovica26 APR 1862AFT 1921
GEYSENS, Franciscus30 OCT 185617 NOV 1858
GEYSENS, Guilielmus8 OCT 1815
GEYSENS, Guilielmus16 MAR 175711 DEC 1817
GEYSENS, Guillaume2 AUG 180830 MAR 1813
GEYSENS, Jacobus14 FEB 1791
GEYSENS, Joanna Maria6 JAN 1818
GEYSENS, Joanna Maria Catharina8 MAY 184610 APR 1850
GEYSENS, Joannes15 AUG 1823
GEYSENS, Joannes Franciscus29 MAY 185415 NOV 1858
GEYSENS, Joannes Franciscus1 NOV 1796
GEYSENS, Judoca19 JUN 1747AFT 1804
GEYSENS, Judocus18 AUG 1769
GEYSENS, Judocus9 MAY 182129 APR 1901
GEYSENS, Judocus27 OCT 1790
GEYSENS, Laurent26 JUN 17799 JUL 1846
GEYSENS, Laurentius Ludovicus10 MAR 182030 AUG 1898
GEYSENS, Leonard Ludovicus21 JAN 1813AFT 1846
GEYSENS, Leonardus12 JUN 178230 JUN 1854
GEYSENS, Maria AnnaABT 17939 FEB 1808
GEYSENS, Maria Catharina25 MAR 1849
GEYSENS, Maria Elisabeth28 MAR 1850
GEYSENS, Maria Elisabeth12 JAN 182210 FEB 1822
GEYSENS, Marie Catherine
GEYSENS, Petronille5 OCT 181030 MAR 1813
GEYSENS, Petrus Joannes21 FEB 1851
GEYSENS, Philippus29 DEC 1749
GEYSENS, Philippus Josephus15 JAN 1853AFT 1890

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